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Why use a personalized invitation?

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In a world where much of our life takes place in virtual mode, we can easily forget the importance and impact of physical contact. Indeed, nothing could be easier to send invitations than to use an e-mail. But if you care about the success of your event, whatever it is, it is best to use a personalized invitation. Here’s why.

Make sure you are seen and read

If we go back 15 years or so, we will remember that in the past, the most effective way to reach a person was to send them an e-mail. The most resourceful development managers found a way to use this technology and take advantage of it as it was very difficult to reach a person by phone at that time. Today, this mode of communication is overused and sending an email rarely succeeds.

This is why yesterday as today, the use of personalized invitation remains the safest solution to be seen and read by the people to whom we wish to invite to participate in an event. Mailing has become rarer, and therefore, the few letters and other communications which use this mode are generally taken in hand by the person himself or if not by his assistant. Thus, not only will you achieve your goals, but also, you will have found a way to stand out.

For all types of announcements or events

Obviously, as a startup, you will definitely need to market yourself possibly to future clients, but also to potential financiers. Sending them your business launch announcement will surprise them and could make the difference in your favor, as you demonstrate creativity and originality. Indeed, these two qualities are highly sought after by venture capitalists.

Also, do not be afraid to combine technology and physical tools, such as personalized invitations. Indeed, if you are looking to surprise them, why not send them an invitation to a meeting… on Zoom! At a time when it is more and more difficult to meet other business people face to face, such a gesture will draw their attention to your request. This, regardless of the objective of the meeting, whether of an event nature or for a partnership.

The use of personalized invitations is the perfect example of a go-getter leader. In 2021, this is another quality, still in high demand, in the business world.

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