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5 Ways to Build a Push Notification Marketing Strategy

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Ways to Build a Push Notification Marketing Strategy

Push notifications are literally becoming very common for all users either someone is having a computer, smartphone or smartwatch as well. Because it’s not an obligation for the user to know about the push notification or sender before receiving it. Here if you are using an internet connection on your device then you will keep on receiving these push notifications from the apps that you have already installed on your mobile device.

However, despite having such an interactive platform which is providing you a superior ability of direct personal interaction with your audience, some of the marketing experts still fail to achieve the desired results.

Thus, today I am going to provide you the five best ways for developing your push notifications marketing strategy which will certainly help you in growing your business:

1. Carefully Plan Opt-ins Option for your Users:

This is how the react native push notification exactly works where you can’t deliver push notifications until and unless the user has subscribed for them from your mobile app. Here very fortunately, your android app users by default subscribe for these push notifications when they install your app on their personal devices. But again the iOS app developers don’t get this liberty as they are required to manually ask from every single user whenever they install an app on their mobile phones.

Now it will not be easy to get opt-ins and moreover, it is a bit complex to retain your existing subscribers with your mobile application. For retaining subscribers with your app, you need a strong plan of action that will not just only attract your users to opt-in but also encourages them to stay subscribed.

2. Behaviour Based Notifications:

Here simply you can trigger your users by tracking their in-app behaviors regarding these react native push notifications for getting corresponding responses. Now the behavior-based triggering is obviously crucial but it certainly provides you the benefit of sending automatic notifications instead of doing these manually.

But you also need to be extra cautious for avoiding these alerts getting insanely frequent. Apart from that, these push notification alerts are one sided in nature which usually surprise your users. Further, when you are planning your behavioral based notifications then make sure you are only focusing on remarketing as well as achieving your app engagement goals. This is because the behaviour based notifications are not that much effective when you need to send informational push notifications alerts.

Further in the same regard, there are approx 49% of the overall application users who have admitted that they prefer behavior based alerts as these push notification alerts cause them to use an application more.

Behaviour Based Notifications

3. Plan GeoFencing Push Notifications:

Apart from planning behaviour based notifications, further you will be required to plan your location based react native push notifications. Although these geofencing push notifications are not suitable for all types of businesses yet if you find that these location based notifications suit your business then immediately go for it.

Earlier it was believed that these notifications can only be used when you have physical locations of your business at distant places. But the truth is that even if a business doesn’t have any physical establishments at distant places still they are eligible to utilize these location based push notifications for getting maximum user engagements. So use these push notifications now and get desired results.

4. Push Notifications at Suitable Time:

When you send these react native push notifications on your users devices then you certainly aim at increasing app engagements and encouraging users conversations as well. So, here the time factor matters a lot because when you untimely launch these push notifications on your users device then most of them just don’t interact as they simply see, ignore and clear out these from their screen without opening it.

Thus, it is clear that notifications sent on wrong timings are never beneficial as they are not capable enough of triggering your users which could result in productive actions. This means you certainly need to plan your push notifications according to perfect time and as per perfect frequency as well.

5. Based On Perfect Research:

Here you need to plan your react native push notifications strategy based on proper market research. Now the proper market research will increase the relevance of push notifications sent by you on your users device which ensure maximum engagements.

Now the best way of implementing your marketing research approaches in terms of push notifications is to segment your audience in various categories such as segmentation based on different time zones, based on their previous buying behavior, based on their location, based on their browsing history and many more. So, categorize your audience into various segments and productively launch push notifications on their mobile devices.


So here we have provided you the five influential ways which you can adopt while planning your push notifications marketing strategy. Thus use these productive ways for making your push notifications strategy successful and  grow your business well.

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