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5 Ways to Increase the Range of Your Wireless Router

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Ways to Increase the Range of Your Wireless Router

If you have ever faced random disconnections while trying to play online games, surf the Web, or stream videos, you definitely know the exasperations that come from low-quality wireless router signal strength. Luckily, you do not have to rush out and purchase a brand new router just yet.

Here are five ways you can improve the range as well as the overall performance of your wireless router.

Change the Position of Your Wireless Router

Every wireless router has a maximum range limit. Also, your router has Omni-directional antennas that send signals equally in all directions. So to take delight in reasonable signal strength throughout your home, place the router at a central point compared to your internet access spots.

It is also recommended to fix your wireless router at the highest point possible to avoid intrusions and provide a smooth path for signals to easily reach your Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Replace Your Router Antennas

Your router default Omni-directional antennas that send the signal equally in all directions are mostly removable and you can easily replace them by high-gain antennas that are also known as directional-antennas.

High-gain antennas utilize complete power to send signals only in a specific direction and hence offer a much better range and signal strength in your desired direction. All you have to do is position your internet access points appropriately in the direction of the high-gain antenna. This way, you can experience a 25% to 40% boost in your router’s range.

If for some reason, you cannot find an accordant high-gain antenna for your router model, go for a booster antenna. Though it is Omni-directional, it will increase both the strength and range of your wireless signals.

Remove All Obstacles from Your Router’s Surrounding

Ensure that there are no possible hindrances in the immediate proximity of your wireless router. These can be books, cluttered junk material, or metal objects around your router device.

Also, never keep your router in filing cabinets, metal shelves, close to window frills, or similar spots as they all negatively affect your wireless range.

Choose a Perfect Channel.

Just how radio stations air on different channels, wireless routers also broadcast on multiple different frequencies or channels. These are mostly in the range of 2.[4 GHz frequency. A large number of factors can influence the performance of a specific channel based on your surroundings.

Most routers give users an option to choose a frequency or channel. Always go for the one that provides the best range by trying each frequency option available.

Minimize Wireless Interruptions

There are several other electronic devices like water heater, refrigerator, smartphones, microwave ovens, cordless phones, baby monitors, dishwashers, and more that use the same frequency as your wireless router. These can get in the way of your wireless router channel, decreasing both quality and signal strength.

You cannot diminish them altogether, but you surely can minimize signal loss because of intrusions by using and keeping them away from your router device. So rather than placing your cordless phone over your wireless router, keep it at the other end of the room.

Bottom Line

We sincerely hope these quick and simple tips to boost your wireless router range allow you to enjoy the best Wi-Fi signals throughout your home. Always remember that the prerequisite to seamlessly watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix and conducting video conferencing with your work colleagues is access to a blazing fast fiber optic internet connection. If that is not available in your area, invest in a good hybrid-fiber coaxial network like Spectrum internet to satisfy all your online needs.


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