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What size grow tent for 2 plants

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size grow tent

A grow tent is a mini, enclosed, and portable garden to save your whole backyard space from becoming a full-scale garden or compensate for the lack of space for an indoor garden. It saves you from all the trouble of drilling and punching holes in your walls for vents and light hangers.

Most people get confused as to what size grow tent for two plants would be feasible?

Grow tent size is the first and foremost decision to be taken when starting an indoor garden.

A large grow tent might not be an excellent choice to start an indoor garden, especially for beginners. For fresh gardeners, it is best to start with the smallest grow tents. These are the grow tents that are best suited for two plants.

Large tents will require more fans, lights, time, care, and other prerequisites to yield a good crop. Meanwhile, the smallest grow tents need the minimum requirements to have a working and yielding indoor garden. So it naturally is the most satisfying and fulfilling yet most effortless indoor gardening experience for fresh gardeners.

The smallest grow tents are excellent for hydroponic gardening as they create an ideal growing environment. The best size to grow two plants in is a 24″*24″*36″ grow tent.

These grow tents are usually cheaper, reasonably priced, and very good for the optimum environment for the growth of plants. The best part is its easy assembly process. You can set it up in minutes and start gardening right away. No complex setups and work is involved in making a grow tent garden.

Your two plant gardening strategy does not necessarily mean that 24”*24”*36” is best for all kinds of plants you are interested in growing. Size, height, and number play a significant part in the selection of any grow tent. You might have to consider a large grow tent if you intend to plant the plants that grow big in height. Besides the big plants, most floral, vegetables, and other plants will quickly grow in any grow tent. Any of their couples can fit in one of the smallest grow tents.

So the general rule of thumb is that 2x2x3 grow tent is enough for two plants for most of the plantation. But the exact possible number of plants that could fit in a specific grow tent will always vary. Even selection between hydroponic and soil-based systems will affect the potential number of plants in a grow tent without overcrowding.

In hydroponic systems, you can place plants closer as they do not compete against each other for light and water as they do in soil-based systems. To have an optimum crop yield in a soil-based system, you have to provide more space to the plants to acquire needed resources for them to survive.

There is no definite grow size tent for two plants keeping in view the height and resources required. But any pair of general floral and vegetation plants would grow seamlessly in one of the smallest grow tents.


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