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The Perks of Blog Monetization via a Guest Posting Service

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You’ve worked hard on your blog. You’ve built a loyal audience that eagerly engages with your content. And you really enjoy what you are doing.

But what’s next? Can your blog give you something more than just sharing your expertise and communicating with people?

Well, it sure thing can!

It would be an underestimation to say it’s worth nothing to run a blog. You put your time, effort, and knowledge into it. And that should pay off.

You may hear numerous pieces of advice on monetization here and there. But we want to share one of the most beneficial blog monetization options with you. And this is guest posting.

So, without further ado, let’s see how you can get paid to your site quickly and easily.

What is a guest posting?

Before jumping straight to monetization, let’s check some main definitions.

A guest post is a post that is placed on a third-party website.

Yes, it’s that simple. So, instead of placing a blog post on your source, you do it on another site. But how has it to deal with monetization?

Well, to earn money, you have to turn it all upside down. This way, you have to become the source that accepts guest posts from fellow bloggers or marketers.

This strategy can work perfectly for both bloggers and business owners who run blogs on their sites.

So, what action do you need to take to earn the income?

guest posting

Blog monetization via a guest posting service

When it comes to blog monetization via guest posting, it’s hard to name an easier method. A guest blogging service can ease and speed up the process for you.

Basically, you will expose your blog or site in front of hundreds of users, ready to place content on your side. You only need to proceed as a publisher.

Who is a publisher?

Let’s see how becoming a publisher helps your blog monetization.

A publisher is a person who is eligible to post guest content on a blog or site. When publishing content, a publisher can support dofollow or nofollow links in the content.

When you get this role on a guest posting service, you agree to publish third-party blog posts on your source. In return, you set a price for this. It’s the gain you get in the end.

How does the process look like?

The whole process is not too complicated. Follow these instructions to guaranteedly monetize your site.

  1. Register as a publisher on a guest posting service.
  2. Then go to the “My platforms” section and press the “Add site” button. Agree to the Terms & Conditions. And that’s where the magic starts.
  3. After this, pick how to proceed. You can add either one site or a list of sites. Remember that adding multiple sites increases your monetization chances.
  4. If you choose to continue with a site, type or paste its URL and press the “Update” button. Then you see a new page where you can add all the information about your site and, of course, state how much you will charge.
  5. If you choose to proceed with a list of sites, do the following actions. Add sites’ URLs each from a new line. Then click the “Next” button. Your sites will be sent to moderation. You will be able to check the results in the My Platforms section.

What’s great about the process is that you can add an unlimited amount of sites if you choose the “List of sites” option. Then the first 100 will become available to accept tasks. As soon as you confirm you are a trustworthy publisher, more sites will become available.

You can see your site’s progress thanks to five statuses:

  • Pending Specification – this means you need to provide more information about your site. You can do this by pressing the “Edit” button,
  • Pending Moderation – in this status, the site is awaiting verification for site requirements compliance that the guest posting service has,
  • Approved – this status means your site is visible and ready to get tasks from buyers,
  • Rejected – your sites appear here if they don’t meet the quality requirements,
  • On hold – that’s where your sites go when you surpass the 100 sites’ limit.

As soon as your sites are approved and active, they become visible in the inventory. That means fellow bloggers and marketers can give you tasks for content placement, and you can monetize your site.

What does simplify blog monetization?

To earn via blog, you don’t have to be a site owner. Yes, you’ve heard it right!

There are two roles to choose from: a contributor and a site owner. By default, every publisher who adds the site(s) continues in the contributor’s role.

Yet, there’s always an opportunity to switch to the site owner status. You can do this easily by pressing the “Contributor” sign and verifying your ownership.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. By downloading a file and adding it to your website root directory.
  2. By including a special code in the source code anywhere on the main page of your website.

Of course, the site owner status gives your fuller control over the sites you add. Nevertheless, both roles are efficient when it comes to blog monetization.

You still are able to accept tasks from the buyers you like and decide on what content to publish on your site(s). And, sure thing, you can always access your income by clicking the “Balance” sign.

simplify blog monetization

Does guest posting provide other perks?

So, what can guest posting offer except for blog monetization?

Well, it’s an opportunity to grow your blog steadily and consistently. This way, you will receive content that is qualitative and relevant to your niche. That can lead to some improvements.

As Hubspot study puts it, companies that regularly publish articles on their blog have 55% higher traffic and 494% more indexed pages compared to companies without a blog. Accordingly, the more content you have, the more indexed pages you’ll have.

That ensures search engines know your site better. So, you get more chances to be ranked for certain users’ queries.

Besides, the content quality stays among the most vital of Google’s ranking factors. As you grow your site with helpful articles and do it regularly, Google assumes you as a credible source. Once again, this positively influences your positions on SERP.

On top of this, you can gladden your readers with more top-class posts. Articles from other authors can give a new point of view on some topic. Or your readers may find new helpful features of products they enjoy, etc.


Regardless of either, you are a site or a blog owner, you can monetize it.

Getting extra income is great. You can re-invest that money, improve your site, or allocate for other company’s needs. But will it be awesome to receive even more than just income?

We bet your answer is yes. Then, choose site or blog monetization via guest posting. You will not earn more but also grow the blog with quality content & improve positions on SERP.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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