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6 Tips to create high converting landing pages

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converting landing pages

Do you want to capture more targeted leads? What about your website landing pages?

A landing page is a self-contained web page which is specially designed to convert visitors into leads. If your website landing page is designed like a pro, then you can see a good strike in the conversion rate.

Many people think that designing a landing page is rocket science, but actually, it’s not a cakewalk. There are certain elements of website development by considering which you can create a successful landing page that converts. To get awesome web design, many organizations hire the best web development agency without breaking the banks.

If you follow the right approach to design a website landing page, then you can build a system that will appeal to and speak to the audience even in your absence. Now without any further discussions, let’s look at some tips to design an excellent landing page for your website.

Tips for creating awesome website landing page

Let’s get started….

1- Understand your audience needs

Your visitors will make the plan to take action only if they find something interesting and useful for them. Probably they want to pay for something they aren’t looking for. It’s the same as if you are showcasing shoes to the people who want to buy clothes.

Thus, if you want your landing page to work, you need to understand your audience’s pain points. By focusing on their needs, you can offer them the right solutions that they actually need. Consequently, your customers will start believing in you and will come back again, which will further increase the conversion rate optimization.

2- Keep your design clean and simple

Have you ever realized that their landing page design look can have a huge impact on your business productivity? If your landing page is cluttered with a lot of content and visuals, then visitors will probably get confused and will redirect to another site.

So, if you want your visitors to convert, it is vital for you to add only important elements to your website landing page. Always use smart colors and appealing images. Prefer using dark colors like blue, red, green for buttons as it will surely increase landing page conversions. Remember, clear design is better productivity.

3- Add short form

The landing page without a form looks incomplete. Isn’t it? But do you know that a single firm can actually make or break your landing page?

Many marketers prefer creating a long-form to gather more and more information from the audience. But actually, it’s not the case: the longer the form, the fewer the conversions. People do not prefer spending much time filing the form; rather, they want quick and right solutions that can help them to achieve their goals.

4- Create a trustworthy identity

Whenever you design a landing page, try to include trust signals into it by showcasing to them you offer excellent services and have a reliable brand. Many organizations use statistics, display social proof in the form of customers, testimonials, etc. Besides all these ways, you can also use badges, trust marks, certifications, etc. It will give ideas to the audience that they are working with a reputed company.

Once you give your customers more confidence in your brand, it will become easy for you to move them down the funnel. Thus, make sure your landing page keeps the visitors focused on your offer.

5- Make it mobile-friendly

Another thing that you need to look at while creating an appealing landing page is its mobile-friendliness. As per the analysis, it is found that 30% of the people use mobile devices to access the website visitors. So, if it’s not mobile-friendly, then you will surely lose conversions.

Thus, when you create your site, don’t miss checking out the guidelines to create a mobile-friendly website. Make sure it’s easy to navigate, ultra double-clickable, fast loading, and clear.

 6- Test its effectiveness

If you don’t want to leave a bad impression on your visitors, then make sure you test your landing page before making it live. By tracking your page, you will get an idea about which element of your page is working effectively and which needs to be improved.

Always remember- “A bug in the hand is worth two in the box.” Thus, make sure you test your landing page with full concentration to get the final output extraordinary.

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The Final say

Many people think that creating a landing page is a fuss. But if you keep a few things in mind, then you can easily create a landing page that converts. Hopefully, all the points added above will help you in achieving your goals and make your marketing efforts more measurable.

So, what are you thinking about? Go ahead and produce a landing page that people might be interested in.

Still, if you need any advice or want to add some additional points to the above checklist, feel free to share in the section below.


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