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Wristwatch: 3 Ways to Build a Relationship with Time

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People have been interested in measuring time and this began probably way before the sundial. They are obsessed with these devices because they remind them that their time is limited.

A wristwatch has an extremely positive effect on the wearer’s attitude towards time.  It helps them to be attentive to how they spend their 24 hours.

Men are indeed fascinated by watches and they tend to dive into details about their collection whenever a person shows some interest in them. In fact, some watch lovers can tell you each mechanical and technical intricacies of their watch the same way they do with their cars.

So then here are 3 ways to build a relationship with time using your wristwatch.

A Watch can Prevent Distractions

The only thing you get when you look at your watch is time and nothing else. Even an aviator watch can only give you one or more extra zone. However, that is not the case with your phone. A smartphone gives you a couple of things aside from time. These are Facebook notifications, text messages, and a lot of unread email alerts.

If you’re not careful you may end up watching funny cat videos thus defeating the purpose of checking the time on your phone.

Additionally, watches don’t distract other people. Checking the time on your phone when attending a meeting shows that you’re bored, disrespectful or quite rude. However, that’s not the case when you check the time on your wristwatch.

It’s More Reliable

Whether it’s mechanical or quartz, watches are long-lasting. Most of the ingenious mechanical clockwork technology is older than electricity. This technology doesn’t disappoint like a phone battery.

In fact, some watches are self-powered using a little amount of energy from their battery or motion. This can go on for several years without any maintenance, however, a smartphone has to charge every 8 hours. Indeed this justifies why you need a unique device to track time.

Wristwatches are Functional

The military was the first lot to use watches in the 19th century to synchronize maneuvers during combat. Later divers began using specialized watches while in the depths of the ocean the same as the aviators when high up in the sky.

Other than displaying the time, a complicated watch has additional functionality known as complications which include chronograph and phone phase complications.

Misirun: The Smartwatch Company

Established in November 2017, the internet company offers smartwatches and hardware. These high-quality products are manufactured using professional innovation that leads the trend.

Here are some of the Misirun products:

Fashion Ladies Watches: The IPS HD Large Screen Round Fitness Watches has an IPS HD large screen, 20-day battery life health monitoring, and menstrual period reminder among others.

IPS HD Large Screen Round Fitness Watches

Noise-Canceling Headphones: This includes HD sound quality Bluetooth headset, ABS+PC dustproof wireless headphones and Bluetooth headphones.

HD sound quality Bluetooth headset

The aim of providing these products is to help everyone enjoy the beautiful life that technology brings into this world.

Click here to see other smart wear and health products that Misirun has brought into the market using innovation and technology.


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