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What can I expect in a Pokemon cards booster box

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The Pokémon is a Japanese franchise game created in 1996 by Satoshi Tajiri. Today, this video game is one of the best-selling games in the world. It comes in the form of anime, manga, and collectible card games. Thus, a Pokémon card is full of several deletions that can allow you to advance in the game. Find out in this post what you can expect in a Pokémon card reminder box.


Berries are available in the Pokemon cards booster box and make capturing Pokémon easier. When you use these items, you get extra candies as a reward. Indeed, there are several types of berries, namely:

  • Framby Bay;
  • Nanab Bay;
  • Nanana Bay;
  • Golden Raspberry Berry;
  • Silver Nanana Berry.

Like the latter, you can also find the poffin. Moreover, of all the existing berries, it is only the golden Framby berry that is the most powerful.


In the same way as the berries, this accessory also allows you to capture a Pokémon. As long as your Poké Ball Plus is connected to your smartphone and the Pokémon GO app, it will also measure the distance you travel, allowing you to hatch eggs and get treats for your friend Pokémon. However, the rarest pokeballs give you more chances and possibilities. So, among the pokeballs, you can find:

  • poké ball (which allows you to catch wild Pokémon);
  • great ball;
  • hyper ball.

All these balls make the game more fun and attractive.

Stones and objects

Some Pokémon cannot be caught by simply walking through tall grass. It is often necessary to use an object, to make it evolve on a road or even to make it evolve at night. In order to allow you to advance in the game, the following items are available in Pokémon cards. It’s about:

Sinnoh stones

These stones are super strong and have a good shine. They are native to Sinnoh and have the ability to evolve certain species of Pokémon.

Unova Stones

From the region of Unova, they are renowned for their appearance. They also have a power that allows them to develop certain Pokémon.

However, you can also find Sunstones, Queenstones, Metallic Skins, Enhancers, and Draco Scales. Each of these objects has specific properties.

The lures

These are the items you can use to summon Pokémon. It is also possible that you use them to advance the game. For example, you have:

  • The decoy module that allows you to attract Pokémon for 30 minutes in a pokéStop;
  • The Mossy Lure
  • The icy lure
  • The magnetic lure

The main role of these items is to attract more Pokémon.

Potions and reminders

With potions, you can recover HP. Boosters, on the other hand, allow you to revive Pokémon that are at 0 HP. Thus, you have potions to heal wounds, super potions to restore 50 HP of a Pokémon. Likewise, there are hyper potions to restore a Pokemon’s 200 HP and max potions. Regarding callbacks, there is a simple callback and a max callback.

Event tickets

Also, available on Pokémon cards, Event Tickets allow you to change names, visions, and the description of a future event. However, you can only get them from a shop at a specific time.

Aside from these few items, you can expect to find more in the Pokémon cards booster box.


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