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Bikini Bodybuilding Poses & How To Wow Competition Judges

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The number of bodybuilding competitions available to women is increasing with the sport’s growing popularity among female competitors.  No matter the category you select – figure, physique, or bikini – becoming stage-ready requires a lot of work.  

Stage presence is another crucial component that can make all the difference between winning and losing, in addition to weightlifting in the gym and maintaining the right nutrition.  It takes a lot of practice to show off your body in necessary poses, which will boost your confidence and your chances of winning.   

In women’s bodybuilding, the bikini division is the most popular division. Compared to the other categories that call for less muscle bulk and definition, this one is significantly less severe and most of the new athletes participate in this.  

The importance of bikini poses

Posing is an essential part of the bikini competition. It’s not only about showing off your physique to the judges, it’s also about showing them your stage presence. Your pose’s self-assurance, grace, and elegance might have a big influence on your score. It is also imperative that you practice and master your poses well in advance of the competition day. This entails maintaining proper posture, highlighting your best features, and getting the angles just right. Remember that the judges evaluate not only your physical attributes but also your entire presentation, in which your posing plays a big role.


Here are some basics of bikini competition posing to get you going.

  1. The walk – It all comes down to showing elegance and confidence when walking the stage. Take a straight stand at the beginning, exposing your back and shoulder width with your hips front and shoulders back. In your bikini competition heels, concentrate on moving with elegance and fluidity while taking little, careful steps. 

It’s crucial to maintain your bikini front posture by keeping your eyes forward. Also, use the music’s rhythm to guide your motions by paying attention to it. Finally, remember to grin when striking your bikini poses! Having a happy, upbeat look and attitude will really help your walk shine.


  1. Bikini Posing Selections – It’s important to strike the correct pose for your competition. Choose poses that accentuate your best features while keeping in mind your body type. The front, right, and back bikini poses are a few common variations. When you practice your bikini front and rear poses, be mindful of your body placement and angles. Keep your voice light but engaging, and refrain from pushing or overdoing it. Recall that the idea is to appear confident and graceful, so start slowly and don’t be scared to try out various positions.
  • Front Pose – The first pose is the front pose, and there are two versions of this pose.  Either by standing straight in front of the judges, your feet pointed front, one leg extended to the side, and your hand resting on your hip.  A backup for this can be you face the judges with your upper body while standing with your legs apart and your feet facing sideways.  This pose is a great method to accentuate your well-developed quads and hamstrings if you have a tiny waist.  
  • Right Side Pose – You would then move to the right-side posture from the front pose.  Take your right foot forward and then rotate your body a quarter of a turn. To be able to see the judges, you should turn your upper body. With your left hand resting on your hip, your right arm should be comfortably resting on your thigh. Keep your right hip slightly raised and your left foot, which is (the one that is farthest away from the judges) on its toe.  


  • Back Pose – When they tell you, you shift to the back pose. Now, you need to turn a bit more so your back faces the audience & judges. Put your hands on your legs, and keep your arms relaxed. Don’t push your lower back or stick out your glutes too much. The judges want to see your whole back, not just your glutes. How do you do it? Stand up straight, and don’t lean forward. Keep your feet a bit apart, like your shoulders, and bend your knees just a tiny bit.

What do you need to wear while performing your stage walk?

In a bikini competition, the style and look of your micro bikini competition suit matter a lot for getting more points from the judges. The micro bikini competition suit you choose should match your skin color and show off your curves nicely. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the accessories you wear. A lot of people think the more you wear, the merrier you will look on stage. But that’s not the case when you are participating in a bikini competition. You can though wear jewelry such as bracelets, shoes, & earrings to complete the overall look. Remember, it’s important to pick accessories that add to the overall look without being too much. If you are planning to compete, you need to choose accessories that make them stand out without taking attention away from the micro bikini competition suit and your stage performance. Always think about how the outfit can help you shine among the other contestants.

Doing well in a bikini competition means doing things right, having great micro bikini competition suits and heels, and striking the right poses. 

Getting ready before going on stage is really important, and successful competitors make sure they know everything they need to. Even though getting ready for a bikini competition can be a lot of work, it’s worth it when you see the results of staying fit and practicing how to pose. 

If you’re dedicated, determined, and committed to a healthy lifestyle, you can definitely get the perfect bikini body. Now that you understand why posing for bikini competitions isn’t something to be scared of, but a chance to proudly show off your hard work.

Good luck, ladies!    

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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