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Top 3 Commercial Baking Tools and Equipment for Your Bakery

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If you are looking to ensure efficiency in your bakery’s internal backend operations, or simply want to improve the quality of your baked goods, investing in the right baking tools and equipment is always an important step to take.

Below are a few of the top commercial baking tools and equipment to consider purchasing, guaranteed to help your business in some form or another – whether that be making the baking process easier, or prolonging the store-life of your baked goods.

Bread Oven

The first piece of equipment you should consider investing in is a commercial bread oven. A commercial bread oven will likely be the focal point of your bakery, as it will act as a reliable workhouse to help you produce all the baked goods you desire. A high quality commercial bread oven is able to handle daily use, and create delicious baked goods by distributing heat evenly and consistently.

There are many types of commercial bread ovens available in the market today, ranging in size, functions and price. Be sure to do your research and find a commercial bread oven which is appropriate for the scale of your business, as well as your baking needs. A baking oven will influence the texture, appearance and flavour of your baked goods as well so it is important to take such matters into consideration.

Spiral Mixer

If you are planning on producing bread or pastries in high volume everyday, investing in a commercial spiral mixer may not be a bad idea. A commercial spiral mixer is a great time saver for bakeries as it helps to develop proper gluten structure in your dough without the need for human interaction.

Spiral mixers contain a rotating spiral hook paired with a bowl, which replicas the movement of hand kneading and rolling dough. They are designed to mix dough with a lighter touch rather than creams or other liquids. Although commercial spiral mixers can help you make many types of different doughs, they may be especially helpful in cases where a bakery specialises in producing one specific baked good, or a couple of baked goods using the same type of dough.

Bread Proofer

As a bakery owner, one of the most important steps of baking that you need to be aware of is proofing. The proofing step is integral to making most baked goods, as it allows the dough to rise to its optimal amount – so that the product is completed with a fluffy and soft texture. As a result, ingesting a bread proofer to help you with this important task is oftentimes, a better idea than not.

A bread proofer is able to be set to different temperatures that are suitable for the proofing process of different types of dough. They are also made to fit several pans of dough so that you can proof multiple batches of baked goods at a time.

Be sure to consider the above three commercial pieces of equipment if you are looking to improve the efficiency of your bakery’s internal production process. For more advice on the ideal equipment for your bakery, or even what kind of dough you should be using in your bakery, be sure to contact credible wholesale suppliers.


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