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WooCommerce Tactics and Plugins to rank the E-Commerce Store

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In the history of WooCommerce, there has been a lot of evolution and with the addition of new features over time the speed, accuracy and safety have created its benchmark.

The current WooCommerce that we use in our day to day life is a lot more advanced than it was before and still progressing every day. With the use of multiple plugins and features, WooCommerce is nowadays developed with more precision which provides various tactics to be taken into consideration while developing the site.

When developing a WooCommerce site from scratch, plugins are considered as best friends for a developer. Using plugins, all the required features can be incorporated into the web pages. This helps to build an effective and attractive website with all the required design and features as per the business requirement.

To attract more customers to the WooCommerce website, one needs to have an effective SEO to provide a good browsing experience to them. WooCommerce SEO helps to build the site in such a way so that the loading of the site on any device and with any speed can be fast with minimum lag. Some of the vital tactics that can be used to optimize WooCommerce SEO are as follows:

1. Logged-in users : One essential aspect of any WooCommerce store is the customers, but first and foremost, the loyal customers. How to recognize a loyal customer? So, if a customer owns an account on your WooCommerce store and buys as a logged-in user, you can consider him loyal. While this may not be true for every customer, it is still more likely that a logged-in user is more loyal than a non-logged-in user. This is exactly the situation where the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro plugin comes into play with the logged-in user rules feature. The plugin features in general significantly speed up and facilitate all your work related to shipping rates. But what is so significant about this plugin is that by installing it, you get access to logged-in user rules that allow you to treat your loyal customers, i.e., logged-in users, in a special way that will set you apart from your competition. This enables you to define and set shipping rules that will later be applied only in the case of purchases made by logged-in users. This is a way for you to reward your loyal customers by having a special shipping rate that is different from the one that applies to purchases made by non-logged-in customers.

 2. Keyword research : when developing a site, WooCommerce SEO should know the keyword that is mostly used in the web pages that is developed. This will be very helpful for the search engines to pull websites into the top search list when this particular keyword is looked at by the customers or users. Suppose a website sells dairy products. Now during development, we should know what keyword is most looked for when the customers are buying dairy products. It can be “milk products” or “dairy items” or something else. Based on this research, the site should be developed using those keywords which shall rank high in searches and hence attract more customers. Some of the most useful keyword search tools are KWFinder and SEMrush. A premium membership for these tools let us run multiple free queries. Tools like Keyword Tool can fetch the required queries automatically for free. In the case of premium membership, one can also get the search volume for the required keyword queries.

3. WordPress SEO settings : before we implement the basic WooCommerce SEO settings, we should implement correct WordPress settings on the pages that are built for the WooCommerse store. A good and effective SEO plugin like Yoast SEO should be installed and proper settings should be done before WooCommerce SEO plugins are installed and set.

4. Item description : Every customer expects the 1st page of the WooCommerce store should be informative to the exact business it is into, pages are attractive, design is good and easy to understand(not clumsy). Same way, each item description has to be to the point and related to that particular product only. It should have sufficient keywords used so that when the desired content is searched on the net, the web page should rank high in the result. WooCommerce SEO should be optimized in such a way as to suggest the required keywords for each item that are sold on the site. Both short and long descriptions should contain the keywords at least once or twice to rank effectively in searches.

5. Unique titles : when a customer searches something on Google or any other search engines, they generally see the title of the site and meta description in the search results. The title and meta description should be written in such a way so that it contains the required keywords and the description should be compact with all the necessary information. Effective WooCommerce SEO provides good guidance while writing website titles and descriptions. Some attractive keywords like free delivery, discounts, weekly offer can be used in the description to attract customers.

6. Website URL : each page should be designed to have a URL that itself explains the product that is being viewed. Suppose a dairy product website has milk products. So it’s better to use a URL like “” rather than “” which is hard to guess from the URL about the item the customer is looking for.

7. Image optimization : this is regarded as a key player for any WooCommerce SEO. The images that are used in a website are generally of high resolution so that it is of high quality and doesn’t blur. But the size is mostly high if a high-resolution image is taken. The SEO plugin that is used should be effective to reduce the size of the image without any loss in pixels. This will eventually reduce the size of the page and eventually will enhance the speed of the page accessed even in the region of slow internet speed. Also, the Alt text of the image should contain keywords so that when those keywords are searched in google images or any other search engines, the images present on the website should come up in the result. Also, the image names provided should be descriptive. Like, instead of using IMG001.jpg, it’s better to use milk_shake.jpg to be easily recognizable.

8. Categories and tags : categories and tags help us to organise the website effectively. It is based on the products that are being sold on the WooCommerce site. Each product comes under a specific category and may have one or more tags attached to it. These also help the customers to identify the items easily based on the category they are looking into and the tags they are searching for. They also help to rank better in search engines based on tag archive pages(pages that list all products with category and tags). Once tags and categories are specified for the products, they are optimized using plugins for WooCommerce SEO plugins.

9. Rich snippets : the data should be structured and schema mark up should be appropriate in the back end so that Google and other search engines can easily understand the content of the web page. Rich snippets add more information in the search page including ratings, number of reviews and price.

10. Add breadcrumbs : breadcrumbs help to know the path of the categories that the product is listed into. It helps the customers to track back along with the category they want to move and also helps to have a pretty good rank on Google. In terms of WooCommerce SEO, it helps the search engines to know the website in a better way.

11. WooCommerce Speed : last but not the least, speed is the key point for any WooCommerce website. All the search engines use the speed of the page as a key factor to rank the site and based on this rank, the website appears in search results for both desktop and mobile devices. WooCommerce SEO should be used effectively to make the page load faster on any platform.

Apart from all these tactics, we should always use the correct plugin for WooCommerce SEO based on the business need and target audience. We cannot rely completely on a freeware plugin if we want to develop a high-end website with multiple features. WooCommerce SEO also has features to preview both mobile and desktop results which can be used to see how the site and search results will look like. These are highly essential features needed during development as they will help to boost the website rank in various search engines.


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