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Best Corporate Gifting Ideas for Employees and Clients

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corporate gifting ideas

One of the finest ways to connect with the employees and clients is to provide them with gifts. When gifts are presented to an employee or a client, it is known as a corporate gifting. Employees are the backbone of any company or institution. It is always good to appreciate the employees to restore a healthy relationship and work environment.

Employees already undergo a lot of stress and are under constant pressure from heavy workloads. In such cases, corporate gifting to the employees can work significantly to make the work experience enjoyable again. It is important however, to make sure the gifts are meaningful and to research great corporate gift ideas.

Also, employees are not the only ones who are gifted in a corporate gifting. The clients of the companies or institutions can also receive corporate gifting. There can be many purposes. However, the main purpose is to impose a sense of loyalty and promote a good name of the company. Satisfied clients are more likely to recommend the company in their circle as well. This will result in the increase in the potential user base. Additionally, the companies can promote and establish their own branding with the corporate gifting as well. This will create a proper brand name and increase the brand value among the employees and clients, as well as their family members.

Many companies provide periodic corporate gifting. These usually come in the format of ‘worker of the month/week’, or ‘star of the month/week’, and so on. Moreover, corporate gifting is also popular on occasions, national holiday events, New Year, office tours, sales meet, and so on. One of the most popular times of the year for corporate gifting is the holiday season, as it is an opportunity to reflect on a successful year. So, to properly celebrate it with your employees, you can consider purchasing bulk Christmas gifts to distribute to your team members to boost morale at the end of the year.

However, there are many ways in which corporate gifting can be done. Different employees and clients may feel satisfied with different types of gifts. It is impossible to zone in to a single type of corporate gift that can be given to anybody. There are many factors that should be taken into account before proceeding with corporate gifting. This includes budget, place, occasion, and the person who is being gifted.

Top Ideas of Corporate Gifting For Clients and Employees

Even if there are numerous ways in which corporate gifting can be done, there are some top options. Many conventional and new corporate gifts have been found to be great hits among the employees and clients. Following them can help in keeping the clients and customers fully satisfied with their gifts.

Some of the best corporate gifting ideas for employees and clients are given below-

Joining Kits or Welcome Kits for Employees

One of the best corporate gifting ideas is to provide joining kits or welcome kits to the new employees. This type of gift helps the employees to start their journey in the company with a happy mood. Additionally, you can gift your employees with items that have the brand logo, design, or stickers printed in them. For conveying a more meaningful or personal message, you can even design your own stickers and have them printed in the kits. Every new employee will surely enjoy such customized welcome kits.

Combo Gifts kits during Sales Event or Company Anniversaries

These are also promotional ways of corporate gifting that can be given to the employees as well as clients. There are occasions and anniversaries in every company and institution. During such festive periods, such combo gift kits including the company logo and brand can be gifted. Apart from employees getting various brand printed accessories, clients can also be given such logo printed combo gift kits.

Notebooks & Diaries Combination

For many occasions, and especially New Year, diaries are one of the best corporate gifting ideas that can be given to employees and clients. Year diaries are considered to be valuable gifts by many people. Also, notebooks can be a great corporate gift for documentation loving people. Additionally, combo gifts containing both notebooks and diaries can also make a great corporate gift.

Organisers & Executive Planners

For most office executives and even for normal people, organizing and planning are very important. Some people like to actively keep a track of their plans and goals with planners and organisers. For employees, this can be very important. Thus, executive planners and organisers can be valuable corporate gifts to many employees.

Desktop Items

Desktop items can give great aesthetic value to a desk. Since most office employees work at their desk, having desktop items can make the place look significantly better. Also, clients can also be gifted with desktop items to increase the aesthetic value of their desk or tables in home. These can include paper weights, pen holders, trophy-styled cases, artefacts, and so on. Table clocks can be a good corporate gift for desktop items as well.

Flasks, Bottles, & Sippers

For employees and even clients, it is essential to stay hydrated, especially during long workloads. As a result, useful corporate gifts such as sippers, bottles, and flasks can be very helpful. Also, these fluid containers are available in different shapes and sizes. The colours of the containers can vary too. Even logo printed fluid containers are good ideas as corporate gifts.

Cups & Mugs

Another great idea for corporate gifting is cups and mugs. Many people consider cups and mugs as a great gift. Even for clients and employees, many of them prefer to start their morning with a refreshing tea or coffee drink. Having cups and mugs and gifts can be very satisfying. Also, custom printing is available on mugs or cups, where the company logo can be branded.

Wrist Watches & Wall Clocks

You will make no mistake if you choose to visit your preferred jewelry shop to buy all kinds of different watches. Be it a wrist watch or a wall clock, they can be used as gifts as well as promote branding of the company. Wall clocks and wrist watches are both heavily used products that will be useful to the clients and employees. Even digital wall clocks and table clocks can be a great gift in this category.


For employees, apparels can be extremely appealing as gifts. As for corporate gifting, many types of apparels can be chosen. The best thing about apparels is the variety and customisation options. Apparel gifts include pullovers, jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, and so on. Apparels are an excellent corporate gift choice for promotional events. These clothes can be customized with printing the company logo on them too. The only thing that you need to make sure is the style. Don’t gift anything too old or out of fashion. Make sure you are buying your people something that is in trend and adds to their personality. For an instance if we talk about Jackets, heated jackets are in trend these days that you can gift to you employees and clients as well. GAMMA from Wear Graphene is one of the best heated jackets that we recommend. One great thing about GAMMA is that it is made with Graphene material and can be worn anytime of the year. It can be used as a summer jacket, can save you from extreme cold in winter and it can also become lightweight waterproof jacket in rainy season as well. We are sure that you’ll be always remembered for gifting this amazing jacket.

Tech Products

Technical products which are closely related with the work are great options for corporate gifting too. These gadgets or devices may help the employee work in a better way. Also, certain tech products can help in increasing the employee’s overall efficiency and performance. These tech products can be great gifts to maintain the work-power of the company intact.

Bags & Carry Pouches

Carry pouches for carrying certain items or bags are also great ideas for corporate gifts. Employees and clients often need to carry a lot of things for work purposes. It can be hard to carry everything with your hands. In such cases, company branded bags and carry pouches can be a saviour. Also, brand promotion can be easily done with such gifts. Customized high quality bags are also available.

Audio Devices

Audio devices are more of a personal gift than a professional one. However, it has been seen that audio devices such as Bluetooth speakers or portable mini speakers have been a great hit as corporate gifts. Employees often want to enjoy their private time by listening to their favourite music in speakers. Also, Bluetooth audio devices can be very handy as professional tools.

Power Banks

Power banks are extremely essential tools with modern gadgets running with electric power. Everyone uses mobile phones and other gadgets that run on electricity by charging the batteries. With power banks, employees and clients can always stay on power with emergency power backup. Power banks are great as corporate gifts, especially in tech companies.

Fitness & Health Products

It is also important for the employees to take good care of their personal health. With extreme work, health can easily degrade. With fitness and health products such as smart gadgets and nutrition drinks, it is possible to maintain a good standard of health. Smart gadgets can help in keeping track of the vitals, while nutrition drinks can provide energy and reduce physical exhaustion.

Sweets & Chocolates

Chocolates and sweets are universal gifts that are adored by everyone. While such gifts can be considered to be personal gifts, these gifts are equally hit as corporate gifts. In fact, many new corporate gifting ideas consist of gifting premium chocolates and sweet items and dishes to the employees. Even clients are gifted with such delicacies during sales and promotional events. When a deal is sealed with a client, sweets and chocolates are an excellent corporate gifting choice. Such gifts make everyone forget their problems for a while and enjoy the moment.

Home Utility Items

Another great corporate gifting idea is gifting home utility items. These can be anything. From utensils that can help in the kitchen, to modern glassware, that can be used for treating guests. Even crockery and cookware are great options as home utility items that can be given out as corporate gifts. These items mainly impact the employee’s and client’s family. However, they provide a strong impact and generate a feel-good factor among the workers.

Retail Voucher & Gift Cards

The final corporate gifting ideas for employees and clients mentioned in this list is gift cards and retail vouchers. Everyone loves shopping, as it helps in giving a sense of joy. On company events and occasions, employees can be gifted with gift cards and retail vouchers of some branded shops, malls, or items. These will help them to shop with considerable discounts. On sale events or upon completion of a deal, the same can be provided for the clients too.

Final Words

All of these are great corporate gifting ideas that can be used for giving a little joy to the employees. This can significantly improve the work culture as well as improve the company reputation. With clients, corporate gifting can help in brand promotion and expansion. It is always a good idea to try and maintain good relationships with the employees and clients, as they will ultimately help in the expansion of the company.


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