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How to rent a car under 25 years old in San Francisco

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Anyone looking to travel across the continental US by air, for example, will have to put certain things in order, one of which is the renting of a vehicle. This is usually a process that comes with no problems, so long as you follow the specified rules. The same rules for car rentals more or less apply to every city and this includes San Francisco, California.

One such major rule is the age at which an individual is allowed to rent a car. This is something that has to be dealt with because a large fraction of travelers is 25 or younger. To adhere to the laws, it is important for those looking to rent a vehicle to understand how to use San Francisco Car Rental Under 25. Here is a simple Carngo guide that might help you!

The law for young drivers

The law concerning renting cars across the US is fairly consistent with a few laws being key. The two most important laws drivers have to be aware of are:

  • that a license must always be present and
  • that the individuals have to be at least 25 years old

However, this presents a bit of a problem for those who fall beneath this age restriction. Fortunately, it is possible to utilize a San Francisco Rental Under 25 service the same way it is done across the country.

For those who fall below the 25-year-old mark, certain measures have been put into place to allow rentals to take place. The first one is that below the 25-year-old limit, is another age barrier, which is 21 in most states including California.

The second and arguably the most important are the varying fees that drivers will have to pay because of their age. These variations in the fee are due to several factors such as the age, specific state, and dealership.

What under 25 year-olds need to rent a car in San Francisco

The basic car rental process in California requires no more than three things: for you to be at least 21, to have a credit card and to have an internationally valid license. To drive onto the roads legally, these requirements are added to the registration contract that is signed at the dealership.

For visitors or tourists that come from abroad, it is also mandatory that a valid passport is brought forth. Said passport as well as other related documentation such as a wide variety of visas have to show all details clearly. Failure to do this will likely result in major inconvenient violations being filed against you by the authorities.

Age-related renter fees

It is fairly reasonable to say that your age is considered heavily when a fee is determined. This fee varies between different dealerships across the country, but all of them abide by the law. The average age-related fee between ages 21 and 25 hovers around $20. This figure often increases as the age gets closer to 21 and decreases until it disappears entirely at age 25.

Interestingly, not every state in the US agrees with 21 being the limit for renting a car. New York and Michigan are the only two states in the US to lower the age limit to 18. Doing this does come with the added consequence of the accompanying fee being significantly higher than normal.

The renting process

If you decide to go ahead and rent a car, there are certain steps you have to follow that will require all the above knowledge and tools. The following is how a smooth transaction will occur at the dealer.

1. Research 

San Francisco just like any other large city has multiple dealerships for you to choose from, most of which have branches at the airport. To find the one with the best deal requires you to look for it and this is done efficiently on sites that allow you to compare dealerships. On said site, you can find a dealership that possesses the type of car, paying rate, and other details.

2. Insurance

All dealers offer some form of Insurance, which is often double the price of the car rental. Auto insurance is essential in case of any accident or emergency that may occur on the road. It is advisable to use the insurance that covers both your rented car and the other parties that could be involved.

3. Method of payment

As you rent a car, several expenses such as the rental cost, insurance, and the fee of being under 25 will be brought up. All of these expenses will have to be paid for via credit card and nothing else. The same will usually apply to foreign account holders, however, they have to pay double the amount as the bank’s reaction time is not immediate. That money will be sent back with only the agreed-upon amount staying with the dealer.

After these stages are completed, you can move forward with actually using the car. That said, you should be careful with the rented car and your actions with it because neither you nor the dealer should have to deal with accident-related issues. As a bit of added precaution, you should always make sure that your navigator and local sim card are operational. This is to help get around San Francisco and access its internet with no issues.

Final thoughts

Renting any car in the continental US requires a lot of preparation and this is made even more poignant in a city like San Francisco. Every document, payment method, and precaution has to be taken into account before making such a decision. This is further compounded when the person looking to rent a car is below 25 years old.

Because being prepared is the name of the game, it is advisable to find someone that can help you get to the point of being prepared. Many sites can make you aware of every law and pitfall and young drivers should always seek them out.

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