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9 Awesome Content Marketing Tactics for Driving Traffic to Personal Finance Websites

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Content marketing for financial service websites

Companies have successfully used content marketing for many years. For instance, do you recall the famous Michelin Guide that offered French motorists suggestions on interesting destinations? This brand engaged in content marketing for over 100 years.

Modern content marketing has dramatically evolved and gone beyond print to videos, blogs, emails, social media, infographics, etc. Actually, many financial institutions are using blogs to reach their target audience and build brand awareness; however, the results hoped for rarely materialize.

To succeed in content marketing, every business must have a plan, and so are businesses in financial sectors such as financial services, fintech, and banking.

The post will explore 9 tactics you can use to create compelling content marketing campaigns for personal finance websites.

Create Detailed Personas for Your Brand

A good content marketing campaign is founded on detailed personas. Business personas refer to a fictional profile of what an ideal customer would look like. There are many ways of getting details of such a profile, such as industry insights, research, and customer feedback.

These avenues help you to get their pain points, challenges, goals, media consumption, social channels, job title, and age range, among others.

The next step is to create content based on the key personas’ interests, challenges, and needs. Definitely, the content offers the audience the guidance and information they are interested in, and that can influence their buying decisions but not what you as a content creator want to tell. In the end, the company will attract the right prospects for its products and services,

Inbound Marketing

Good content draws readers to your website organically. It moves them through various lifecycle phases, such as from strangers to visitors to leads to customers and finally to brand ambassadors. Therefore a finance sector content creator should generate high-class content for each stage in order to support their journey from awareness to consideration and eventually decision.

Once you gain a customer, you have to retain them in your business. So you have to generate content for post-conversion, thus encourage brand loyalty and advocacy.

The internet has various tools that you can use to drive traffic, leads generation, and revenue growth. Therefore, build your content around a focus area and have clustered content feeding into it. Having an easy-to-navigate website will help your readers find relevant content that can trigger their engagement with your sales team.

Create Valuable Content

SEO, social media marketing, and guest posting are some of the primary ways of reaching your key personas, driving them to your website, and engaging them. Prospects that come across your content on the search engine, social media platforms, or through other avenues should immediately recognize its value. That means it should meet their needs or address their challenges.

Actually, an authoritative and helpful content marketing material should give your prospects more details about their problem, possible solutions, and how your business offers those solutions.

Feed All Readiness-to-Buy Stages

A buyer’s journey has several stages, and your content marketing efforts should focus on each of them separately.

Therefore have a huge content marketing plan for the entire buyer’s journey and content to feed each stage. That means that each phase should have a different content tone, different levels of information, and the type of content used. Here is how you can structure the content at each stage.

Awareness Stage: Use free videos, checklists, eBooks, and blogs.

Consideration Stage: Use advanced tools such as webinars, reports, case studies, white papers, and product specs.

Decision Stage: Demos, free trials, pricing details, proof of concepts, and vendor or product comparisons.

Information should be readily available at each stage and at the right times. This will help your visitor to move down the funnel and become a customer.

Have a Go-to Leader

People find the fintech and financial services industry a bit complex because some of them involve long-term investment, cutting-edge technology, and offers high-value services. However, having a resource person can shorten the buyers’ decision-making process. The thought leader is the source of insight and can significantly build your brand credibility, influence social following, improve domain authority and boost website traffic.

You can achieve that by making your resources and brand a trusted source of advice, information, and financial solutions.

Link Building to Enhance Domain Authority

Domain authority helps to boost SEO and brand reputation. Here is a good link-building strategy that you can use to improve your content marketing efforts.

Backlinks: Get backlinks from reputable sites with high domain authority. This will boost your Google rankings.

Guest blogging: Publishing content on highly reputable blogging sites increases your content visibility, reach, and backlinks for your social media platforms and website. This is because these companies have an already established and qualified audience who trust them.

Use Paid Campaigns

Generally, SEO-friendly content can reach a wider audience but for a longer period because the B2B world is rapidly changing, and the buyer’s journey is long.

However, a content marketing strategy that incorporates paid activities can get in front of the right people faster and supports your growth.

You can create paid campaigns via Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, or Sponsored LinkedIn posts to improve your audience targeting and amplify your content.

Generate SEO-friendly Content

As a personal finance website, your goal should be to feed website traffic, email engagement, and social channels. However, your aim shouldn’t be to create loads of content but to ensure your content is SEO-friendly because the information that is not visible and searchable by the target audience is a missed opportunity.

This is how you can do it.

  • Keyword strategy
  • Image Optimization
  • On-page optimization
  • Page speed
  • Page tags and meta descriptions
  • Accuracy
  • Quality of links

Video Content Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is growing at a rapid speed across all industries. Video is more relevant than any other form of content marketing because it has a higher engagement rate, visual appeal and helps the viewers retain more information than when they read it. Actually, viewers retain up to 95% of the content compared to 10% of those that read the same message.

This is because there are different ways of using video content like:

  • Demo videos
  • Live broadcast
  • About us videos,
  • Brand storytelling
  • How-to tutorials
  • Exclusive content videos
  • Business news announcements
  • Quick-win videos and more


The article has given you 9 tactics to boost your content marketing efforts and drive more traffic to your personal finance website. These tried and tested will help generate more leads, create brand awareness and increase conversions as long as you keep the target audience or key personas ahead of everything.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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