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Top 7 Strategies to Successful App Development for Startups

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successful app development

In this fast-moving era of smartphones, mobile apps are the most convenient way for startups. For an effective startup through mobile apps, all you require is the needed fund and good unique ideas for a profitable startup.

For example, apps like, “Ola”, “Goibibo” or “Bigbasket” has changed the business perspective in their respective fields drastically. The on-demand start-ups are easily pushing the boundaries of convenience and turning the user’s basic inconvenience into lavish businesses.

But the success of an app-based startup doesn’t end on having a unique idea and every experienced app development company for startups knows this very well. A proper systematic planning, interactive UI/UX, frequent updates and developments are a few key features to have a good profitable mobile app development startup. For the startups that want to deliver successful mobile apps here are a few points that will help you accrue the best results for your startups.

Company’s Overall Strategy

Your company’s strategy includes your mission, vision, your goals that you set or desire to achieve and the target. They are an essential part of every business from a paper writing service to a multinational corporation. To build a successful app you need to have a proper approach that can be equally effective in the long run. While making an app you should always make sure that the app would be helpful for your company even after at least 5 years for now.

For the customers make sure that your company’s goals can satisfy your target audience.

Analyzing the business Environment

Before stepping into a business the first thing you need to do is, identifying the business environment. SWOT is the best way to analyze the environment of your business. In this method, you can analyze the potential Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for your business idea.

  • Analyzing the strengths you always need to highlight them and endorse them for the target audience.
  • At the same time, you always need to analyze your weaknesses so that you can work on them and improve in those fields as much as possible.
  • One should always stay attentive for the growing opportunities in the target market before starting with it such as less competition or growing public interest.
  • Whereas, your potential threats aren’t just limited to your competitors, but it lies in lack of public interest or lack of uniqueness in your company.

Before stepping into a market, you need to analyze all the disposals- such as money, time, people’s strength, and demand in the market and the ways you can utilize them properly.

Knowing Your Competitors Better

While you plan your business and bring it in the market especially by an app you should always keep a few things in your mind. The first thing you need to know is, App Store or Play store all are overly crowded with apps from different market bases. When you aim to launch your app you should always know that there are apps already present in the store even before you planned. So, to attract the audience you should analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors well. You also need to determine the exact points where you need to focus and what to avoid for a better response.

Define your position

In the case of a mobile app every click and download matter. Hence, it’s always very important to define what you do clearly to the audience. For example, you download Zomato for food orders or Netflix for watching shows. So, always try to be precise on what you target so that the target audience can find you easily and doesn’t get confused. A confused audience will always bring a negative impact on your startup that you may not want.

Try to know the demands of your Target audience and the scopes of improvements in that sector. Focus on those points to prepare a better and user-friendly app that can attain all their needs easily.

Decide Your App Development Methodology

The next important stage while developing the app for your business is choosing the right development method.

In the case of Waterfall Methodology, you decide your specification and build the app step by step. When using the Agile Method your work is performed concomitantly at the different sections of the application. All the sections support each other and you get the best result in your hand.

The benefit of using agile over Waterfall is you get to fix the bugs without going back to the primary stage and not repeating the whole process all over again.

Check the Innate Factors of Your app

Can your app be a one-stop solution for your clients? An app should serve the clients a good experience and make their life easy without external help. It’s always easier and acceptable for customers if you offer them an app that is free from bugs or crushes. The apps with the best UI (User Interface) and streamline functions tend to perform better in the market. As a result, they tend to hit the App Store or Play Store easily.

So, before launching the app in the market that your clients will get the best experience while using the app.

Cross-Platform Development

Just as the development, key features, and app management are important for your app’s success, the platform that your app runs on plays a huge role in your success as well. It’s good when you aim at one platform and design it in the best way possible but for that don’t neglect other potential platforms as well. While launching on the App Store, make sure that your app is obtainable on other popular platforms such as Play Store or Windows.


While creating an app focus on one key feature primarily to avoid the confusion of your target audience. From all your planning select only the best and imply those. Make sure that your app turns out to be the one-stop solution for your clients and can help them easily without any bugs or crashes.

Similarly, make sure to create a buzz before you launch the app. Highlight your app’s USP and promote it in all possible platforms. To promote the app better try to release video teasers, social media posts, and recordings. Don’t forget to create pre and post-launch buzz to promote it among people.

If you miss the above-mentioned points, you may end up losing a huge number of potential clients for your app. Try to follow the points to ensure the success of your app.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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