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9 Ways to Unclog Your Bathtub

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The most practical way to remove clogs from a bathtub drain is using a cup plunger to push the clogs out. Remove the stopper and strainer in your bathtub, fill the tub with water, and plunge strongly and constantly until the clogs come out of the drain.

There are many efficient means of unclogging bathtub blockages. You may even unclog some tiny tub problems by tidying up the stopper or strainer. For deep, challenging clogs, yet, we, Frisco, Texas, plumbers, suggest using a cup plunger. It is a method our specialists follow to remove clogged bathtubs. These are the nine steps to unclog your bathtub.

  1. Get what you need to unclog the bathtub.

To unclog the bathtub drain, you will require each of the following tools:

  • A cup or a bucket (for water)
  • A screwdriver
  • Rubber gloves
  • Old rags or towel
  • A cup plunger

We also advise wearing these before you start working:

  • Protective eyewear
  • Rubber boots
  • Plastic clothing or apron you do not mind getting soaked in water
  1. Release any stagnant water

If there is any stagnant water in your bathtub, empty it before you start unclogging it. Use a bucket or cup to eliminate the standing water and pour it down a nearby drain.

  1. Get rid of the stopper or strainer.

Most bathtub drains have stoppers or strainers to prevent hair and other debris from falling down the drain. To unclog the bathtub drain well, you will have to remove the stopper or strainer. You may remove the stopper yourself, but most strainers are attached to the drain hole with one screw. Unfasten the screw to remove the strainer straight out of the drain.

  1. Add a few inches of hot water to the tub.

If your bathtub does not drain after getting rid of the strainer, there are clogs in your drain. Before you start to unclog the bathtub drain, use the bathtub faucet to add extra inches of hot water to the bathtub. Add ample hot water that you dip the heat of the cup plunger you will use when you position it over the drain. This hot water will help develop the pressure and suction needed to pull the blockage out of the bathtub drain.

NOTE: plunging a bathtub is a messy method. You may dirty yourself with the debris during the process. We suggest wearing protective eyewear, plastic boots, and plastic clothing or apron before working on it.

  1. Utilize a cup plunger on the bathtub drain.

Cup plungers are the standard plungers you probably imagine when you think of plungers. Ensure the plunger you utilize does not have a flange and can fit comfortably on the flat surface of the bathtub surrounding the drain.

Set the head of the cup plunger underneath the water and over the bathtub drain to create a snug seal. Keep the cup plunger at a 90-degree angle to the drain. Utilize the handles to push the head plunger down, and force back up, so the head of the cup plunger resets into its original shape. Repeat the process fast and repair it from 10-15 pumps, or about 30 seconds.

  1. Use a Dry or Wet Vacuum

A dry or wet vacuum does what the name suggests- it cleans both liquids and dry dirt and dust. These tools are often used to suck water waste from clogged drains, specifically if the clog is high up.

Before you start, form a seal over the plughole to stop creating a mess. An old plunger set over the hole could also work well. Place the dry or wet vacuum to the liquid setting with the strongest suction, and put it over the top of the plughole. Turn on the vacuum and leave it for 1-2 minutes. Turn it off and see if the water runs gently and if the sink was unclogged.

  1. Augers, Millipede, and Snakes

Although millipedes and snakes are sold in hardware stores, it is possible to puncture or damage your pipes if accomplished incorrectly. If you are a plumbing beginner, we suggest hiring an expert plumber to snake more severe clogs that could not be fixed with the processes previously stated.

  1. Inspect for debris displacement.

After doing the 10 to 15 pumps, break the seal you have formed over the drain by forcing the plunger out. If you successfully break up the blockage, you should see debris and dirty water rising out of the drain when you pull the plunger. The force you use with the cup plunger is meant to pull the blockage in your bathtub and out of the drain, rather than breaking it up or forcing it through.

  1. Repeat the process 2-3 times as needed.

After breaking the seal and allowing the debris to clear, the water in your bathtub should begin flushing normally. If it does not, you have not cleared the clogs out yet. Repeat the entire process 2 to 3 times until you have seen good results. If you try many times and cannot seem to tidy up the clogs, it is time to call a professional plumber.

Following this method should help you remove all but the most challenging bathtub clogs. If plunging does not work for you, try utilizing baking soda and vinegar or reaching inside the drain with a claw tool or plunger’s snake. If nothing works, you could have a larger issue than a simple blockage.

Do not worry if you have tried many processes and still cannot remove clogs well from your bathtub drain; we have the solutions! Call Lex’s Plumbing for your plumbing services. Our professional plumbers will figure out what is wrong with your plumbing system and ensure it will work again in no time.


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