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Trade Holder: Crypto Trading Bot Review

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Trade Holder is a crypto trading bot on the Cryptorobotics platform, designed primarily for long-term investment strategies, particularly following the Buy&Hold approach. This bot focuses on strategic portfolio management and is especially suitable for long-term investors. It employs advanced algorithmic trading strategies to create and manage a portfolio, with a key focus on using USDT as the base currency. The aim is to optimize buying and selling for maximum long-term profits.

Crypto trading bot’s functions

Key characteristics of the Trade Holder bot include:

  • Automated Portfolio Management: It automatically forms an optimal portfolio from the nine most promising coins in the current market, such as BNB, BTC, DOT, ETH, LTC, MATIC, SOL, TWT, and XRP​​.
  • Maximization of Returns: The bot strategically holds and purchases selected cryptocurrencies during periods of positive market dynamics, thus aiming to maximize profits and minimize losses​​.
  • Continuous Market Monitoring and Optimization: It constantly tracks market trends and adjusts the portfolio composition accordingly, to optimize profit​​.
  • Risk Management Options: The bot provides options for actions in case of negative balance dynamics, such as “Stop and Sell Everything” or “Stop Purchases”​​.
  • User-Friendly Interface and Mobile Application Support: Despite its complex approach to portfolio management, Trade Holder offers an intuitive interface, and users can manage their portfolios and follow the bot’s performance through mobile applications​.

How much does a crypto trading bot cost?

The payment model of Trade Holder is based on profit sharing, charging a commission only on successful trading operations, amounting to 15% of the profit. This model aligns the interests of the clients and the bot, as clients pay exclusively for actual achieved results.

How to start using the Trade Holder crypto trading bot?

  • Users need to log into their Cryptorobotics account, choose an exchange for trading operations (noting that the bot is designed for spot exchanges), select API keys or accounts on the chosen exchange, determine the size of their trading balance and the amount they are willing to invest in a single trade and choose their risk management strategy before starting the bot​​.
  • The robot captures profit for each coin in the portfolio during positive market fluctuations, automatically capturing profit and continuing its strategy​​.
  • The “Statistics” tab on the platform allows users to track the success of trades, including the percentage of profitable and losing operations​​.


In conclusion, Trade Holder is a sophisticated tool for investors looking for an automated way to manage their long-term investments in the cryptocurrency market, with a focus on diversification and risk management. Its automated operations, continuous monitoring, and user-friendly interface make it particularly appealing for investors with a long-term perspective


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