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Detailed Guide to Know Best Things to Do in Ladakh!

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What are the most popular Ladakh activities? If you are also in a bind or aren’t sure about the most exciting activities in Ladakh, you should continue reading until the final page.

Let’s explore this great area at an altitude of 3,000m above sea level. Let’s create a chronological guide on how to go about your day while exploring in Leh-Ladakh. Let’s be Leh’ed!

  1. Stay Local in Ladakh to Feel Like a Local

If you want to see the actual colours of Ladakh, don’t waste your time gazing about. When you arrive in this area globally, you must first settle at a local homestay or lodge. There are many opportunities to enjoy the luxurious amenities at the luxurious hotels of Ladakh; however, staying in the local homestays will enable you to experience a greater view of the daily life of the locals.

These homes are a great way to be with local families and hosts and learn about their customs and culture as well as engage with them, eat with them, and become acquainted with their daily lives.

The best hospitality and the most generous are two more reasons not to consider other options but instead visit an authentic homestay. When planning your trip, you’ve provided plenty of homestays that you can check into and start the first on your checklist of top activities to enjoy in Ladakh on your Ladakh tour.

  1. Joining Daily Prayers at Thiksey Monastery Can Help You Find Peace

Peace, tranquillity, divinity, and mental peacefulness are only a few of the key reasons why wanderlusts is Leh’defied! If you’re also looking for tranquillity or being a part of the divine, it is essential to get up early to the prayers of Thiksey monastery in Ladakh.

This is the location in the Ladakh region where you can relax your mornings and brighten your day with God’s blessings. Participate in the morning services in Thiksey Monastery; you would experience a special spirituality and devotion through each note of the sutras (prayers) that holy monks chant in this monastery.

In addition, the drum beats and the calming melodies of the bulges can be enough to bring peace and tranquillity to your soul and mind!

  1. Visit Shanti Stupa and Contribute Towards World Peace

Every action we take could have an impact on peace in the world! This Shanti Stupa in Ladakh is a universal reminder that no matter our identity or what we’re like, the human race is all searching for peace and love. If you are also an avid follower of peace and love, there might not be a better spot to go in Ladakh, and it is the Shanti Stupa!

Set on top of a picturesque hill situated in Chanspa, the Japanese Buddhist Organisation built the white-coloured dome to promote World Peace alongside the completion of more than two years of Buddhism. A visit to this peace pillar will make you consider how to make the world a better one to be a part of!

  1. Discover History by Touring Leh Palace

Why do we go on vacation? to explore the unknown or find the undiscovered? Although many would agree with this, one of the primary reasons we travel is to be connected with the rest of the world. While you are in Ladakh, visiting the magnificent Leh Palace will help you to connect with the grandeur of the past in Ladakh.

Also known as ‘Lhachen Palakhar, This 17th-century palace is filled with clues to the past of Ladakh. Each floor of the 9-storey palace is filled with stories to tell. Go and discover this magnificent old-fashioned palace to travel back in time and learn more about the glorious past of Ladakh!

  1. Feel the Cold-Water Splashes While Rafting in Zanskar

Although Zanskar Valley is one of the planet’s lesser-known areas, thrill-seekers should ensure they take a bite of this enchanting valley when exploring the most exciting activities to enjoy in Ladakh! While making its way through the rocky valley, the equally fierce and gurgling Zanskar River offers a variety of rapids, ranging in grade from Grade-I up to Grade-IV.

If you’re in the market for that adrenaline rush you’ve been missing, You shouldn’t be slouching about instead of heading to Fotu La Pass (at an elevation of 14,000 feet).

Beginning from this high pass, you can take on the various rapids of the Zanskar River and then raft until that Zanskar connects with that of the Indus River. In this course, you will be rafting over several more difficult rapids and gaining plenty of chances to experience the desired adrenaline rush!

  1. Check Your Endurance – Indulge in Chadar Trek

Sometimes, we hear stories about Shaolin temple monks who claimed to walk across the surface of the lake. While many have probably witnessed or heard of such thrilling tales, The list of captivating activities to enjoy in Ladakh is sure to make you walk on water!

Is it difficult to believe? You should go to this wonderland in January or February, when the Zanskar River transforms into a frozen corpse.

At this time, you can walk across the frozen river and indulge all your desires of being on the water’s surface. It is regarded as one of the most difficult walks on earth; it will test your endurance and push you to your limits.


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