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Turbologo Review 2021

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turbologo review

Turbologo is one of the leading online logo makers. The site is often used for identity creation. One might ask why? Because Turbologo is a versatile, complete logo creation kit that’s already been of great help in thousands of rebrandings. Thanks to a vast database of quality images as well as thoroughly selected patterns and palettes, anybody is fully capable of designing a trendy logo in but a blink of an eye. In the past few years, Turbologo has managed to earn a certain recognition. Developers of the site regularly update it, implementing new functions which are more than desired when it comes to truly unique designs.

A logo is crucial these days, as an identity is the face of any business; it’s even more so in a digital environment. Brand recognition and image depend heavily on it. Using Turbologo, it takes but a few minutes to develop an eye-catching and distinctive logo. It is a perfect choice for those valuing their time. It would take weeks or even months for newbies to develop a logo manually. Hiring a designer costs a pretty penny and coordinating all the corrections/details might take too much for the project to be of any use. That’s why Turbologo is perfect for those seeking to kick start their startups. Recognition is vital even for tiny beginnings such as blogs or online stores.

What’s more important, you don’t require any additional software. There is no need to install all these complicated and unreasonably priced graphic toolsets. Just as there is no need to attend drawing or designing courses. Turbologo is all you need indeed. Today’s review is dedicated to the service and to reasons for designing your logo with nothing but it.

Is Turbologo Worth it?

If you ask professionals of the most reasonable way of making a logo, they will tell you that it certainly is Turbologo. Except when you are an excellent artist and designer yourself that is, but you wouldn’t be reading this in that case, would you? For all those not in the arts, this is the most convenient, simple, and even beneficial way.

The price of professional services is far higher than that of Turbologo. Keep in mind that the designer’s monthly fee is no small sum. And is it true that logo creation can take months? It is. And here is why. You are unlikely to feel happy about the first option given by an artist. You might want to change the depiction. Then, do it again. Alter the font. Move an inscription. Play with fonts a bit more. And finally, come back to the very first option only to keep changing it! And after, you’ll need to place it on a card, in a landing, or on your blog cover.

You’ll have to pay for all the actions, or you’ll have to spend time and money on some designing courses and software. However, Turbologo is more than capable of saving many things. Prices are fairly reasonable which means you acquire far more by resorting to it. You can alter your logo as much as you like. It’s easy, convenient, and captivating. You are sure to get an absolute esthetical satisfaction while processing your identity. As a result, your logo will look quality and posh, all thanks to Turbologo.

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Who is Turbologo Good For?

Turbologo helps people of various trades. Should you need to, let’s say, alter a restaurant’s logo just a few days before opening, Turbologo proves irreplaceable to design a new identity in no time at all. And you would hardly find a proper designer that fast. It takes but half an hour to ready layouts and send them to a printing house.

A web developer with the most refined tastes had been looking for a perfect logo for his studio. He totally disliked all the options provided by a designer and decided to make his own. Almost at an instance, in Turbologo, he found all the combinations of colors and shapes that he absolutely enjoyed. Thus, he made his dream come true.

Upon opening a barbershop, it was revealed that a more noticeable logo was required to stand out from the crowd. A huge library of templates facilitated a unique logo creation merging tons of offered options.

Quite a similar move was made by one of the café owners who was dissatisfied with dull cups of coffee in a facia. An upgraded AI provided him with a creative, vintage logo making the business owner happier than ever.

Many startuppers resorted to Turbologo after looking at designers’ price lists. The total cost of a logo designed by our site is at least ten times lower. And the result looks just as fresh and stylish.

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Turbologo Functionality

1. Uniqueness

A carefully developed neural network selects logo features according to your needs. Advanced software provides an abundance of finishings based on your tastes. And a highly detailed business categorization significantly narrows and specifies given logo options. Thus, you can choose a proper style without time-consuming, exhausting manual image browsing.

2. Convenient format

A preprint stage is a designer’s scourge, as many printing houses refuse to print logos due to format misalignments. That’s why Turbologo offers downloadable formats that are fit for printing and posting online. You can even download a vector file of your logo. So, you are very unlikely to encounter any problems with the unreadability of your image. You see the result right away and can quickly apply it to your site or send it to a printing house following their requirements.

3. Many happy returns on investments

Many similar services are said to be free; however, it’s but a waste of time. Eye-catching ads lure customers into sites only to reveal that the actual functionality is reduced to but scarce options available. And that you should pay for every following step. Turbologo features no hidden payments. There is no need to buy a subscription and drop it the next day. The process of logo creation is totally free. You a sum starting from $20 only if the logo suits you. There are various packs available; you can get a complete identity at a reasonable price.

4. Fabulous editing capabilities

Certain color combinations look silly, messy, or weird. Needless to say, they are to be avoided whenever possible. It is impossible to design a truly hooking identity by just randomly merging images and inscriptions. That’s why Turbologo provides a precious opportunity to edit inscriptions in search of the most attractive and, thus, profitable variation. Thanks to an intuitive editor, it takes little effort to draw up a unique image.

5. Absorbing, unique content

Logo creation is an artful process. It is not that easy to make one if you have never done it before. And even if you have no idea of how to do it, you will succeed anyway by resorting to Turbologo. But what if you decide to take a closer look at designing, meaning of colors, and history of famous logos? You just go straight to the Turbologo blog where you can find tons of interesting articles on all the related subjects. It also contains a gallery of famous logos to inspire and guide you.

6. Developed by professionals

The site has been created by experienced, seasoned designers and developers. All of the staff members have given the logo maker their all. A team of Turbologo designers is ready to advise you should you have any questions. There also is tech support available.

7. Automatic brand kit generation

You are given a set of products such as cards or blanks once you fill in the naming, slogan, and scope of action. Unlike other sites, a logo is generated almost instantly here at Turbologo.

Here is a brief review of Turbologo. (

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Turbologo Pros and Cons


  1. An intuitive simplicity and convenience. The logo creation process is both quick and clear. Just about anyone, with no designing training at all, can create a quality logo easily.
  2. The swiftness of logo creation. If you urgently need a good logo you can design it in a couple of minutes. No more wasting time discussing things with an artist; you are more than capable of correcting flaws yourself.
  3. A well-attuned AI lists only the most captivating and harmonious options. You won’t have to browse through tons of worthless and images as most of the given options are already fit for immediate use.
  4. A brand kit. Don’t limit your ambitions with only a logo. You can always order a complete pool of favored identity that features all the desired details of branding.
  5. A huge database of images and templates. Each icon looks neat and creative. AI helps to combine colors properly and make a well-balanced logo. All the patterns are sure to look delicious.
  6. A special approach to any audience. Turbologo boasts an opportunity of sorting out a logo in your specific field of interest. Topical presets make it possible to include both gist of your business and matching stylistic patterns of it.
  7. Uniqueness. Owing to the tremendous efforts of the Turbologo developers team, there can be no same images created. Every logo, designed for every user is absolutely original. Rest assured, you won’t run into a double.


  1. A problem of choice. When you consider all the options selected and provided by Turbologo, it’s hard to choose but one. Many options seem equally attractive which means you’ve got to have superhuman willpower to finally make your choice!
  2. Brand-kit editing. As of now, you can do whatever you want with only your logo, altering it incredibly. However, developers of the site are going to add customization options for an entire brand kit. Coming soon!

There are totally free options. You cannot download even the most simplistic file. And that, however, is absolutely justified as prices are most reasonable.


Turbologo vs Competitors

Comparing Turbologo to competitors, we are going to involve designing agencies; we are going to involve similar online logo makers featuring similar functions.

Turbologo vs Looka

This site offers similar services. However, unlike Turbologo, there is no way you could get a truly outstanding logo there. Most creations look as if they’ve been designed by a crude machine. No beauty or creativity. And all the images look like clones.

Logo gallery lists neat and tidy, but, unfortunately, totally inanimate images. Almost unchanging patterns of element allocation make logos stereotypical. If the logos were processed by some cool designer, it would make something useful perhaps. As of now, however, they look like basic billets of a logo.

Turbologo vs Placeit Logo Maker (by envato)

This logo maker belongs to a set of quite famous sites where you can get a suitable template for whatever you might need, ranging from WordPress sites to separate plugins. The site designs pretty nice logos, also offering some editing abilities.

Nevertheless, Turbologo has one huge advantage compared to Placeit. A single download costs almost $40 which makes it almost three times as expensive as Turbologo prices. Since results provided by Turbologo are in no aspect inferior to those of Placeit, it’s simply meaningless to overpay only because of brand authority. Turbologo is far more profitable.

Turbologo vs Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Here you will be offered to input a brief description of your company rather than choosing your scope of activities from a list. It might seem a more convenient solution if you find it hard to make a choice. However, in the end, you are down to choosing a single word from all the filled-in ones. And that means the function is far from completion and requires further development.

The logo maker itself is relatively slow, especially compared to Turbologo. And another huge disadvantage is that there are only capitals. You lose a lot of designing options because of that peculiarity. You can download a tiny version of a logo for free which is almost useless. You can’t make out anything due to the low resolution of the image. The service also offers a paid subscription. And that is something that such sites tend to avoid as they don’t design logos every day. It’s much more reasonable and convenient to pay for each logo separately.

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Turbologo prices are fairly reasonable compared to competitors. There are three packages. The most saving one includes only the logo on a white background which doesn’t seem to be a proper final variation. The most popular package is a standard one. It features no background and vector downloading. That’s more than enough for a tiny startup.

However, if you seek to design a complete identity, you should choose a business package. By doing so, not only you get various versions of your logo in a high resolution, but also a full set of identity items. The package also boasts tech support.

Product Support

Should you have any questions on how Turbologo works, you can always contact team members from tech support. Or you can request a word of advice from professional designers if you’ve purchased a business package.

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System Requirements

You require a stable internet connection to use Turbologo to the fullest. The site features an inbuilt editor which responds in a flash. There is no need to download or purchase any additional software. Resorting to Turbologo, you can design a brilliant logo using only your smartphone.

Is Turbologo Legit?

There are many ways to design identity available to startuppers. Yet the easiest, simplest, quickest, and most beneficial is Turbologo. You are sure to get a cheap yet high-quality image, every bit as meaningful as those made by professional designers. It goes without saying that it will pay off by more than double!


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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