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Top 55 Investment Apps (Finance Apps) for Android

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Investment apps

Technological advancement and increased smartphone access have enabled developers to create and deliver tons of investing apps.  These mobile apps have gained popularity because anyone can access the stock market anytime and anywhere.

Beginners can now start building their wealth in an affordable manner as opposed to chatting with fintech start-ups, Robo-advisors, banks, or traditional brokerage firms.  In fact, young investors use these investment apps as well as finance to track their portfolios’ performance, discover new opportunities and make investment-related decisions.

Top Investment Apps for Android Devices

1.    Acorns

The investment app is ideal for people who want to invest but lacks time to manage their portfolio.  Acorn charges $3 per month to automatically invest your spare change through transaction round-ups, retirement account savings, automated transfers, fully automated investment plans, and banking perks.

Whether you opt for Acorns personal or Acorns Family pricing plans, the platform will put your money in a diversified portfolio of ETFs.  Further, this app is straightforward and easy to use.  But you will pay some fees for these features.  An extra $5 per month is charged to access children’s investment accounts, as well as additional features and accounts.

2.    Allay Invest

All beginners want to work with easy-to-use investment platforms when starting off this journey.  Because of that, Ally Invest has designed a straightforward mobile app to help you get started.  The app enables you to trade stocks and EFTs without paying commissions.  However, it charges you a $9.95 commission fee for all mutual fund trades but no minimum balance requirements.

Further, Ally Invest Managed Portfolios is a Robo-advisor option that helps traders create a personalized ETFs portfolio that can be either Core, Income, Tax-optimized, or Socially Responsible.  You can get started with a minimum of $100 and not worry about advisory fees.

Beginners, as well as active trading platforms, find the Ally app interesting because it’s easy to navigate.  Also, Ally Bank uses this straightforward app because it has everything that any trader needs.

3.    Betterment

The investment platform is the pioneer in the Robo-advising space and offers investors that desire a hands-off option to trade in the stocks market.  On the other hand, advanced investors can use Betterment to build and customize their investments using its flexible portfolios.

Its portfolio comprises low-cost, diversified ETFs. That means you can’t invest in individual funds or trade individual stocks on Betterment.  Traders looking for such options have to look at other apps on this list.

The advantage of investing with Betterment is that it doesn’t require a minimum balance.  But it charges you a 0.25% annual account fee depending on your fund balance.  Further, you can upgrade to a premium plan when your account balance hits $100,000.  This gives you access to real-life financial advisors at a 0.40% annual fee based on your fund balance.

4.    Charles Schwab

Beginners and experts rank Charles Schwab as one of the great apps because of its resources, including tons of research and education.  These investment contents help newbies understand investing and personal finance.

You can buy fractional shares, so you don’t need to leave your investment money lying idle.  The platform is ideal for trading mutual funds, stocks, and ETFs because it doesn’t charge commissions and has a wide selection.  Additionally, Charles Schwab has one of the best sign-on promotions, including a cash bonus that kicks in when you deposit at least $25,000.

5.    Ellevest

Traders prefer this Robo-advisors and socially responsible investing platform for various reasons.  First, its goal is to help women investors trade in the stock market and make smart investment decisions.  The app creates investment portfolios and plans based on various women’s circumstances, including their lower lifetime earnings.

Women can incorporate up to 53% ESG or social impact funds in their portfolios in order to create an Impact portfolio.  Next, the platform invests the funds in organizations that support community services, affordable housing, companies with more women leaders, and those with greater standards for sustainability.  Ellevest’s Impact portfolio is priced more than the platform’s low-cost core portfolio.  Women pay $13-$19 per annum for every $10,000 they invest.

6.    E-trade

Morgan Stanley’s app enables investors to pursue their goals by offering them $0 commissions for ETFs, options, and US-listed stock trades.  The E-trade brokerage account gives you tools that make investing easy.

You get easy-to-use trading tools, ideas on what to invest in, a wide range of investment choices, and help whenever you need it.  With zero commissions, traders are able to trade more and pay less.  Also, its in-depth tutorials, videos, articles, and more teaches you the ins and outs of the stock market.

7.    Fidelity

Fidelity Investments is ranked as the best app to manage your money all-in-one space.  The platform gives you access to an investment account, saving account, checking account, credit card account, business retirement account, an IRA, and a Robo-advisor account.  This single dashboard prevents you from missing out on anything.

Further, the platform gives you solid research on mutual funds, ETFs, personal finance, investment and budgeting articles, and webinars.  Also, investors who desire to be treated like valued customers find Fidelity Investment’s services attractive.  Its courteous and helpful reps are always there for you.  But although the platform doesn’t require a minimum account balance and doesn’t charge stock and ETF trades, you will pay $0.65 per options contract.

8.    Firsttrade

This is one platform with unlimited opportunities.  Firsttrade allows its users to trade in investment products such as stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options, and crypto.  The platform provides a consolidated portfolio dashboard, enhanced trading workflow, order history, watchlists with pre-defined top lists, fast options trading with advanced strategies, easy account funding, and much more.

Firsttrade doesn’t charge commission on stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options trades.  Even options contracts are free.  There is no inactivity fee or deposit minimums.

9.    Interactive Brokers

Some investors are interested in the short-term price movement of stocks as opposed to purchasing and holding them.  As a result, some traders have opted to become day traders as well as execute multiple trades.  This is a potentially lucrative strategy, although extremely risky.

Interactive Brokers offers a mobile app that helps such traders to buy or sell on mobile devices.  Experienced traders can access over 100 order types and trade on margin or using complex derivatives.  The platform charges fractions of a cent for each traded share and caps the fees at 1% of the value of the trade.  It also provides research and analysis to help investors get an edge on the competition.  These features are what active investors are looking for to discover good buying opportunities.

10. Invstr

Great things happen when companies combine learning, community, and real-life investing in a single app.  Investors interested in stocks have a unique app designed purposely for that and incorporates fantasy stock games.  You can access other investors’ thoughts about the stocks, manage a virtual portfolio, and much more.

These fantasy games allocate you $1 million in the form of virtual money to invest in stocks.  It lets you use its social network and news feed to gather insights on potential stocks to buy.  You can also use fantasy picks to purchase real stocks.  In fact, you can buy either fraction or whole shares in the app commission-free.

Additionally, Invstr rewards new investors with $30 worth of Bitcoin when they register and fund their account with $100.  Investors also can trade cryptocurrencies on this app without paying a commission.  The app’s community teaches you why certain stocks are top picks.  At the same time playing fantasy games is fun.

11. Merill Edge

You can manage and access your accounts on the Merill Edge mobile app.  It allows you to invest when and where you want.  Merill Edge will enable you to stay on top of the market, and trade stocks, ETFs, options, and mutual funds.  Additionally, you can monitor major market securities, get real-time streaming quotes and add securities to your own watchlist.

The personal retirement option lets you plan for your retirement, while the college planning calculators target your college costs.  Merill Edge provides other tools like My Life Priorities, IRA Selector calculator, Life Events, etc.

12. M1 Finance

The platform allows traders to invest in the stock market commission-free, transfer money and borrow money at low rates, all in a single automated platform.  You can buy stocks and ETFs to build a customized investment plan.  Alternatively, you can use pre-built portfolios to achieve your investing goal, including your retirement goal.

Further, you can invest in fractional shares with as little as $1, borrow money at 3.5% or 5%, and 40% of the value of your portfolio, and automatically or at once transfer money.  M1 Finance offers free digital checking and paychecks less than 2 days early.

13. Public

Choosing stocks and researching can be intimidating for both new and experienced traders.  Public is designed to offer traditional brokerage features combined with social network features.  Following posts from experts on the Public feed helps beginners and others learn much from their portfolios.  Further, the platform provides a chat feature that enables you to create group chats and participate in live investing conversations and events.

Public lets you invest in any of the 27 cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and dogecoin.  These attract a 1% or 2% markup per crypto transaction.  The platform allows fractional shares at as low as $5.  Therefore new and experienced traders can invest in stocks and ETFs even as they improve their investment strategy.

14. Robinhood

The company was among the first to introduce the no-commission brokerage model.  Traders can invest in options, ETFs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies with zero commissions.  Premium accounts with more features are available starting at $5 a month.  Unlike other apps, Robinhood allows its clients to trade cryptocurrency without charging them commissions.

Further, Robinhood doesn’t offer mutual funds, bonds, IRAs, or tax-advantaged retirement accounts.  So you can consider adding another investing app to help you diversify your portfolio.  You can also get access to IPO and commission-free fractional shares.  Additionally, active stock traders have the freedom to build their own portfolios on this platform.  Also, new traders can use Robinhood as long as they are comfortable with the risks.

15. SoFi

The app is a perfect fit for beginners because it’s both easy to use and less costly.  Actually, a trader can access SoFi Invest with as little as $1 and will not pay any commissions or recurring account fees.  It’s also free to use SoFi automated investing, a managed portfolio product where the platform picks and manages your ETFs.

On this app, you will find both stocks and ETFs arranged by category in order to make it easy for you to find potential investment opportunities.  Although the platform doesn’t provide the most in-depth investment research, it gives you what you need to get started as well as guide you to make prudent trading decisions.  Additionally, SoFi offers all its members complimentary financial planning sessions, among several other benefits.

Further, you can trade cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum dogecoin, and over 27 other coins.  The app also provides you with investment education articles to help you identify potential opportunities to trade.  However, you will pay a 1.25% markup on crypto transactions.  Its certified financial planners (CFPs) will help formulate an investment strategy to help you reach your goals.

16. Stash

The platform allows you to build long-term wealth with as little as $5 as well as fractional shares.  The app offers personalized advice to help users build and manage a diversified portfolio based on their risk level.

You can also build your portfolio consisting of stocks and ETFs by allowing the platform to invest on your behalf.  To invest automatically, you have to state how often and how much as well as accept Stash’s investment recommendations.

17. Stockpile

The commission-free platform allows traders of stocks and ETFs to build their portfolios without incurring charges.  It also allows investing in fractional shares and giving stocks through gift cards.  Therefore, a parent or another relative can give a child a gift of stock to help them learn the stock market.  The giver can continue to monitor the minor’s account.

Users can continue learning on the platform using mini-lessons on the stocks it supports as they navigate through it.  This knowledge is important because it helps them identify and grab trading opportunities in the stock market.

18. Tastyworks

Unlike other brokers who charge higher fees on derivatives trades, tastyworks has capped its fees at $10 per transaction.  Aside from low costs, the platform lets options traders identify opportunities to buy or decide when to sell using its multiple stock-chart views.  Its convenient tools allow you to adjust your orders easily or discover perfect price targets for your trades.  You can also trade cryptocurrencies easily on this platform.

Further, Tastyworks stands out for its option workflow optimization.  However, the app lacks research, news and drawing tools.  You can’t also rotate the graphs horizontally on mobile devices.

19. TD Ameritrade

This is an excellent investment app for beginners who want to become active traders.  Some of the advantages of choosing TD Ameritrade is that it offers you multiple account platforms and doesn’t charge commissions for trading stocks or ETFs.

You have the option to switch to the main TD Ameritrade app when you become comfortable trading or identifying potential trade opportunities.  Thinkorswim is TD Ameritrade’s premier active trading platform that offers tons of useful features to its active traders.  Beginners can chat with expert traders using the platform’s chat feature.

In 2020, Charles Schwab acquired TD Ameritrade and planned to maintain thinkorswim as part of its products lineup.  New clients can only invest in managed accounts through Charles Schwab since TD Ameritrade’s managed accounts are not available since its acquisition.

20. Vanguard

Shareholders own Vanguard.  These are people who have invested in its funds.  The platform offers its users personalized financial advice, retirement tools, high-quality investments, and relevant market insights to help them build the future of their loved ones.

The account is perfect for saving for goals such as weddings, retirement, college fund, and more.  Further, Vanguard is known to offer dozens of high-quality, low-cost ETFs and mutual funds.  It also provides product comparison tools that help investors select the right funds for their goals.

21. Wealthbase

The app is new in the stock simulator world.  But this user-friendly investing app gives you fun as you pick stocks.  The platform allows you to set up games lasting until the end of the day or a few weeks.

Wealthbase is unique in two ways.  It combines social media and stock picking, which allows you to see what your buddies are picking, gives you daily updates on the winners, and engages them in friendly talks.  Second, the app has no hiccups because it runs very smoothly.  You can also trade crypto on this app.  Thus different stock-pickers can have fun using an app set to transform the world of stock market games by creating a social environment.

22. Wealthfront

This independent Roboadvisor is the largest among its peers.  Users pay a small fee to have experts manage their taxable accounts and IRAs.  They use hundreds of ETFs to build clients’ portfolio and takes into consideration their risk appetite and need for money.

The platform charges a management fee of 0.25% of your assets per annum, which is a reasonable price for accessing features on offer, such as tax-loss harvesting.  Also, Wealthfront’s account minimum balance requirement is $500.

23. Webull

The platform offers commission-free trading on ETFs, stocks, options, and cryptocurrency,  access to fractional and IPO shares, and doesn’t require any account minimums.  Webull offers traditional, Roth and rollover types of IRAs so you can manage your retirement funds and stocks on one platform.

Additionally, investors can customize their desktop version on this platform, such as trade for extended trading hours and use a bigger screen.  So download your Webull’s app and begin trading right away.

Finance Apps


The app offers you real-time updates for 30,000+ financial instruments available in more than 100 exchanges globally.  Its economic calendar gives you alerts and updates on key economic events and announcements from all over the world.

25. Wahed Invest

The app allows you to invest in an ethical or Halal manner.  You need $100 to get started on this World’s first global Robo advisor.  The platform does not require long-term commitments or set up fees.  That means you can deposit and withdraw your funds at any time.

26. Bamboo Inc

Investors can buy and sell hundreds of US stocks via the Bamboo app in just a few taps.  It also gives you unrestricted access to more than 3,000 stocks.  Further, the platform allows you to diversify your portfolio by investing in ETFs.  The app is designed for both experts and newcomers and enables them to view the performance of their portfolio over time.  This helps you learn and adjust your positions accordingly.

27. eToro

The platform offers stocks and crypto.  The app emphasizes cryptocurrency trading and facilitates access to coins such as bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin, and EOS.  Thus eToro allows you to trade stocks and cryptocurrency in one space.

28. Darwinex

The online platform lets traders buy and sell stocks or engage in the financial markets.  Indeed Darwinex analyses various trading strategies that traders can employ to make money in the stock market using patented rating algorithms.  The platform lists the information for investors to see in the form of Dynamic and Risk Weighted Investment (DARWINs) in the DARWIN Exchange.  You can trade 60+ Futures, US stock, CFDs, FX, and DARWIN Assets, as well as take advantage of the platform’s exceptional execution quality and competitive pricing.

29. Qooore

This is a social investing app where successful professional traders and financial influencers interact and share their insights regarding the stock markets.  Therefore newbie traders are able to get trading ideas and follow the best analysts.  Actually, GenZ can use the app to earn money by copying financial influencers’ trading ideas.

30. Capitalix

The app bridges the gap between the investor and the capital market.  It offers you customized solutions in addition to personal support.  Capitalix offers an intuitive and supportive interface to help you start investing right away and with a lot of confidence.  Among the 150 instruments, you can trade via this platform are Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc.

31. ADDX

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) regulates the platform, which helps investors grow their wealth easily.  ADDX offers you a smooth and seamless experience as well as allows you to invest in private market opportunities.

32. Reddit

The platform offers subreddits for the stock market, personal finance, etc.  These platforms enable users to learn from experienced traders and ask questions about various investment options in the market.  However, you must be cautious when using recommendations on financial matters on this platform.  Instead, use the information to learn from the active traders.

33. Wallet

The money-management and budgeting tool helps you track how you spend your money and try to cut back so that you can have enough to invest.  In other words, the app monitors how you spend your money in order to help you raise the capital you need to invest.

34. Yahoo Finance

The investing app offers a one-stop shop that provides the latest news, stock market updates, and metrics.  The platform allows you to link your brokerage accounts in order to maintain everything in one app.

35. Trove

The app allows beginners and experienced traders to invest in stocks, bonds, ETFs, etc., with a tap of a button.  This mobile application will enable you to invest, trade, research, and much.  You can make purchases on retail giants like Amazon, pay for Netflix subscriptions, and more using the Trove app.  Further, you can use Trove vault to split funds among your portfolios and send others to your family or friends.

36. ExpertOption

The platform charges zero commissions to trade popular digital assets and diversify your trading portfolio.  You can trade top assets without deposit fees, including Apple, Facebook, oil, and gold.  ExpertOption is an ideal platform to connect, engage and share strategies with other experienced traders.

37. Smallcase

The modern investment platform allows you to build low-cost, diversified portfolios of stocks and ETFs.  Every smallcase is a portfolio or basket professionally managed to reflect your idea, theme, and strategy.  With Smallcase, you can invest in more than 500 readymade stock investment portfolios that SEBI-registered investment professionals create and manage.

38. IQ Option

The award-winning mobile trading app has a clean and intuitive interface.  IQ Option was designed to meet demanding traders’ needs.  It provides its users with more than 500 assets, including stocks, commodities, indices, and currencies.  As a result, you can trade shares like Netflix, Tesla, Alibaba, Spotify, Disney, Microsoft, oil, gold, and many more.

39. Gotrade

The platform allows you to invest in fractional US shares such as in Apple, Google, Netflix, Tesla, and more.  Further, Gotrade doesn’t charge you commissions to help you maximize your returns and grow your savings and wealth over the long term.

40. Binomo

The global market has a lot of opportunities, but you need this information to make the right choices.  Binomo is an online mobile trading app with over 70 assets based on the account type.  It also offers professional tools such as chart analysis and an international community of traders.  Its user-friendly interface is available in many languages, and the platform provides multilingual support.  Thus Binomo is a perfect platform for professionals and beginners.

41. FinShell Pay

The app provides a seamless investment experience as you invest in top-performing mutual funds.  You can track your returns on investment in real-time, get smart recommendations and withdraw money at any time.

42. Upstox Old

Traders can use the platform to discover and trade stocks, follow live news, get insights, and learn to trade.  The Indian-based investment platform is easy to use and offers options such as stocks, futures, options, mutual funds, gold, and IPOs. Upstox Old doesn’t charge brokerage commission on stock investments.  It provides financial data, charts, and news on each stock to help you make informed decisions.

43. KuCoin

The crypto exchange allows investors to trade more than 600 coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, meme coins, and more than 50 fiat currencies.  You can trade crypto using your credit cards, review the value of your investment, and get greater returns and lower fees on crypto.  Further, KuCoin offers a secure, professional, and user-friendly service.

44. OctaFX

The easy-to-use app combines the services and features that every trader needs.  You can make fast deposits and withdrawals, instantly log in to your trading terminal and profile, trade simultaneously in your several accounts without delays or slippage, and much more.  The checking trading account has built-in tools to help you control your different accounts and personal profiles and manage deposits.

45. Binance

The number one cryptocurrency platform globally enables clients to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Cardano, Rune, ChainLink, SHIB, etc.  Binance charges low fees in crypto trades and lets you explore some fantastic art and collectibles on its NFT marketplace.  This app is only available to non-US citizens and residents.  But traders in the US can download and use the Binance US app.

46. Baraka

The aim of this app is to build an exceptional stock market investment experience for investors in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.  With as little as $1 and $0 commissions, the new generation of traders can trade 5,000+ US stocks and ETFs. Baraka believes that the stock market is not reserved for those who can afford financial education or the elite.  Using its tools and dedicated Learn Section, you can become a confident long-term investor.

47. CoinGecko

The independent cryptocurrency data aggregator offers traders Bitcoin and cryptocurrency data, market cap, real-time prices, portfolio, charts, news, and notifications.  Thus CoinGecko is a free crypto price tracker app that helps you build your own portfolio and monitor it in real-time.  The aim of this app is to help you stay up to date and track crypto prices.

48. Admirals

The app was entirely developed in-house to empower traders and provide a trading experience that is simple, transparent, and secure.  You can trade stocks, bonds, ETFs, indices, FX, and CFDs on your mobile device any place, any time.

49. TT Wallet

Cryptocurrency beginners can benefit greatly from this one-stop platform because it offers an all-in-one solution for your specific needs.  The app has built-in functions, including a DApp browser, crypto wallet and much more, which gives you a simple, secure trading experience.

50. Mentorcam

Getting one-on-one advice and feedback from industry and individual experts is not easy.  Accessing VC-backed founders, Tier-1 investors, Fortune500 executives, or award-winning creators is difficult.  However, Mentorcam allows you to book a meeting with your mentor and receive feedback customized to your needs.  This can help you identify great investment opportunities and build a thriving business.

51. WhiteBIT

The app enables you to trade digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin, and much more.  The centralized cryptocurrency exchange is ideal for beginners and experienced traders.  It allows traders to see real-time prices of over 250 coins and 450 trading pairs.

52. Angel One

The app was previously known as Angel Broking and offered a one-stop solution for your trading and investment needs.  You can build a diversified portfolio with stocks, mutual funds, futures, options, commodities, and IPO.  Angel One trading app offers real-time prices and market analysis reports to help you easily identify opportunities.

53. CoinSwitch

This is the best crypto app for traders interested in cryptocurrency trading.  Whether a capable or a beginner trader, you can buy, sell and trade over 100 listed coins.  The app has features to give you the finest crypto trading experience.  Indeed CoinSwitch makes crypto trading easy.

54. Angel BEE

The one-in-one investment app offers you a one-stop solution for all your mutual fund investment needs.  The mutual fund app enables you to invest smartly, plan your finances, save on tax, track expenses, earn more and achieve your goals.

55. DataDash

The data mining app enables you to monitor, mine, and manage data.  It turns your mobile device into a powerful crypto IoT tool to mine IoT and cryptocurrency data.  Including MXC, Bitcoin, and DataHighway token.


These investment and finance apps enable beginners and experienced traders to trade in stocks, bonds, EFTs, mutual funds, options, futures, and crypto.  The majority of these apps provide real-time data and news to help you monitor your investment portfolio, discover profitable opportunities, and interact with other traders.

The best of these 55 investing apps depends on your investment style and needs.  Some traders want to build a passive portfolio, while others are looking for an active one or one they’re in control of.  So shop around, and compare their features before signing up.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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