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5 Great Tips for a Successful Watch Buying Experience Online

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Do you remember the time when all you had to do to buy a gift or anything for yourself or someone else is to go and visit a physical store? Today, however, buying items is as simple as clicking the “Add to Cart” button and completing checkouts on online shops. And one of the most popular products bought online are luxury watches. From limited edition timepieces to pre-loved items, you have access to a variety of brands and models.

But for a first-timer or someone used to shopping at physical stores, it can be an overwhelming experience trying to get your hands on a manual wind watch or something else. Although intimidating at first, you can still find yourself having an enjoyable and successful online shopping experience, so here are some tips for you!

1. Do your research

Be it luxury or pre-loved, buying timepieces online requires you to conduct research. Regardless of whether it’s your first or fifth purchase, gaining knowledge of the different makes and models available today can help protect you from becoming a victim of fraud. While there are plenty of legit online shops existing, there is still a possibility of you buying from a shop that has replaced original parts with non-genuine ones. But this wouldn’t occur if you had done your research. Get all the information you need for that timepiece you’re interested in buying.

Aside from checking the price and seeing if it matches your style, you should also check out which online stores are selling that particular watch. Find out various factors that help verify its authenticity. Take a look at the images and details of the products, and see what customers have been saying about the brand, as well as reviews of these websites.

2. Find out more about the classics

Although you may have a particular brand and model in mind, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at the classics. Classic pieces such as a Patek Philippe Calatrava, a Rolex Submariner, and others became icons because they look good with anything and everything you could wear. From casual wear to suits, these classic watches wouldn’t look out of place.

One thing to note is that these classics can also be very expensive with all the hype and demand for them. These could go for thousands of dollars when you browse through the collections of online retailers. But don’t give up just yet! Despite the high price tag, you may still be able to snag yourself one of these classics. You may not be able to buy it now, but soon, you can from trustworthy online shops that offer original products at their actual retail price. You can continue to save money enough to match the price it’s offered at. And who knows, there may be promos and discounts.

3. Get your hands on the original papers

When it comes to buying a watch, you want to make sure that what you receive is a real one. Regardless if it’s brand new or not, always check that it comes to your delivery address with the corresponding original papers. Along with the original box that the watch came in, the papers are important as it shows the item’s model and serial number. At times, information such as the buyer and seller details, as well as the purchase date may be included in the papers, too.

If you have any intentions of selling it at a later time, full sets with the box and all its papers make it more desirable and have a higher chance of being purchased faster. Like you, other people want to ensure the item’s authenticity, and the papers could help prove that.

4. Check not only the price but any hidden buying cost

When buying something nice for yourself or someone else, it’s a must to check the price, and the same goes with shopping for timepieces online. Although it’s tempting to buy from a shop offering the lowest price available, the item may have physical damage or mechanical issues. It’s also possible that it’s a fake product, or worse, stolen. Hence, it’s highly advisable to only transact with online retailers with positive reviews, which you can find online.

Aside from the price, there’s also the shipping fee that may or may not be added to the checkout price. That’s because some shops offer free shipping for orders over $300 or more but may be limited to several states. If it’s free, then all you have to mind is tracking the delivery. But if it’s not free, the fee can be high, especially if it involves international shipping. And if it is, there’s also the matter of customs duties and taxes included in the bill by their countries.

5. Study all of the movements, features, and complications

When shopping for wristwatches, your research would involve knowing the different types of movements and complications. There are three primary movement types, which are manual, automatic, and quartz. The manual involves manually winding the watch for it to function. On the other hand, an automatic watch is similar to manual wind watches but different because it winds itself when the person wearing it moves. The third movement, quartz, uses a battery for the product to work.

And while watches originally existed to tell time, numerous complications or features are added for them to have more than one function. The day-date complication is one of the most basic features of many timepieces today. As the name suggests, it helps tell wearers about the month’s date and day. The moon phase complication works by showing the illuminated portion of the moon. The chronograph complication, on the other hand, is considered a handy feature as it works like a stopwatch – measuring the elapsed time. There are plenty more complications you will encounter as you do your online research, visit physical and online stores, and more.

Key Takeaways

Whether it’s your first purchase or the fifth watch, purchasing from an online store requires research and careful consideration. Be it the make and model or the online shop you’re planning to buy it from, ensure that you’re buying an authentic piece from a trusted shop to get the best value for money. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have a successful online shopping experience!


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