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What is React Native Re-Architecture ?

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react native re architecture

Well, worry not because we are here to guide you about it. React Native is a cross-platform framework that is a one-stop for all your platforms which incorporates a single codebase in your foundation. When we talk about original architecture, it has flaws.

Hence, nowadays due to the strong support of the community, React has gained popularity among web developers. It has managed to gain popularity among people by being cost-effective and having appealing specifications. However, it is not fully developed as of now, let’s look at the app performances and its specialty in today’s app development markets.

What are the components of React Native?

Well, the basic component of React Native is that it does not possess special platforms which are used on more than one operating system. Well you would love to read this more That means it works on a single code base by using Javascript and transcribing into react tree which is interpreted by native infrastructure.

What is the full architecture of Reach Native?

Well, now we look through the full architecture which is based on three essential pillars. This comprises of a Javascript where the javascript’s code is gathered that is used for production when the app is bundled. Furthermore, it has a native thread where the native code is been executed. This special component manages the user interface and makes sure that there is a smooth conversation with the JS thread. Whenever an application has to be updated, the native thread gets bundled if the user needs to access it. Moreover, it has a shadow thread where the layout of the application is calculated. This is a cross-platform where the framework is handled with Facebook’s feature known as yoga. This feature transforms layouts and sends them to the app’s interfaces.

What are the limitations of current React Native architecture?

The limitations of the current react native are as follows.

The current native works well when you are looking for building a scalable application that can run on many platforms. However, it is not the best solution as it needs more improvements. If you check the layout, you’ll see that it used a bridge to communicate with the modules of Native that creates a queue. This does not affect the users positively. Furthermore, to address these issues, the react team shows regular updates which enhances the experience of the users. That is why, when you have react-native in your tech stack, it will become user-friendly.

React Native Re-Architecture

This is a major breakthrough for all your developments which will bring many improvements and make it convenient to be used among you all. The React Native Re-Architecture uses any form of JS Engine which will not be bound towards Javascript but will use high performing JS Engines. Furthermore, this new design will exclude the bridge and substitute it with Javascript Interface (JSI). Hence, it will be an enabler for the new modules. Another major advantage of React Native Re-Architecture is that is the synchronization of JS thread and native modules. Due to Javascript interfaces, it will make you communicate directly with the JS thread. Furthermore, it will directly control the native modules which will be used only when it is required.

What are the benefits of React Native?

The new tech layout which is convenient to use showcases a wide range of advantages for forming a user-friendly application. It contains many positive and strengthening points which are the reusability of code. This means that instead of forming two separate applications for each platform, the engineers can use 90% of the code that helps to save budget and time. Furthermore, it focuses on live and hot reloading which is introduced to make the work of developers easy and make the process smooth. This live reloading helps to refresh applications whenever any changes are seen in any code. Such as, when you have to add a few links in the code, it will not be refreshed. Instead, it will be shown in the interface. React Native also offers you ready-made solutions. That means, if you look around, you will see a lot of changes of pre-developed components which you can use for building software. So, it is a piece of good news for you! Developers like you will not have to spend extra time building and finding a custom solution. Furthermore, they can also utilize the codes or parts which are already integrated and written onto the products. Hence, it can be stated that this product will offer you faster development by boosting the process in the minimum amount of time. Lastly, this special software design technique helps you to separate functions of programs into interchangeable and independent blocks which are known as modules. This means, this development process becomes more flexible, adjustable, and offers a great collaboration among the team members. Thus, the software developers can reuse the same modules while they are working on different projects which belong to the same application.

How does Litslink help you in building mobile apps?

Well, if you are looking for a developer who can boost your business by making an interactive cross-platform, here is the way you can. Litslink helps you to build an engaging cross-platform app with its new architecture and exempts any sort of limitation which does not make your project look flexible. Furthermore, Litslink is working with React Native for a long time and can offer you expert consultation in your business development and reach towards an optimal option when it comes to giving high-quality ideas for your business.


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