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Best Extensions for Recruiters

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best extensions for recruiters

Technology in the 21st century has made life easier for us when compared to our predecessors. Part of what we have made simpler is the way we work and communicate.

As a recruiter, there are tools available to assist with your job. And in this article, we will look at some extensions you must try out. The list of extensions we will explore includes:

  • Streak
  • SignalHire
  • HelloTalent
  • Grammarly
  • Boomerang for Gmail
  • Buffer
  • Sideways Dictionary
  • Ultidash
  • LastPass


Ever thought how easier it would be to gather recruitment data and work from one place? Well, with Streak, that has become a reality. Streak allows you to monitor the recruitment stage from start to finish. You can engage with prospects, save documents (notes and resumes) and keep track of candidates during the recruitment process.

Streak also allows you to share all information with colleagues, keeping them up to date with the recruitment process. Did we mention you can do all this from your Gmail account? We didn’t, so now you know. Streak comes in the free version and paid version. The paid version starts from $15 per month.


Recruiters have to do a lot of digging when looking for prospects. Souring the internet to find the best talent isn’t an easy task especially, regarding contact information. SignalHire is your best bet. The SignalHire free extension allows you to track personal phone numbers and up-to-date email addresses. Which is relevant information you need to kick start contact with a prospect.

What makes SignalHire stand out is its low bounce rate. Meaning you don’t get banned by email providers for sending emails to invalid addresses, which is why it’s worth trying. SignalHire offers five free credits to users on a free plan and also offers a paid plan. With its price starting from $39 monthly when billed annually.


It can be rough gathering names of prospects all over the web and trying to sort them out on an excel file or as a list on most CRM software. HelloTalent helps take care of this problem. HelloTalent extension allows you to store prospects’ information on its platform, but it goes beyond bringing out contact information.

You can communicate from the software, share the prospect information to get feedback from other team members, add comments to each prospect profile, and rate them. It’s a CRM designed to build a relationship with prospects. HelloTalent has a free version with limited access to its feature and a paid plan starting from $70 per month.


Grammarly is a writing tool that helps edit your work for spelling, grammatical and syntax errors. There is usually a lot of writing done as a recruiter. Examples are reports written for management or emails sent to prospects. And whenever you send out a document from your computer, you want to make sure that there are no typos in your writings.

It’s easy to appear careless to management or, worse off, incompetent to a prospect when errors exist in your writing. Grammarly is a must-have extension.

Boomerang for Gmail

Keeping track of emails that you have to write, reply and follow up can be tiring. Boomerang comes in handle here. It is an extension that works with your Gmail account. You can schedule your emails by writing them immediately but give boomerang a time and date to send them even if you forget. It also has a neat feature where you can set it to remind you to follow up on emails.

Boomerang has an inbuilt calendar that helps with scheduling and works superbly across all email platforms. A recently added feature help determine how likely the recipient will reply to your email by measuring it with its boomerang score. In all, it’s a convenient tool to have if you have to keep tabs on a lot of emails. Boomerang is free to download and use.


As a recruiter, it is crucial to have a presence on all social media platforms (If not all, at least most). But it can be time-consuming to go to each social media platform to post your content and engage with potential candidates. An excellent solution to this is using buffer extension.

It helps you manage all your social media activity by allowing you to post on all platforms at once, helps you to sort through comments and engage with pressing ones first, and even shows data analytics like click rates to help plan better. It’s a handy tool if, as a recruiter, you double as a marketer for your company. The buffer is ideal for small businesses. It has a free plan and, its paid plan is a $60 fee charged annually.

Sideways Dictionary

In your search for prospects, you may have to contact individuals in the tech sector and may need a hand with some of their technical terms. You may say you can ask “Bob,” the I.T. guy in your office, but what happens when Bob and others aren’t available. Would you stop working? Of course not.

This scenario is where the sideway dictionary comes in. It uses familiar or everyday situations or instances to explain technical terms. This extension facilitates your conversation with any prospect in the tech field. Sideways Dictionary is free to download and use.


The internet is very helpful in aiding us to complete our tasks, but there is something else the internet gave us. That is distractions. It’s easy to tell yourself you are going for a quick break on YouTube, and 30 minutes later, you are still strolling through videos, telling yourself this is the last one.

It can be challenging staying focused on our work, and that’s where Ultidash comes in. It has a to-do list feature that helps you manage your task, a website blocker that helps to block sites so you can concentrate. And a time tracker so you can time yourself when you set a timeframe to achieve your goals.


This extension is a must-have. Can you keep track of how many websites you created a username and password and then disappear for months? Only to come back and forget what your password was initially. Or you may have a lot of applications and websites you sign into daily and have a hard time keeping up with all those passwords.

If you can relate to any of the scenarios, then  LastPass is the solution for you. Its free version automatically stores all your passwords in one place, sync with your other devices, and can auto-generate passwords. It has a free plan and a paid plan which starts from $3 per month.

In conclusion, these extensions help you make your job easier, and they offer a fast and efficient way of working. Installing and using them does not take your time, and if you don’t enjoy any of the extensions, you can also easily uninstall them. In short, you have nothing to lose trying some or all of them. We hope some or all do come in useful to you.

Final Thoughts

Being a recruiter is hard enough. However, leveraging powerful tools to achieve more and better results in a shorter time is the way to do it. It’s your responsibility to choose those Chrome extensions that fit your needs and duties best. Go ahead and start trying them today!

Download a few of them and watch as they improve your workflow.


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