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6 Tips to Turn a Pessimistic Attitude into a Happier Life

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Pessimistic attitude

Do you know someone with a pessimistic personality? Has their negativity really helped them? Pessimistic people tend to use sardonic humor to hide their insecurities. This is their coping mechanism, especially when they don’t want to move to unchartered waters. As a result, such individuals never realize their dreams and aspirations due to the fear of the unknown.

On the other hand, optimistic persons have good mental and physical health, which contributes to wellbeing. They are able to accomplish their goals and address anything that seems to threaten their outlook.

Well, not everyone is able to look at the bright side of life and enjoy the benefits of a positive outlook. However, you can turn your pessimistic attitude regardless of what you are going through in order to enjoy a happier life. Here are the tips that can help you.

Reject Negative Words

How do you view yourself in comparison to your colleagues, friends, or family members? Every person is unique and irreplaceable. However, don’t use words such as never and always on yourself. For instance, “I always fail,” “I never do,” “I never get,” etc.

The habit of referring to yourself using negative words glues pessimism firmly in your mind. So instead of negative words such as never and always rephrase them with more positive ones. This is because you might be dramatizing and making false statements about yourself. You need to remind yourself that such generalized statements hinder you from reaching the stars.

Other negative thoughts that reduce positivity are overgeneralizing, personalizing, catastrophizing, filtering positive aspects, splitting, or all-or-nothing thinking.

Avoid Negative Friends

Surrounding yourself with optimistic people will help you achieve your goals. On the other hand, negative people will kill your dreams and aspirations through their pessimistic comments, and soon you will join them in the same chorus of negativity.

While it’s not entirely possible to escape people who display pessimistic attitudes, it doesn’t mean you hang out with people who only see the negative in every situation.

Instead, look for people who are always optimistic or see the bright side of life at all times. Again don’t look for those who bury their heads in the sand yet smiling but people who have a positive outlook and take realistic risks in order to achieve appropriate goals in life.

Learn from Past Bad Experiences

Holding a grudge is one way of hanging on the past bad experiences. However, every person has had a negative experience or was hurt by another person at some point in life. Worse still, very close people might be the source of your negative experiences, such as parents, spouse, siblings, children, friends, and more.

So instead of allowing that negative experience to ruin your entire life, face the demon and learn from it. Further, don’t allow past bad experiences to affect your present and future life.

Focus on the Positive

Have you ever invited someone for a picnic, walk, or cycling, and all they think about is the dangers you will encounter? Their pessimistic attitude invokes negative scenarios, and if allowed, they can ruin a good day or trip.

Still, such individuals miss several opportunities, such as spending time with others, because they come up with stories to excuse themselves from such events.

On the other hand, convincing yourself that the experience will be a positive one gives you a chance to meet new great friends and people with infectious laughter. Therefore having an optimistic view helps you to see the potential of possibilities rather than rotten experiences.

Choose Happiness

Deciding to be happy is one of the many choices you have in life. You have to make things happen in your life by choosing to do things that bring joy.

You can achieve this through small steps such as planning to do what brings joy to your heart every day. Doing things for others is one way of making the world a better place rather than cowering behind pessimistic walls. For instance, you can choose to volunteer in retirement or a hospital, give a hard-working server a larger tip, and compliment your family, colleague, friend, or even a stranger.

Further, don’t wear the wrong optimistic attitude in order to look good in front of us. For instance, don’t offer to drive others home after having a few glasses of wine. This is not the kind of optimistic thinking we are talking about here. In such a time, a small dose of pessimism can greatly help you and others.

Still, never allow yourself to be covered by a cloud of pessimism, and to some extent, you can seek counselling to overcome it, especially when it’s founded on a past negative experience.

Practice Gratitude

There are many reasons to be grateful, but a pessimistic outlook may be hindering you from seeing them. However, practicing gratitude can greatly help restore the needed balance.

Why not spend a bigger part of your day thinking about some of the good things in your life. Next, go a notch higher and share them with a family member or friend. Actually, writing these things down in a gratitude journal either manually or digitally can leave you feeling grateful.

Further, you may attach this with day-to-day activity. For instance, practice gratitude while commuting to work, reading a book before bed, or having your morning coffee.

Keep Up Healthy Routines

It’s easier to maintain optimism when you feel good both mentally and physically. You can attain this by eating healthy foods, exercising, getting adequate sleep, drinking plenty of water, meditating, engaging in a hobby, or even spending time with your friends.

The goal is to start your day with a positive morning routine and maintain a realistic attitude the entire day.


A pessimistic attitude can paralyze you and hinder you from making progress. A negative outlook may arise as a result of what others did to you in the past. However, maintaining such a pattern of thinking can ruin your present and future.

So, instead of nurturing negative thoughts about yourself, or others, surround yourself with optimistic friends, choose happiness, and maintain healthy routines.

Jean-Pierre is a polyglot communication specialist, freelance journalist, and writer for with over two decades of experience in media and public relations. He creates engaging content, manages communication campaigns, and attends conferences to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. He brings his wealth of experience and expertise to provide insightful analysis and engaging content for's audience.

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