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A Full Guide to Repair Corrupted MP4 Video Files

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MP4 is one of the most popular formats used in downloading videos on the internet. But it’s not uncommon to encounter corrupt MP4 videos that play with glitches or refuse to play. Honestly, it can be very annoying, especially if the video contains relevant information or cherished memories.

If you have a corrupt MP4 video file(s) that you wish to repair but don’t know how to go about it, don’t panic. The good news is there are various techniques you can use to fix corrupted MP4 without requiring any technical knowledge. Read this article to find out more.

Part 1. The Reasons Why My MP4 Videos Corrupted

Before we dive into the techniques to repair corrupt MP4 video files, let’s quickly take a look at some of the common reasons why MP4 videos usually get corrupted. Below are the top reasons why MP4 videos get corrupted.

  • Virus or malware attack
  • Poor internet connection
  • Interruption during the download or transfer process.
  • In complete download of the media file.
  • Sudden camera shut down during the video shoot.
  • Error reading data.

Part 2. How to Repair Corrupted MP4 Video Files?

Now you know what might have caused your MP4 files to get corrupted, let’s dive into the techniques to repair MP4 files within a few clicks.

Method 1. Use Wondershare Repairit Video Repair


Our first and most recommended method to fix MP4 video is by using the powerful Wondershare Repairit Video Repair software. The tool boasts comprehensive features that can be employed by users with any level of experience to repair damaged videos quickly and easily.

repairit video repair

With Repairit, you’ll get access to a wide range of tools that enable you to repair damaged or broken videos on Windows or Mac computers regardless of the corruption scenario. Besides, unlike regular video repair software, Repairit has a seamlessly integrated user interface, making it easy to navigate for any user, including a tech-illiterate.


Key Features


  • Repair damaged videos with all levels of corruption, including video not playing, video no sound, out-of-sync video or audio, playback errors, etc.
  • Repair corrupted videos in 15+ various formats, including MP4, MOV, M2TS, MPEG, and lots more.
  • Repair damaged or corrupted videos caused by video compression, system crash, video format change, etc.
  • Repair HD and 4K videos without any complications.
  • Supports advanced video repair to fix badly damaged videos.
  • Support Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and macOS 10.10 ~ macOS 13.


Here is how to use Wondershare Repairit to fix corrupt MP4 video file(s)


Step 1. Install the latest version of the Repairit Video Repair software on your Mac or PC.


Step 2. Launch the installed software and select Video Repair from the top left side. Then, use the Add button to upload the MP4 video file(s) that you wish to repair.

Sans titre 6

Step 3. Once you’ve successfully uploaded the corrupt MP4 video files, click the Repair button at the bottom right corner.


repair videos 

Step 4. Wait for Repairit to complete the video repair process. Afterward, preview the repaired video to confirm it has been fixed.

preview repaired video

Step 5. If the output meets up with your requirements, click the Save button and choose a path to save the video on your PC.

save repaired video

The above steps are reliable for fixing videos that are not badly damaged. But if your video is badly damaged, then you need to use the Repairit Video Repair advanced repair option. To do that, you need to do the following;


Advanced Repair


Step 1. Click Advanced Repair.

click advanced repair

Step 2. Click the Folder icon from the pop-up that appears on your screen to add a sample file. A sample file is a file created with the same device and the same format as the corrupted video.

add sample video

Step 3. Once you upload the sample file, the tool will automatically check if your video is perfect for an advanced repair.

check sample file

Step 4. Now, click Repair button and wait for Repairit Video Repair to do its job. This usually takes a few minutes to complete.

Save the video after you finish.
Step 5. Save the video after you finish.

Method 2. Fix Corrupted Video Files Online for Free

If you don’t intend to use third-party software to fix damaged videos, you can employ an online tool like Wondershare Repairit Online. This is another effective to from the Wondershare tech team that is tested and trusted by millions of users globally.

Unlike regular online video repair tools, Repairit Online supports many excellent features that facilitate easy video repair operations. It allows you to perform automatic video repair, repair videos in different formats, and do lots more. All it takes is just a few clicks.

Key Features


  • Fully automatic video repair.
  • Repair damaged videos on any device, including mobile devices.
  • It supports customers repair 150 videos per month and supports each video of 3GB online.
  • Security enough: files are transferred via a 2048-bit encrypted connection and deleted after 3 hours.


How to use Repairit Online to Repair Corrupt MP4 Video Files


Step 1. Open Repairit Online Video Repair in your browser. Click the Add button to upload the corrupt video file(s) you wish to repair.


upload video

 Step 2: Once you upload the video, click on the Upload Sample Video button next to it.

upload sample video

 Step 3. After the Sample Video is uploaded, click Repair to begin the process.

repair video

Step 4: Finally, download the repaired video to your device.

Part 3. Important Tips to Avoid MP4 Video Corruption Again

The above MP4 video repair techniques are 100% effective and recommended by tech experts. But despite that, there are important things you can do to prevent your video file from getting corrupted in the future. This includes the following;


  • Always ensure to back up your video before making any changes.
  • Have more than one backup of your video files. You could use USB, DVD, cloud storage, CD, etc. This enables you to always have alternatives when one back to storage gets compromised.
  • Always ensure that you have a stable internet connection when trying to download MP4 videos.
  • Update your system’s antivirus to protect it from viruses or malware attacks.
  • Ensure you have a stable electrical connection when downloading a video.



Videos have undeniably become an important part of our lives, be it for entertainment, work, or education. But just like other data, they’re done to corruption.

The guide above has covered every possible way to repair corrupted MP4 video files quickly and easily without requiring advanced knowledge. Just make sure you follow the steps for any of the methods you intend to use carefully and implement them correctly.




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