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What is BPO, and How Does It Help Business?

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Processes increase as organizations expand. Managers have two options to keep their businesses running and maintain the growth momentum. They can hire additional resources to perform other duties or outsource them.

As a result, the size of outsourced services globally has been expanding steadily throughout the years. This growth is because business process outsourcing is a cost-effective solution. In fact, this alternative helps companies fill skill gaps flexibly, access the latest technology, as well as support global expansion.

Businesses delegate front-office, back-office, or IT-intensive business processes to external providers. However, it’s imperative to understand which tasks will be outsourced and how this will improve the bottom line.

So then, the article will tell you why it’s profitable to outsource services and the type of business process outsourcing you can use.

How to Leverage Business Process Outsourcing to Grow Business

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is contracting certain business processes to BPO service providers. These third-party vendors, in turn, manage the selected processes according to the defined performance metrics.

Initially, BPO was common among large manufacturing companies. However, today BPO has expanded to other sectors, including service companies. Outsourcing was mainly for one-off projects or entry-level tasks. Today, this concept has evolved to include call center operations, data entry, payroll, and much more. In fact, companies are delegating larger-scale business operations and more senior positions.

This is how business process outsourcing is profitable to your business.

Lower Overheads

In most instances, reducing costs is linked to sacrificing quality. However, searching for reasonably priced services while maintaining your already high standards contributes to cost reductions and higher profit margins.

Similarly, hiring new staff, training them, and maintaining them in the company can be costly, time-wasting, and potentially unnecessary. But hiring a skilled contractor can help the company save a lot of money.

Increase Company’s efficiency

Businesses should outsource from companies or contractors with the precise experience they need. This is crucial because it guarantees professional service. In fact, businesses that choose more skilled contractors than their employees strengthen their company in the long run.

Correct solutions are used to solve problems in the company, and service providers with more expertise manage digital marketing, thus optimizing your brand and maximizing your impact.

Improve Operations

Companies outsource repetitive processes, which suck employees’ innovation and creativity. They delegate these tasks to expert companies mostly located in cheaper countries. Outsourcing improves operations because senior management is not involved in solving potentially less important tasks.

Access to the Latest Technology

Small and medium-sized businesses lack the financial muscles to keep up with the latest technology such as augmented reality or bots mobile apps. Keeping abreast of these changes involves huge overheads and requires a lot of time and resources.

However, outsourcing from professional companies frees up employees’ time helping them to concentrate on core business processes while benefiting from software and the latest technologies without owning them.

Types of Services to Outsource

BPO service providers help fill gaps within the company by supporting a number of services. The growth in the BPOs has led to the emergence of subspecialties. The following are some of the services that your company can outsource from external providers.

IT-enabled Services: The service providers leverage IT to deliver services. This includes roles such as production support analyst, service desk analyst, and IT analyst.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing: Some vendors support core business functions. However, these are not regarded as core by the main company. The vendors make low-level business decisions as long there is no conflict with higher-level business policies. They’re also decisions that can be easily undone in case there is any conflict. Knowledge process-based tasks include research, analysis, and the like.

Research Process Outsourcing: This is a sub-category of knowledge process outsourcing. The external company performs research and analysis functions to support biotech, investment, business, and marketing.

Legal Process Outsourcing: It also falls under knowledge process outsourcing and comprises diverse higher-level legal work. Some of the functions under this subset are lower-level legal transcription, legal research, drafting legal agreements or patent applications.

Travel BPO: Involves contracting all travel logistics such as ticketing process, vehicle bookings, hotel reservations, etc. These providers help to cut costs and increase customer satisfaction. Airline and travel companies support this BPO.

Other BPO service providers specialize in specific functions like customer interactions, human resources, finance and accounting, back-office transactions, IT and software operations, knowledge services.

Are you looking for a BPO service provider? New Media Services is experienced in delivering intelligent outsourcing services backed by technology such as machine learning. This BPO service provider and expert will help improve your business’s productivity and dramatically improve its bottom line.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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