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Top 5 Raw to JPEG Converters for Windows 10/Online [Method included]

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Are you still looking for the easiest way to batch convert raw to jpeg without having to sacrifice quality? I have the ideal answer for you.

The majority of digital cameras now capture images in RAW along with JPEG. RAW images have outstanding quality, but they frequently require a lot of storage. Additionally, due to the extensive post-processing required for these photographs, you cannot open them using ordinary methods or immediately upload them to a website. Because JPEG is a worldwide image format, we want to understand how to convert raw files to jpeg in this guide.

So let us check them out.


Part 1. What’s RAW and JPEG files?


 What’s the RAW file?


A digital camera records raw information when it captures an image. The raw data is treated as well as compressed before being stored in the Jpeg file if the camera’s output is configured to JPEG.

When the camera is turned to raw, zero processing is done, so the file contains more tone and color information. The file can be processed more freely than a JPEG because there is more info encoded in it. A JPEG is almost like a cooked version of that meal, and you have less freedom in how you may edit it.

To use a kitchen analogy, a raw file has the components to prepare a particular meal, which you can prep any way you’d like.

What’s a RAW JPEG file?


Even when a JPEG originates directly from the camera, the picture processor already has “processed” it. It’s possible that settings for sharpness, brightness, color, and luminance have already been used.

A JPEG image’s appearance can be altered with an image editing program, but as the format is compressed to produce reduced data size, a lot of tone and color information is permanently lost during compression.

As a result, the file has far fewer conceivable tonal values than what a raw file with the same picture may have. This distinction may be crucial for certain photographs.


 What are the differences between the image files?


The main difference between the image files lies in a few unique categories. They are,

File size: The raw files are usually far bigger in size than their JPEG alternative.

Image quality: Shooting with Raw enables you to have a higher quality image than JPEG, as RAW images can hold more information.

Editing: RAW images can be converted and edited according to your liking and processed into JPEG format.

Speed: JPEG is an already processed format, so you can transfer it very quickly, unlike RAW images.


Part 2. How to bulk Convert RAW to JPEG on Windows 11, 10


If you are looking for the best way to convert raw to jpeg, you have come to the right place. Below are the top 5 solutions that will enable you to change raw to jpeg effortlessly. All of these software solutions have something unique to offer. We also have provided the step-by-step guide to convert raw to jpeg windows 10, so the overall process becomes easier for you.

1.   Convert RAW to JPEG with HitPaw Video Converter in batch


With hit paw video converter, with a single click, you may convert upwards of 5000 videos or images at once. You might also convert each video separately. Whatever choice you select, HitPaw Video Converter will rapidly complete your conversion requirements.

Step 1: Simply drag and drop all the Raw image files into the hitpaw menu.

Sans titre 20

Step 2: Select your desired output format. Choose JPEG if you want to convert raw to jpeg without losing quality.

Sans titre 21

Step 3: Simply click on convert, and you are good to go.

Sans titre 22

2.   Convert RAW to JPEG using GIMP


Step 1: If you want to convert convert raw to jpeg mac or Windows, go to the gimp website.

Sans titre 32

Step 2:  Open RawTherapee simultaneously with Gimp.

Step 3: Navigate to your gimp directory.

Sans titre 33

Step 3: Now that all the complications are out of the way, simply drag and drop your raw files to gimp and click ok to continue using the Raw Therapee plugin.

Step 4: Now export the files to JPEG format and choose you’ desired to save location.

Sans titre 34

3.   Convert RAW to JPEG using Pixillion Image Converter


Step 1: Pixillion Image Converter can be downloaded fairly easily from the website. Once you have finally installed the software on your computer, launch or open it by following the installation guide.

Step 2: Now open the software. You will see a green plus sign on the top left corner named Add Files(s). Click on that and an explorer will open. Navigate to all the Raw files you want to convert and select all of them at once.

Sans titre 35

Step 3: Now choose your desired output format and click on covert. And it will start to convert raw files to jpeg.

Sans titre 36

Part 3. How to Convert RAW to JPEG Online


1.   CloudConvert


Step 1: Go to the leading cloud conversion website.

Sans titre 37

Step 2: Select your input and output format.

Sans titre 38

Step 3: Click on the select file option, batch select all the files, and click on convert.

Sans titre 39

2.    FreeConvert

Step 1: Go to the main free convert website.

Sans titre 40

Step 2: From the drop-down menu, choose image converter option.

Sans titre 41

Step 3: Choose your desired file and click on convert.

Sans titre 42


Part 4. FAQ


  1. Does converting RAW to JPEG lose quality?

If you convert raw to jpeg photoshop, it does lose some quality as the JPEG format does not have the same amount of data in a RAW file for editing. That being said, The HitPaw Video converter could still convert RAW to JPEG in high quality.

  1. How can I convert RAW files to JPG for free?

Unless you want to spend money to convert raw to jpeg lightroom, you can select any one of the raw to jpeg softwarementioned above to convert camera raw to jpeg for free.

  1. Why does JPEG look better than RAW?

JPEG looks significantly better than raw because it has already been processed to showcase the most attractive attributes of the image.




That ends our today’s discussion on the Top 5 Raw to JPEG Converters for Windows 10/Online. We highly suggest opting for the HitPaw Video Converter, as it offers batch conversion, is easy to use, and can do the conversion without losing quality.

So until next time, happy converting.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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