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Top 5 Facts About Netflix That You Should Know About

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5 Interesting Facts About Netflix

Top 5 Facts About Netflix That You Should Know About

Netflix is among one of the top streaming services that have got millions of subscribers from around the globe. It is easily one of the greatest inventions ever! And the reason why it got so popular is that you can find almost all of your favorite series and films on this platform. Moreover, if you like comedy, then there are different stand-up shows that you can watch. And not to forget the documentaries. Netflix has got it all, and it certainly satisfies everyone’s entertainment needs.

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5 Interesting Facts About Netflix

It’s safe to say that Netflix has single-handedly changed the way people used to look at entertainment. There are many interesting facts about this streaming service that you might not know about. But don’t worry! This article is going to list down five surprising facts that will make your jaw drop. So, let’s begin

#1. Netflix Could Have Been Known by Some Other Name

Netflix wasn’t always called Netflix. The founders of the platform thought of many different names before deciding to go with what everyone knows today. Some of the names that were thought of included Replay, Luna, and Directpix. It was also famously called Kibble, named after the company’s CEO, Marc Randolph’s dog. He said that it was only a placeholder name and the idea behind it was that the product isn’t going to be successful unless the dogs have eaten the dog food.

#2. A Late Fee Charge Inspired the Idea of Netflix

Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings had a habit of keeping films beyond their due dates, which his wife hated. So, when he was charged $40 for keeping Apollo 13 far beyond its due date, he thought of creating a service that charged people on a monthly basis no matter how much or how little they used the platform. He, of course, was thinking about creating Netflix.

#3. Netflix Is the Best Place to Work

There’s nothing quite like working at Netflix! After all, employees here get paid around $18 per hour. Also, the workers can take as many days off as they desire or need. However, they are only allowed to do so as long as their work is not getting compromised. Another perk of joining Netflix as an employee is that they will get a free membership to the service. How cool is that?!

#4. You Can Still Watch Netflix’s Test Film

Do you think that “House of Cards” was the first series that the platform produced? You are wrong! Netflix produced its first series in 2010, and it’s called “Example Show.” It is nothing more than a test video. In the clip, the actor performs various feats such as reciting a monologue from “Julius Caesar” by Shakespeare or moonwalking while holding a laptop. You can still watch this goofy video on the platform.

#5. Blockbuster Could Have Bought Netflix

Yes, it almost happened! In 2000, the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings had a meeting with the CEO of Blockbuster, John Antioco where he offered to sell his company for $50 million. However, Antioco did not believe that Netflix will get far and refused the offer. Fast forward to today, Netflix has become one of the most popular services, whereas Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy.


Netflix has become a global phenomenon. This streaming service has become massively popular and is available in more than 190 countries, including Pakistan, India, Australia, and Italy. Apart from the facts listed above, there is a lot more about this platform that not many know. For instance, did you know that Netflix has a secret menu where you can adjust buffering and bit rate? Similarly, were you aware of the fact that the platform once hosted its own award show called The Flixies?


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