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5 practical tips to choose an ideal office for the startup

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When you are looking for an office space for a startup, a multitude of factors influencing the search for an appropriatebusiness environment can make it seem intimidating. You need to meet the current needs of your startup whilelooking into the future, ensuring that no matter where you are, it would be cost-effective, have a positive team spirit, and properly represent the image of your brand.

Of course, new trends have contributed to the established format of offline work, and now remote work seems to be amore natural and simple option. However, with seemingly many advantages, not everyone likes this format. Accordingto various estimates, from 25 to 52% of remote employees dream of returning to the office, because offline work hasundeniable advantages, such as:

  • a clear and understandable start and end time of the working day;
  • an equipped workplace;
  • fewer distractions;
  • constant communication to prevent burnout;
  • and of course, all office bonuses, in the form of game consoles, a library, and a gym.

So in case you think this option is for you and are starting to search for office space, consider these 5 suggestions tohelp you decide when choosing a commercial office for a startup.

1. Select your location carefully

The first thought that should come to your mind when choosing an office should be about its location, and howcustomers will find it. According to the National Association of Realtors office occupancy rates rose to 84% in metrosareas, so take into account office accessibility.

Also, ensure that your space is associated by clients and customers with the right details, and an attractiveenvironment is another factor that can significantly influence the decision-making procedure – try to find a space inwhich there is a lot of natural light.

If you want employees to be more loyal to you as an employer, it is best to choose an office space and a place whereyou can quickly get to – alternatively, They may make a decision to look for another place to work. Not all of youremployees and especially customers are willing to spend one and a half to two hours on the road or park a car threeblocks from the office.

In case you plan to launch several offices worldwide, mind that according to real estate experts, the most expensivecities for office rent are the following:

  • Hong Kong;
  • Tokyo;
  • Paris;
  • London;

You may look for a workspace for rent in Denmark or try to use the lokaler til leje search query to get more preciseresults.

2. Find your golden mean

For many new businesses, the new office budget will not be huge. Nevertheless, there are plenty of simple andefficient strategies that you can employ to get the maximum out of your limited space, but the main priority, for sure, isto focus on ensuring that your team has a place to work efficiently.

If you are moving to a new office, increasing its area will undoubtedly become one of your main tasks, particularlywhen it comes to providing your company with growth opportunities.

Look into the future of your enterprise and select an office area for a startup that can be appropriate for a big team orscale over time, just like your startup enterprise. Lokalebasen can offer plenty of options to choose from.

3. Study the prices

The key point you need to focus on while choosing an office for rent in Copenhagen is if the price is appropriate foryou and your business. It may seem evident, but it is critical to have confidence that you are not straining too muchwhen renting.

Make sure that the increase in office space does not slow down the growth of your business in other spheres due toonerous rental payments.

Take into account any hidden expenses associated with the new office, like car parking, web access, or any otherextra payments that may arise.

It is best to settle all extra expenses before signing the lease to ensure you are confident that you have chosen a trulyinexpensive alternative.

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4. Remember the company culture

A new space for your startup will be of great importance for the development of the corporate culture that youprobably will be attempting to introduce in your company.

Keeping this in mind, while looking for your new office space on Lokalebasen, ensure that there should be enoughroom in your office for break times and any relevant group activities, and to leave a good impression on all customerswho visit you.

The proportion of personal, meeting, and public spaces, as well as their functional purpose and design, provide anextra way to show and support the organization’s culture. Furthermore, the office promotes the benefits of theemployer’s brand. The presence of a massage room and sleep capsules, for example, demonstrates the company’sconcern for its employees and evidence of comfortable workplace conditions.

5. Explore accessibility

From communal amenities to fast and inexpensive web access, it is extremely necessary to pay attention to what youcan access in the new office.

You must allow access to your staff to any basic amenities, but before choosing a new office, other factors must betaken into account.

Having enough parking spaces will be especially important if you invite customers to visit your office regularly, and itmay be worth considering whether your area should be accessible to people with disabilities, whether employees orcustomers.

From the question of the area of the future space to the problems of corporate culture – you have something toconsider before making an investment in an office for your startup. By finding an option that meets all yourrequirements and needs of your business, be sure that you have provided fertile ground for the growth of your newbusiness.


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