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Women in Tech: How Flexibility Breaks Barriers in the Tech World

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women in tech

Technology continues to surprise us daily. Businesses and enterprises are constantly working on new products, strategies, or methods to simplify daily tasks.

Yet, there is still a gap when it comes to old trends. One major problem is related to gender distribution in tech. The world has advanced, yet we are stuck with redundancy for the professions of IT. Companies are even finding ways to hire offshore software developers that can implement advanced technology. Women are also getting into the tech industry having the development expertise.

However, there are several reasons why women still feel hesitant to get involved in the tech industry. At the same time, it is still growing as an employment opportunity for many. Let us discuss some of these issues and how they can be addressed.

Talk about female role models

You have probably heard of the name Safra Catz. She is one of the top women in tech. Here is why this conversation needs to happen more often. By the majority, tech has been coined as a “field for men.” According to women in technology statistics on, There is one female for every two males in the US tech industry. (2020)

There is a need to educate youngsters more about female technology inventors. Famous women in history include Grace Hopper, Adal Lovelace, and Hedy Lamarr. Ada Lovelace has been known as the world’s first programmer for decades.

The list does not end here. Learning about their achievements, interests, hurdles, and work in the field can be very beneficial. The younger generation should be educated more about female representation in technology.

Another factor is making an active effort so that students are exposed to STEM subjects. This can be done through the curriculum, interactive activities, or organizing educational events. The goal is to make sure that students explore their talents.

Even now, there are so many prominent female figures excelling in tech. An example is Whitney Wolfe Herd, the CEO of Bumble. Gwyne Shotwell is the Ceo at SpaceX. Plus, these ladies are one of the highest-paid women in tech.

The technology and IT industry are transitioning rapidly. There is no doubt that these ladies are striving hard to make a mark

Training and mentorship

According to some studies, remote work has worked in the favor of women who code. Only an experienced female from the tech industry can highlight the good, the bad, and their learning journey. At the same time, it is integral to gain all types of supporters.

Websites such as Gaper have certain online training programs to equip the youth with skills related to software development. The Junior Full-stack program is an example of such an initiative. Such programs can introduce younger individuals into the field of tech.

Businesses must promote an equal ratio of opportunities for hiring female engineers. Public images should revolve around more diversity in the workplace. Again, this encourages more innovation and sharing of varying viewpoints.

In addition, social media has a prominent role to play in creating brand images. Online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter can be utilized to attract more females.

Checking our social media constitutes a significant portion of our day-to-day routines. This especially goes for the younger generation. Thus, marketing can have a massive impact on how job postings are advertised.

Break the stereotypes

Silicon Valley has created a certain kind of image. Most of us are aware of the male-dominated work culture. However, there is a need to change this approach.

There must be an effort made by team leaders or business founders to transform this reputation. It has become highly outdated.

Managers and team leaders should emphasize the importance of creating a safe space for both genders. In the end, it should be about results. When it comes to devising certain strategies, enterprises should ensure that women are part of the discussion.

The phase of hiring is highly flawed. This is because the interviewers have built a specific profile of potential candidates in their minds. “Affinity bias” is quite common amongst companies and business leaders. They hire people they can relate to. This does not make complete sense, because talent should bring something extra to the table.

Engaging female team leaders and chief technology officers is an important step towards the road to success. According to Statista, women make up 47% of the US labor force. Then, why are they being forgotten in tech?


When we talk about addressing the issue of scarcity of the percentage of women coders, serious efforts have to be made from both sides. First of all, companies need to think about how to bring more inclusiveness and dissolve barriers.

Female students should be educated about STEM subjects. Exposure to coding, software development, blockchain, and guidance can help to a considerable extent. The collaboration of businesses with schools as well as universities is necessary. Through these policies, the situation can improve. It will take time, but it is better to start now than never.


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