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Why Should Petite Women Not Shop in the Kids Department?

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Why Should Petite Women Not Shop in the Kids Department

A shopping dilemma is not uncommon among petite women. Many petite ladies are compelled to go shopping in the kid’s department to find something of their size. A lot of girls are totally fine with going on a shopping spree in this segment of the store. It can make you feel a bit shameful and we will list six reasons why you should stop doing that anymore. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into as of why you should avoid visiting the kid’s section:

1. Avoid the Childish Look

Shopping from the kid’s department will probably make it look that you have bought the clothes from that section. You will be ratted out with an overabundance of vibrant colors or designs. You do not want anyone to give a compliment on a top you have bought for your 14-year-old daughter. People will not take you seriously if you dress like that. Have tailored clothes to have a dignified fashion personality.

2. Forget About Having a Professional Look

You can’t find professional wears in that department, and it comes as a pretty big issue if you want something that looks good on you at work. It might be okay not to have a professional wardrobe, but it is necessary for interviews and offices. It is required to leave a great impression on a potential client. You might be highly qualified and well-mannered, but if your clothes do not speak for you, they will not do any good.

However, you can purchase something of a larger size and tailor it accordingly. It might cost you more but it will provide you with professional clothes. Brands should start having apparels for petite people too. They can mark them or have “Petite Edition” to target the untargeted audience. People can get these custom boxes with clothes of their size to feel valued in this world.

3. Uncomforting Pieces of the Wardrobe

Having a petite body does not mean that you should be treated as a child. Several petite women have large busts and wider hips than others, bringing out their look. Having kids’ clothes on grown women could mess with the transition of their bodies.

4. Zero Referrals

Your outfit might attract attention and get compliments, but you would not be able to answer when they ask where you have brought the dress. Women are more fashionable than men, and they would try to pull off a celebrity look, and it becomes challenging for them knowing that nothing fits their size in their own section. Clothes are an essential part of showing your personality, and they should be worn with the respect they deserve.

5. Putting Own Personality on the Line 

We do not doubt its convenience and many people find it pretty useful shopping in the kid’s section. But are you willing to compromise your personality for convenience? When you shop in that department of the store, do not forget that these clothes are not designed for adults or celebrities but those who like a humanlike sponge. You are not left with many options, and stepping out of it will make you realize your own desires, needs, and personality. Your clothes tell others who you are. You will not find such clothes that will speak about your character in the kid’s department because they were not designed to keep adults in mind.

6. Affordability is a Distant Friend 

Many ladies will try to rationalize the shopping in the kid’s section with the argument that it helps them save money. It is true in a way but clothes for kids wear down quickly. Children grow fast and their size keeps varying, unlike adults. That is why clothes for children are manufactured with cheaper materials. You have to purchase clothes more often. Avoid paying more and more often for kid’s clothes and pay more to have adult clothes for once and all. We would advise you to end this cycle of cheap and fast wearing off clothes.

The Bottom Line

You do not want to be caught in the kid’s department shopping for yourself. It is pretty uncomfortable and expensive to purchase from the junior’s section, no matter what your size is. It would be undignified for an adult woman to be shopping for immature outfits. If you are not finding anything that fits your size in your own department, please do not walk into the kid’s department for the sake of ease. You can do whatever you like to do to a womenswear section because it seems mature, adequate and lasting.

This article mainly emphasizes on six reasons as why you should avoid shopping in the kid’s section to find your true self. You can have tailored clothes to suit your body. We are ears to your fashion ideas or shop recommendations for petite bodies.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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