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What is an electronic signature API and how can I integrate it?



Electronic signature

An electronic signature is an advanced process that helps companies sign their documents online while using a secure process. To save even more time and make everyday life easier, integrating an electronic signature API into its applications and software will be all the more practical.

What is an electronic signature API?

An electronic signature API is a system that integrates an electronic signature service directly into its software or application. This involves programming a tool that is usually used to integrate an application dedicated to setting up an electronic signature. In other words, it helps companies avoid changing their operation to benefit from an electronic signature system, but rather integrating it into the existing one. Companies with a well-established process will therefore not have to change tools thanks to the integration of the electronic signature API.

If this type of maneuver requires some technical skills, the vast majority of applications today make sure to offer an API that is easy and quick to integrate in order to avoid additional costs and any waste of time. Once the API is integrated, it will then be possible to benefit from an electronic signature tool as desired. This tool will make it possible to verify the identity of the electronic signatories in a document, for example, to have a document signed remotely or digitally.

How to integrate an electronic signature API?

It is necessary to find a professional who offers this type of service when a company wishes to integrate an electronic signature API into its applications or software. The search for this expert will have to be done by considering several criteria. First of all, the proposed tool must accurately meet the needs of its business. It is also vital that it properly integrates with the existing process, so its developer should do a preliminary study of the project’s feasibility. After that, choose an offer and carry out the integration.

As mentioned above, the integration of an API can be easy and fast. However, this is a technical process that should preferably be entrusted to a professional such as a developer. The developer will then be able to integrate the API into a CRM to be able to sign customer quotes and proposals, for example, an ERP to seal and time stamp its transactions, a Contract Management to sign and manage all of its contracts, or even to an HRIS to sign an employment contract, expense reports, etc. Whatever type of business you have, the electronic signature can be helpful when dealing with both your team and customers, hence the need to take advantage of an effective integration carried out by a developer.

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