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5 Easy Ways Companies Can Prevent Injuries (and Why It’s So Important to Do So)

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It is essential that you take the right steps to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring at the workplace for various reasons.

First and foremost, you will not want an employee, or anyone else on your business premises like a customer, client, or contractor, to be hurt.

But there are other reasons why it is so important to prevent injuries.

Injuries can cost your company financially, cause a loss of productivity, and create a sense of low morale among the workforce.

Depending on the circumstances, it could even ruin your reputation and your business.

Thankfully, there are many easy ways in which you can take steps to prevent injuries from happening.

Here are five.

1. Create a Health and Safety Guide

Every workplace should have a health and safety guide.

In addition to containing legal procedures that must be followed to ensure workers’ safety, the guide should include clear instructions that relate to your specific place of work.

Just as important as writing the guide is ensuring that all employees read it and understand it. You should, therefore, provide in-person health and safety training to accompany the content of your guide.

2. Maintain an Orderly Workplace

When your workers do not actively take steps to maintain an orderly workplace, accidents are more likely to happen.

For instance, if items are left in corridors, people could trip, or if wet floors are not immediately mopped, people could slip and fall.

Workers should always regularly inspect and be on the outlook for things like loose carpeting, broken banisters, lighting that is not working, and so on, and take immediate action whenever an issue is found.

3. Provide Protective Equipment

To help ensure your workers are not injured at the workplace, make sure you always provide them with the necessary protective equipment.

That could be hard hats, goggles, safety shoes, earplugs, gloves, or any other kind of protective gear.

4. Inspect and Maintain All of Your Company Vehicles

Workplace driving accidents cost companies billions of dollars every year, so to prevent injuries and save money, make sure all of your company vehicles are inspected and maintained regularly.

When issues are found, such as repairs that need doing, action should be taken straight away to stop the problems from worsening.

5. Ensure You Have Adequate Levels of Staff

When employees are overworked and stressed, they can end up not paying as much attention and cutting corners.

In turn, that can result in a lack of productivity. It can also cause more accidents to happen.

So, make sure your company always has adequate staffing levels.

Seeking Compensation if You Have Been Injured in the Workplace

Hopefully, you will not be involved in an accident at work. But if you are injured, it can disrupt your ability to work and earn a living. It could also leave you requiring expensive medical care to help you recover from your injuries.

Thankfully, you can pursue compensation to cover such costs by making a personal injury claim.

And if the negligence of an individual or the company you work for caused your accident, filing a lawsuit can help you bring them to account.

Your first step should be to contact an experienced and reputable personal injury lawyer in your local area. For instance, if you are based in Chicago, Zayed Law Offices deal with workplace injuries in the Chicago-area.

Summing Up

Your company can avoid being held liable for workplace injuries by ensuring you follow the above advice.

To recap, you can prevent injuries from occurring by:

  1. Creating a health and safety guide and providing staff training.
  2. Maintaining an orderly workplace.
  3. Providing protective equipment.
  4. Inspecting and maintaining company vehicles.
  5. Ensuring you have adequate levels of staff.

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