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Top 5 AI Photo Colorizers to Colorize Your Old Pictures for PC (AI Tool)

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Black and white photos may have vintage charm, but there’s something special about seeing familiar faces and places in living color. Thanks to rapid advances in AI technology over recent years, it’s now possible to automatically colorize grayscale images with stunning realism.

The latest photo colorization algorithms leverage deep learning to analyze context, textures, and details that allow them to make educated guesses about appropriate colors. In doing so, they can plausibly recreate the vibrancy of the original scene as it may have appeared.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting five of the leading AI photo colorizer tools currently available for automatic colorization on the PC. From convenient browser-based editors to more advanced desktop applications, these clever programs demonstrate just how far artificial intelligence has come in opening up our monochrome history to vivid color.

Part 1: Why You May Want to Use a Colorizer

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There are so many amazing reasons to consider utilizing an AI-powered photo colorizer. Some of them include the following:

  • Rediscover Hidden Details – Color brings out long-forgotten facets in clothing, scenery, and expressions.
  • Experience Time Travel – Get immersed in eras past, seeing iconic moments unfold before your eyes.
  • Spotlight Special Meaning – Important memories become more vivid and moving.
  • Enliven Family History – Ancestors and heritage spring to life in an eye-catching new medium.
  • Ignite Engagement – Colorized versions attract more attention and sharing across generations.

Part 2. Best 5 AI Photo Colorizers to Colorize Old Photos for PC

HitPaw Photo Enhancer

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HitPaw Photo Enhancer is an advanced AI Photo Enhancer that allows you to colorize your old images with just a few clicks.

The AI technology has 7 different models, one of them being the Colorize Model, which automatically enhances images with just one simple click. This software aims to provide professional-level photo editing capabilities to casual users through its intelligent algorithms.

Not only does it allow you to colorize photos, but it also allows you to change the color of photo.


Outstanding features that enable HitPaw to transform images include:

  • 7 Robust AI Models: General enhancement, denoise reduction, face retouching, colorize black and white photos, photo restoration, photo enlargement, and resolution upscaling – all optimized to process images like an expert.
  • One-Click Enhancement: The user-friendly interface allows enhancing photos in a single click by automatically running them through the AI models.
  • Lossless Quality: HitPaw’s neural networks enlarge, sharpen, and filter images without introducing distorted artifacts or quality degradation. Further, enhance color photos.
  • Fix Blurry Photos within Seconds: The software can successfully reduce blur and noise after intelligently analyzing photo contents using machine learning.
  • Batch Processing: Users can easily process multiple photos at once rather than editing images individually.


  1. First, head to HitPaw’s website and download the software package to your machine.
  2. Once installed, import the photos you want magically improved. Drag and drop works great, but clicking to choose files gets the job done, too. HitPaw supports all the popular formats, so nearly any pic will do.Picture 1 13
  3. Now just click to select one of the 7 whiz-bang AI models tailored to different photo types. For portraits and oldies, choose Face; scenic shots are the General’s expertise, and Colorize literally reanimates black and white. In this case, you need to pick “Colorize Model.”Picture 1 14
  4. Go ahead and hit the Preview button to sit back and watch HitPaw analyze every pixel before working its enhancement magic.Picture 1 15
  5. When it finishes, check out those stunning results. Crisp, clean, colorful, and shockingly restored considering it’s all automatic. If you love what you see, export or save the renewed photo right from the app.


Picture 1 16

DeOldify is a powerful open-source photo and video colorization AI developed by deep learning enthusiasts Jason Antic and Dana Kelley.


  • Leverages deep neural networks for realistic colorization
  • Can colorize photos, video, and even live camera feeds
  • Available as a Python library or via Colab Notebook for free


  1. Download the Python library or access the Colab notebookPicture 1 17
  2. Upload your grayscale mediaPicture 1 18
  3. Let DeOldify work its magic to output vibrant, convincing color
  4. Export your colorized creation

Incredibly, this passion-project-turned-Internet-phenomenon can breathe new life into old media with its advanced deep-learning colorization abilities.


Picture 1 19

The imaging gold standard Photoshop no longer restricts users to manual coloring with its new neural filter for automatic AI photo colorization.


  • Harnesses Adobe Sensei AI and machine learning
  • Neural filter for one-click colorization
  • Additional controls over color balance and saturation
  • Layers support for selective adjustments


  1. Open your B&W photo in Photoshop
  2. Download and apply the Colorize filter under Neural FiltersPicture 1 20
  3. Tweak any settings to your likingPicture 1 21
  4. Save and share your colorized photo


Picture 1 22

This online editor from the ancestry platform MyHeritage can successfully colorize portraits with just a few clicks.


  • Specialized for colorizing people
  • Online access with easy workflow
  • Batch processing abilities
  • Manual editing tools for fine-tuning


  1. Visit the In ColorTM website
  2. Upload your B&W portraitsPicture 1 23
  3. Download the final colorized outputs

Vance AI Photo Restorer

Picture 1 24

This web app was designed specifically to algorithmically colorize old Singaporean photos.


  • Caters to Southeast Asian complexions
  • Straightforward drag-and-drop operation
  • Completely free to use
  • Created by AI Singapore


  1. Navigate to the Vance AI web app
  2. Drag in your B&W Singaporean photosPicture 1 25
  3. Export the final colorized results

Part 3: Use Cases of AI Colorize Photo Tools

Here are the examples of colorized photos using AI Photo Colorizers:

Historical Sites

Colorized photos of vintage cityscapes, old monuments, classic buildings, and aged infrastructure can provide a unique glimpse into the past.

Picture 1 26

Historical Figures

Breathing life into iconic black-and-white portraits through colorization allows modern audiences to connect better with influential leaders, celebrities, and pioneers of the past.

Picture 1 27 

Nostalgic Memories

By colorizing beloved ancestral family photos, wedding snapshots, childhood moments and more, the original scenes are rendered in a format that feels relatable and contemporary. The emotional resonance of nostalgia pops even more when monochrome moments gain vivid, realistic color.

Picture 1 28

Artistic Expression

Creative types can colorize their personal photography projects for an added splash of visual interest.

Picture 1 29

Part 4. Which Software Is Most Worth Choosing

When it comes to breathing new life into treasured monochrome moments, HitPaw Photo Enhancer stands out as the top choice for AI-powered photo colorization. Combining the sheer convenience of one-click automation with the jaw-dropping output of its 7 intelligent neural networks, HitPaw leverages cutting-edge deep learning to convincingly recreate colorful authenticity.

Where other tools favor specific applications, HitPaw’s diverse AI models excel across portraits, landscapes, restoration, upscaling, and more. Its future-forward algorithms analyze details imperceptible to the human eye, plausibly colorizing black and white photos based on surroundings and textures. Without any quality loss or distortions, your most precious memories emerge renewed.

Part 5. Conclusion

Breathing vibrant new life into aging monochrome snapshots is now stunningly within reach thanks to the remarkable innovation of AI-powered photo colorization. As we’ve explored, deep learning algorithms can plausibly recreate lost shades and hues with incredible realism – opening up our faded pasts to renewed clarity.

From harnessing the latest neural networks for smooth one-click colorizations to leveraging contextual analysis for convincing colors, tools like HitPaw Photo Enhancer. Get colorful photos today!

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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