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11 Awesome WordPress Themes for 2024



best wordpress themes 2024

Select a top WordPress theme and it should enable you to build a stunning, high-performance, high conversion site. Select something other than a top theme and you could find yourself with a website that, in spite of favorable first results, will not stand the test of time.

The message is this. It’s important to look ahead when you choose a WordPress theme. A promise of great results is not enough. You need to look into the details to ensure the theme you eventually choose is capable of giving you a healthy dose of flexibility. And will enable you to design websites that are engaging and easily maintainable. Otherwise, your website could quickly become outdated which could spell trouble down the road.

With tens of thousands of WordPress themes available on the market. And new ones creating every day, how do you choose which one is not just a good one for you but the best one for you?

We’ve made it (much) easier for you to do exactly that.

This following text summarizes top WordPress themes for 2024. Each is best in its class for one or more reasons, and all are top rated for those very same reasons.

These 11 themes are packed with incredible designs. They either feature or are compatible with intuitive page builders, and they share the following 7 must-have traits:

Page builder options: Every page builder, from WordPress’s own builder to Elementor has its supporters and fans. Select a WordPress theme that features or is compatible with an intuitive page builder and you should be good to go.

User-friendliness: Choosing a theme that features great looking pre-built websites or demos is good. But if it takes more than a minute to find out how to edit the theme on the backend, you should look elsewhere.

Customizability: One of the dangers in using some WordPress themes is that it will take you an excessive amount of time and trouble to build a website design that is above “average”. Each of these awesome WordPress themes in 2024 features demos you can easily customize to get what you want and have a right to expect.

Mobile editing: You can’t afford to have a site not compatible with smartphone screens, laptops, or tablets. Most top WordPress themes offer responsive demos. Just as important, their page builders should offer easy-to-use mobile editing tools.

Design quality: Check out the multipurpose demos that come with a theme before you buy and install it. They should be modern, attractive, and useful, and should not look like they were designed years ago. You should also look for web designs that are exactly right for or reasonably close to your niche.

Support: Even the most advanced web designers need help from time to time. You want to stick with themes that are known to be well-supported by their developers. Support options include video tutorials and user manuals in addition to prompt customer assistance.

Speed: Speed matters. First of all, your WordPress theme and page builders must load quickly. If not, editing your website will quickly become a nightmare. Second, the quick loading must carry over to your website as well. If not, its visitors will quickly desert you.

11 awesome WordPress themes for your website projects

Finding the perfect WordPress theme can at best be a formidable task. Fortunately, the preceding information makes it much easier to narrow our discussion down to the 11 best themes for your website projects.

You’ll find that some are better suited to your current needs than others.

The following outlines their top features, average customer rating, and what users have to say about them to help you find the one that is best for you.

1. UiCore PRO

UiCore PRO emerges as the dedicated WordPress theme tailored for agencies striving to revamp their online presence across multiple websites through a comprehensive annual subscription.

UiCore PRO stands out within the domain of WordPress themes by delivering specific features that elevate web design capabilities and optimize operational workflows for agencies.

The SaaS template exudes elegance, presenting refined design choices, cutting-edge content structures, and immersive special effects, crafting an unmatched user experience. Complemented by a seamless backend interface, users engage in seamless customization devoid of lag or errors, positioning UiCore PRO miles ahead.

Agencies flock to UiCore PRO for a multitude of reasons:

  • Next-Gen Theme Options: Unlock futuristic theme options to sculpt your website effortlessly.
  • Premium Customer Support: Access dedicated customer service, tailored to agency needs, ensuring effective and timely assistance.
  • Unlimited Websites: Build countless sites under one subscription, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.

Embark on the journey with UiCore PRO, where boundless website creation intertwines with unmatched innovation. Seize the reins of your agency’s digital presence today.

Get a Glimpse of the Theme

Key customer insight: “ATM my goTo for nearly any Customer-Site. Great fexability!”

2. BeTheme -Wordpress & WooCommerce Theme

BeTheme is the best WordPress theme for web designers who would prefer to use a single theme to design all their websites.

BeTheme is an all-in-one WordPress theme, page builder, and website manager. It is a powerhouse theme in every respect, and one that will enable you to come up with original and impressive sites for yourself or a varied assortment of clients.

A key feature is its library of more than 700 pre-built websites. As new ones are released monthly it is easy to find a design like that of BeTheme’s modern, tasteful, BeSoftware pre-built website that is noted for its customer-centric features.

BeBuilder, BeTheme’s own page builder is a must-have design tool. It’s super-fast, stable, and user-friendly. You can use it to edit any part of your website including WooCommerce content.

Three more good reasons to give BeTheme a try:

  • Time savings. BeTheme’s pre-built websites are time savers. They are not merely templates; they are complete websites!
  • Ease of use. You don’t have to learn or use CSS or manage a ton of plugins to incorporate sophisticated functionality in a BeTheme site.
  • If you run into trouble, BeTheme’s technical support is right there for you.

Get a Glimpse of the Theme

Rating (average): 4.83 / 5

Key customer insight: “Exceptional theme! The design is modern and versatile, catering perfectly to my website’s needs. The author’s support was outstanding – quick, efficient, and incredibly helpful. A seamless experience from purchase to implementation. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a top-tier theme backed by excellent support.”

3. Avada WordPress Theme

Avada is for web designers and developers looking for a feature-rich and super-flexible all-in-one website building solution.

What its users like best about Avada is it gives them a complete website-building solution with its 83 sparkling pre-built websites and 120+ design elements. But its the live visual builder that really sets it apart and makes it a best-in-class option for 2024.

Take Avada’s Handyman pre-built website for example. Its smooth navigation properties and engaging imagery examples make it an ideal template for a small business or freelancer to create a website that delivers.

Other qualities that have made Avada a fan favorite include:

  • If you can envision it, you can design it.
  • Feature-packed. There is no need to install a bunch of different plugins with Avada. The features you need to get the job done are already there.
  • Fast support. If you have a question or need help, Avada’s support is there for you.

Get a Glimpse of the Theme

Rating (average): 4.78 / 5

Key customer insight: Absolutely outstanding customer support! Better than having a developer – they are so responsive and incredibly helpful. I want them on my team!” 

4. Uncode – Creative & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Uncode is the ideal multiuse WordPress and WooCommerce theme for professional designers and small businesses looking for a go-to solution for their online needs.

Once you start using Uncode you will never want to look at a plugin again. You cannot say that about a lot of multipurpose WordPress themes. You have everything you are ever going to need with Uncode’s selections of 100 demos, 550 premade section wireframes, and 85 content modules at your fingertips.

Whatever you might envision, you’ll have no trouble recreating it with Uncode.

Uncode’s inspirational Shop Classic demo with its smart clothing images and careful attention to detail is illustrative of what makes Uncode a top WordPress theme.

Three more reasons to try Uncode:

  • You can fine-tune an Uncode-built website to any level including the capability of going deep while editing.
  • Uncode code is clean code. Bugs and slow performance are never issues with your websites.
  • Rapid response is the support team’s byword.

Get a Glimpse of the Theme

Rating (average): 4.89 / 5

Key customer insight: I am using Uncode as the basis for all of my creations for clients. It is impressive coding, a fantastic look, and a reactive support team!”

5. Blocksy WooCommerce Theme

Blocksy is hands down the best free WordPress theme on the market for building lightweight, attractive websites.

Blocksy is a free premium WordPress theme. Don’t let its zero cost fool you into thinking you are being offered something on the cheap side. The exact opposite is true. Blocksy is feature-rich and lightning fast, and the sites you design with it will be lightning fast as well. That is a big deal given the importance of SEO these days.

Blocksy-built websites feature outstanding aesthetics. An example of this is Gadgets , with its straightforward layout that can be used as the basis for a high-tech eCommerce website.

It’s so very easy to fall in love with Blocksy. For one thing, since this WordPress theme works with top page builders like WordPress’s Gutenberg, Elementor, and Beaver Builder, editing is never an issue.

3 additional reasons you’ll like working with Blocksy:

  • It’s free (Worth repeating). Although the free version of Blocksy loaded with site-building features, you can always upgrade to premium for even greater power and flexibility.
  • Easy to use. You won’t need a 100-page manual to understand how to edit this theme.
  • Helpful support. Rapid response times and friendly, helpful advice is the norm.

Get a Glimpse of the Theme

Rating (average): 5 / 5

Key customer insight: Power with Excellent Support = Killer Formula, Love Blocksy, but their support is superior to anyone out here. So, keep up the good work!”

6. Rey WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Rey is the best WordPress theme for designing smart, full-featured, and high-converting eCommerce websites.

Rey is a stylish alternative to WooCommerce’s collection of themes. Plus, it’s a great option if you want to avoid having to supply great-looking WordPress themes with the ecommerce features and functionality they might be missing.

Take a glance at the Frankfurt demo and you’ll see how incredible your ecommerce sites can be. The product pages and designs are impressive, and websites built with Rey have a well-earned reputation for converting visitors to customers.

Rey seamlessly integrates with Elementor. If you’re at all familiar with the Elementor page builder plugin, you know how easy it will be for you to customize any Rey demo you select.

Other excellent reasons for making Rey your theme of choice:

  • If you see a layout you like on another ecommerce site, you can recreate it with Rey.
  • eCommerce functionality. You won’t need a ton of plugins to make Rey work like you want it to.
  • Rey’s support team does an excellent job of helping customers with everything from their basic questions to complicated problems.

Get a Glimpse of the Theme

 Rating (average): 4.98 / 5

Key customer insight: “Rey is a great theme. Each of the demos has a memorable style that attracts you at first sight. And all this is equipped with the necessary functionality. Thanks.”

7. Total WordPress Theme

Total offers a perfect solution for web designers and developers looking for the flexibility needed to either be able to create their designs from-scratch or use time-saving templates.

Total is a complete design toolkit from which you can build any type of website you can envision regardless of your web design experience.

You can design from scratch using the WPBakery live customizer. or you can start with a fully editable, professionally designed template like the Olivia Lifestyle Photography example with its excellent layout for a portfolio site.

Total’s variety of demos makes Web design possibilities endless. That’s why it’s nice to have this theme at your fingertips if you’re building websites for multiple clients every year.

Other reasons why Total is one of the best WordPress themes in 2024 include:

  • Out of the box. You won’t need to take the time to research and install plugins. The necessary features are already there.
  • With Total’s dynamic templates and global headers, it’s easy to program your designs for scalability.
  • Well-maintained. Total’s support is first-class, and its users appreciate the regular updates.

Get a Glimpse of the Theme

Rating (average): 4.86 / 5

Key customer insight: I have been using Total for several years now for several (10+) websites. Out of the box it’s already a great theme and very well documented. Some websites required specific functionality and so far, there was nothing I couldn’t provide. If I can’t figure it out myself, support is always willing to help. I don’t need another theme anymore.” 

8. Litho Elementor Theme

Litho is an ideal WordPress theme choice for users looking for a well-built and well-supported theme.

Litho is one of the best WordPress themes you could select for your 2024 projects for a variety of reasons with the level of customer support Litho offers to users being one that really stands out.

It requires lots of talent to make a great theme. Litho takes everything a step further with its customer car and 5-star support. If you have difficulty getting started or hit a bump somewhere along the way, Litho’s fast and friendly customer service is always more than ready to solve your problem.

The level of support provided makes Litho an especially desirable choice for both novice WordPress clients and professional designers. With Litho’s dedicated support behind you, you should not feel limited in any way in your design efforts. Should that happen, help will be there when you need it.

Other reasons why Litho is an excellent choice:

  • The hundreds of templates and a wealth of customization options make it easy to design anything you want.
  • Template quality. Litho’s collection of premade designs are both attractive and inspirational. The Creative Branding Agency demo for example, features a knock-out home page.
  • Elementor integration. Elementor, one of the most popular and user-friendly WordPress page builders, makes editing in Litho a piece of cake.

Get a Glimpse of the Theme

Rating (average): 4.94 / 5

Key customer insight: “Overall, this is an amazing product with more amazing customer service. They are very good at communication, addressing the need and attentively making sure the customer is fully supported wherever they need the assistance. Their product rocks from get go. Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase.” 

9. XStore WooCommerce WordPress Theme

XStore is the best WooCommerce theme for designers and agencies looking to build high-conversion online stores.

XStore is the right choice for you if you’re in the market for a WooCommerce theme that can be uses to build virtually any type of online store. With more than 130 pre-built websites and Coming Soon pages you’ll have no problem at all getting a store up and running quickly

XStore’s Niche Marketplace pre-built website features an easy to work with layout and is loaded with the customer-centric features shoppers love to see. It is an excellent example of what’s in store for you when you check out the online store examples.

XStore comes with an assortment of high-converting features in addition to the usual WooCommerce functionality. Product variation swatches, live viewing counters, shopping cart countdowns, free shipping progress bars, and more are there to help you capture more sales.

Other reasons you for using XStore include:

  • Design quality. XStore’s attractive templates are designed with great user experiences in mind.
  • From the header and footer to languages, currencies, and everything else there are no limits as to what you can customize.
  • Users love their XStore websites’ loading speeds. Even after theme updates the page performances stay stable.

Get a Glimpse of the Theme

 Rating (average): 4.87 / 5

Key customer insight: “If you’re looking for a versatile, beautifully designed, and high-performance WordPress theme, look no further than XStore. You won’t be disappointed!  XStore is hands down the best WordPress theme I’ve ever used.”

10. WoodMart WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Thanks in part to its excellent selection of demos, WoodMart is the best WooCommerce theme for building niche ecommerce website designs.

The WoodMart WooCommerce theme is a top choice if you want to build a niche ecommerce website that will stand out from the competition in every respect.

Pre-built websites are added monthly, and each new pre-built website seems to be the best one yet. An example is the Accessories Online Store demo with its smooth navigability, easy to work with layout, and cool customer-centric features.

Both the demos and templates that are included in the package are easy to customize. You have at your fingertips the options and settings you need to customize your designs the way you want to whether at a global or element level.

If you experience a problem, there is a built-in search feature to help you find the setting you need. The theme documentation is also immensely helpful should you ever be unsure as to what to do next.

Other benefits to using WoodMart to design your online shop include:

  • WoodMart is straightforward to work with. You’ll never feel like you’re drowning in detail.
  • Design quality. While you may choose to use a single demo to design your site, you will also find that Woodmart’s demos and templates can be sources of inspiration.
  • Mobile design. Minimal responsive editing is needed. WoodMart’s templates look awesome on mobile right out of the box.

Get a Glimpse of the Theme

Rating (average): 4.93 / 5

Key customer insight: “A theme could only be this quality, pleasant, practical, professional, wonderful, and tremendous. I don’t know how else to express it. This is truly a work of art designed and programmed with great effort. Some might think I’m exaggerating, but I can clearly say this. It’s the best WordPress theme on ThemeForest, even in the world. Thanks to everyone involved. You are amazing :)”

11. Impeka – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Impeka is the best WordPress theme for those who would rather spend their time creating content than trying to master a theme’s features and functions.

Impeka has a whole host of remarkable things going for it. But what stands out from the rest is how easy it is to use.

Ease of use is not something generally found in a typical multipurpose WordPress theme. Yet, Impeka’s web developers somehow found a way to build a feature-packed and completely customizable theme that does not require a steep learning curve to use it.

The theme’s developers also deserve special consideration for the excellent support they unflinchingly offer to their customers.

Impeka is updated frequently, and pre-built sites like its new and engaging  Corporate demo  are released monthly In addition, the comprehensive support options and instantaneous client support are especially noteworthy.

Other reasons why customers love Impeka:

  • There are endless possibilities as to the many different ways you can use this theme.
  • Design quality. Its clients will tell you that Impeka’s demos are true works of art. (The layout of the demo mentioned above is elegant.)
  • Impeka is incredibly intuitive, and the documentation makes it easy to solve problems on your own.

Get a Glimpse of the Theme

Rating (average): 4.98 / 5

Key customer insight: This is my 2nd copy of IMPEKA. This is honestly one of the most organized, modern, and user-friendly themes I have ever purchased on Envato ( I have purchased over 50 themes throughout the years ). Impeka has become my favorite. I have not even needed to get support yet, as it simply works out of the box with good documentation. Clients love what we are doing with Impeka. Don’t think twice, just purchase and support these developers!”

Are you thinking about trying one of these awesome WordPress themes in 2024?

That will be much more rewarding than trying to sift through thousands of WordPress themes. Stick with these 11 themes and you won’t feel overwhelmed when it’s time to purchase one.

As you have no doubt discovered when going through our list, it’s not difficult to find the best WordPress themes once you know what to look for.

The 11 top themes described above share the following traits they:

  • are compatible with the popular page builder plugins or offer an intuitive editing experience of their own.
  • don’t place limitations on what you can build.
  • are user-friendly.
  • feature quality, customizable pre-built websites/demos designed to make creating websites easier, faster, and more enjoyable.
  • allow for responsive editing so your site will give proper performance on all screens.
  • are fast and stable, and the sites designed with them will be as well.
  • supply prompt customer support on an as-needed basis.

Take one step further and check out this compilation of the best WordPress themes for 2024. And note that each has something to offer that could be of key importance to you.

You don’t have to rush to make your decision.

  • Take whatever time you need to preview each theme and their respective page builder(s) (if they have their own).
  • Preview a sampling of their demos, starters sites, or pre-built websites.

Do the above, and you’ll be in a good position to select the theme that will best suit your needs.

The worst that could happen might be having to make a choice among 2 or 3 of the best!


Bogdan Sandu, a seasoned designer with 15 years of diverse experience, has been designing websites since 2008. He's currently writing about design topics on really cool blogs like this one.

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