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Ways to Deal with Social Media Security Issues

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Social Media Security

Social media is an indispensable part of our lives in this fast-paced world. Most of us cannot imagine our daily lives without social media. Social media is booming tremendously, with numerous people posting online, making new accounts, and engaging with different platforms. With the increment in social media usage, the concerns related to social media security have also hiked. It is essential to keep in mind some basic tips and tricks to avoid common social media security risks.

Cyber-attacks are common in today’s era. This is mainly when social media is primarily used for business purposes. This attracts cybercriminals to access the users’ sensitive information, resulting in substantial financial losses and the loss of the company’s reputation. This sensitive information includes your date of birth, mail, address, along with your bank account details and other necessary finance-related information. Scammers can access your valuable data from your social media accounts even when you have a handful of followers and misuse them in the way they want to.

Let us quickly dive in and understand the essential tips and tricks to deal with Social Media Security Issues:

     1. Strong passwords for the security

Most of us use weak passwords for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which usually results in information theft. It is advised that passwords should be timely changed. Using unique combinations, not too easy to guess, is essential for strong passwords. One should not use their date of birth, names, or phone numbers as passwords. Also, one should not use the same password for too many platforms. All these steps thoroughly followed help in maintaining strong security.

     2. Avoiding risk through proper Social Media Training

Though most of us are highly active on social media, we do not understand all its aspects. Thus, it needs adequate training to avoid the risk associated with social media. People are engaged on social platforms but fail to understand the pros and cons that come with it. In large firms and multilevel companies, it is essential to train the organization members to avoid any form of threat. Qualified individuals can better handle cyber-attacks, so it is recommended to organize the workshops in a phased manner. All the members must be aware of the healthy practices and steps to follow to maintain the sphere safe.

    3. Keep a check on your followers’ list

It is suggested to always keep an eye on the people who follow you. A deep clean and filtration of friends or follower list is required from time to time to avoid any form of security threat. One should pay attention to their connections on social platform activities even if they know them outside social media. It is seen that the malicious acts and actions of the followers caused considerable losses to the people connected with them. Filtering or cleaning your connections also helps you to stay updated in the social media world.

    4. Security through Encryption

A vital step to keep you away from any social media threat is to encrypt data. It is one of the most adopted methods to ensure safe and sound social media. In the case of business, it is essential to rely on SSL Certificate from reliable providers. The companies are also elevating the trust among the buyers by elevating the website security through SSL Certificates. Several SSL Certificates are available in the market, and you can find the apt one through minimum effort and finding. SSL Certificates attract aware consumers towards your business and help the firm establish a rapport in the market.  They are available at a budget-friendly price from a reliable provider that ensures endpoint security to the company.

     5. Keep an eye on your mailbox

It is a common practice among cybercriminals to attack through mailboxes. We do receive tons of electronic mails every day. While some are genuine, others involve malicious intentions that can pose security-related threats. Sometimes attractive offers that are too good to be true are made through electronic mails. Clicking unnecessarily on all the mails received can even result in huge losses. They are attractive enough for people, and thus they click on them. It is suggested to avoid spam mails and report in case of suspicious activities. Timely reporting the undesirable activities is beneficial in preventing security-related risks.

     6. Monitor your account

Despite taking the steps mentioned above, it is seen that the cases related to data theft are increasing day by day. You have to be extremely cautious in handling your account. Any suspicious activity must be reported as early as possible. The most critical aspect of ensuring security is to take every step thoughtfully in the online sphere. One should avoid posting sensitive information as it can be used in multiple ways by scammers and cybercriminals.


Security on social media has various aspects attached to it. It is a complicated concept to deal with as it involves knowing and understanding social media either through individual effort or through proper training. In the case of a mid-size or big business firm in the online sphere, it involves training the employees. Generating awareness through training and workshops is an essential requirement as it helps them explore social media security beyond the boundaries. It is also necessary to protect your social media through a strong password and to change it timely. A regular cleanup of the friend’s list should be done to ensure that the malicious activities do not reach your account.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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