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Amazon to discontinue Prime Now delivery app and redirect users to its main app

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Amazon announced today that it is planning to shut down its Prime Now delivery app and move subscribers to its main app and website. The ultrafast shopping experience is now finding a new home on the company’s website and app.

Following this announcement, the two-hour delivery options standalone app that has attracted millions of members was moved to the main app in Japan, India, and Singapore. It will also direct its users to other countries via pop-up and then retire the Prime Now app before the end of the year.

Prime Now was launched in 2014 to deliver supplies within hours to Prime users in a few cities. Later these services were expanded to more than 5000 locations globally. With the ultrafast delivery app, customers could purchase everyday essentials goods, high-quality groceries, toys, gifts, and more from local stores and Amazon.

Since 2019, customers in the US have been accessing the two-hour delivery options from the Amazon site and app. But it will now move the third-party partners and local stores such as Monoprix in Paris, Morrisons in Leeds, New York City’s Union Square Wines & Spirits, and Bartell Drugs – a pharmacy chain in Seattle.

Stephenie Landry, the vice president of grocery at Amazon, said that the company is shutting down this app to “make this experience even more seamless for customers.”

Earlier this year, the company announced that it will discontinue its Amazon Pantry service and avail its groceries and household goods through its main website. Other changes were rebranding its Go Grocery brand to Amazon Fresh.

These are geared towards consolidating and simplifying its growing list of grocery delivery services. They will also allow Amazon’s customers to shop all of its products in a single, convenient location, meaning that online buyers can add their  next day delivery Sydney in the delivery search bar and receive their order in a matter of hours.

Therefore, the Prime Now subscription service users will still choose the two-hour delivery on essentials as well as other goods from the company website and app, namely Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods.

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