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TOP 105 Niche Sites to Submit a Guest Post for Free in 2021



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Note : Finding guest posting opportunity is quite a tedious plus, a lot of webmasters won’t accept guest posts, or they charge heavy dollars to allow you to be their guest blogger. If you want a guest post that can be published today for a client at reasonable rates on, please reach us via our Write For US page. You can also subscribe to one of our membership plans to get the lowest rates.


Content marketing is the most powerful way to increase the visibility of businesses online. That being said, Search engine optimization is a powerful practice followed worldwide to achieve that. As an SEO geek, you will always want or wish to get backlinks or mentioned from high authority websites. Guest post for free is a common practice that is followed to achieve growth via search engines. Free guest posts can take time to get published.

As a beginner guest blogger or a new webmaster, finding free guest post opportunities is a nightmare. In this blog, we are going to share niche wise guest post opportunities which you can use to become a guest blogger at no cost.

The above list of websites for guest blogging has been created after verifying all the pages and websites that accept guest posts for free. The metrics mentioned for all the websites are correct up to an approximation and tools like Moz, similarweb and Alexa have been used to study their data and traffic details.

Summary of the Niches

Adsy – Guest Posting Service

Digital marketing (1-16)

Finance blogs (17-26)

Travel & tourism blogs (27-34)

Health blogs (35-44)

Food blogs (45-54)

Lifestyle blogs (55-60)

News website (61-65)

Family blogs (66-75)

Education blogs (76-85)

Entrepreneurship blogs (86-93)

Technology blogs (94-105)


Adsy – Guest Posting Service

adsy guest posting service

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Digital Marketing Free Guest Post

Digital marketing

If you are willing to grow into a digital marketing niche, then connecting to other digital marketing niche bloggers or websites as their guest blogger will be an amazing opportunity.

This practice can help you get high-quality backlinks for businesses like SAAS, IAAS, PASS, etc., and grow them online. Let’s find some cool websites which allow guest post for free.

  1. Mashable

Mashable is a highly Reputed place to publish your guest post for free but you won’t get approved until your content is worth publishing. Mashable is the top source of news in digital media, social, tech, and web culture. With more than 40 million monthly page views and domain authority of 83 as per Moz, this is the perfect place to pitch your ideas for guest blogging.

Quick Metrics: DA- 93 | Alexa Rank- 1,778 | Traffic – 13.1 Million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Submit Guest Blog

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot is an automation tool widely used by online businesses to convert their online visitors into customers. With more than 32 million monthly visits and Domain authority of 92, HubSpot is the perfect place to guest post for free. It allows content related to marketing, sales, services, and website.

Quick Metrics: DA- 92 | Alexa Rank- 725 | Traffic – 32.5 Million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Guest Blogging Guidelines

  1. Getresponse

Getresponse is a popular lead automation tool. Its blog is read by almost 9 million readers every month. If your guest post pitches are close to internet marketing then Getresponse is the perfect idea to share content and get a guest post for free. Having a domain authority of 81, this guest blogging opportunity will give you a great inrush of referral traffic from Getresponse blog.

Quick Metrics: DA- 87 | Alexa Rank- 1,431 | Traffic – 8.9 Million [Approx.]

Contact Page: ​Write For Us

  1. Social Media Examiner

This website is very popular among digital marketers. With a response time between 7 to 10 days, you can be a guest blogger on this platform with your pitched idea. Having a high domain authority of 78 and blog traffic close to 2 million readers, getting a guest post for free is a wonderful idea that you must grab.

Quick Metrics: DA- 78 | Alexa Rank- 14,897 | Traffic – 1.5 Million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write For Us

  1. Content Marketing Institute

If you wish to share your content with a B2B and B2B organization then this is the perfect platform to pitch guest post ideas. Having a domain authority of 76 and monthly page views of 400k people, you will get a great opportunity to build your aura as an established author while submitting your guest post. It takes approximately 3 weeks for your content to go live if accepted.

Quick Metrics: DA- 76 | Alexa Rank- 11,051 | Traffic – 366k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Guest Blogging Guidelines

  1. Creative bloq

If you are passionate about design and its development then creative bloq welcome all such experts to share their experience and expertise via guest blogging on their platform. You just need to pitch your ideas on their stated email id and wait for acceptance. Taking about the authority of creative bloq, it has a DA of 87 and serves nearly 4 million readers monthly.

Quick Metrics: DA- 87 | Alexa Rank- 5,786 | Traffic – 4 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Become a Contributor

  1. MarketingProfs

If you haven’t seen heaven for marketers online then this is the place you must log on. Having a domain authority of 74 and serving more than 200k people monthly, this is the best place to guest post for free.

MarketingProfs focuses on enterprise (i.e., large-company) business-to-business (B2B) marketing-related content so you can pitch your ideas accordingly.

The good thing is, if you only wish to share graphics or infographics to get a quality backlink from MarketingProfs then this is also accepted by them. How to get in touch? Check the link below.

Quick Metrics: DA- 75 | Alexa Rank- 16,882 | Traffic – 148k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write For Us

  1. Benchmark

This platform is for people who are into marketing. Specifically for email marketing as they complete domain name is benchmarkemail but they brand it as benchmark. This is again a marketing platform where you can share your guest post. The good thing about this platform is, they value content more than any word count. You can share content somewhere between 400-700 words but that should be a quality and value additive content.

Having a domain authority of 64 and serving approximately 700k readers monthly, this is an ideal place to share your valuable words as a guest blogger.

Quick Metrics: DA- 64 | Alexa Rank- 6,342 | Traffic – 700k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Contact benchmark

  1. Outbrain

Outbrain is a native ads discovery platform that shares content on feed and allows advertisers and readers to create a better platform for communicating over the internet. This place has very loyal readers of people from the marketing field. If you are a blogger or marketer and wish to share your expertise via guest blogging then you can share your content ideas. Having a DA of 84 and a massive 430 million monthly readers, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to be their guest writer.

Quick Metrics: DA- 84 | Alexa Rank- 458 | Traffic – 430 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: blogging guideline

  1. Coschedule

Coschedule has a marketing blog read by approximately 900k people monthly. This is a high domain authority blog with a DA of 69 as per Moz and accepts guest posts related to contents around marketing. You just need to share a promising idea to them to which they can respond within a week. So, grab this guest post for free and share your expertise with like-minded people.

Quick Metrics: DA- 69 | Alexa Rank- 15,692 | Traffic – 890k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write For Us

  1. WPOven

WPOven is a premium managed WordPress hosting solution which has a dedicated blog for readers who have an interest in digital marketing or online growth. You, as a guest blogger can share content related to online business, WordPress development, marketing online, and much more. To be a guest blog, visit the link below.

Quick Metrics: DA- 30 | Alexa Rank- 39,538 | Traffic – 630k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Guest Post

  1. WP Sauce

WP Sauce is the latest project by WebFactory Ltd, the experienced team of WordPress Specialists. After ten years of learning about and working with WordPress, WebFactory is up for sharing experience, insights, and knowledge about it on WP Sauce, The best place to learn everything about WordPress!

Contact page : Guest post

  1. Tidy Repo

Tidy Repo is a curated repository of the best & most reliable WordPress plugins. Tidy Repo has been hand-picking the best plugins since 2013 and so far reviewed 250+. With over 55,500 plugins in the official WP repository finding trustworthy, bug-free plugins that just work is getting more difficult by the day. The reviews at Tidy Repo are short, unbiased, to-the-point & aimed at the average user who doesn’t have time for technical nonsense.

Contact Page : Guest post 

  1. ThemeCircle

ThemeCircle, a blog where you can find everything related to WordPress & Blogging. Although the name of  the website directs everything toward WordPress themes, ThemeCircle loves to write about plugins as well as everything else that may help you customize and run personal, business, or e-commerce website.

Contact page : write for ThemeCircle


UNDER CONSTRUCTION PAGE helps you create pixel perfect coming soon, under construction, sales or landing pages with zero effort and maximum results.

Contact page : Contact us

  1. WP Newsify

WP Newsify’s goal si to help people with WordPress, providing tutorials, theme roundups, plugin guides and general news about WordPress. The team behind WP Newsify is highly dedicated to informing WordPress professionals and enthusiasts about the industry.

Contact page : Write for us

Finance Blogs Free Guest Post

There are many finance businesses running online. Just to take a few examples, websites that help in taxation, finance consultation, or currency, and cryptocurrency, such blogs or websites would be heavily benefited if they share their ideas and expertise with financial blogs. Let us know some blogs and platforms in the finance sectors that accept guest posts.

  1. INC Magazine

The very famous and highly authoritative finance and business blogs. Having an authoritative DA of 92 and monthly 14 million readers over its platform, this is an apt place to share your ideas and expertise related to your transformational finance ideas. Their process of guest post-acceptance work via email which you need to send to their editorial team.

You can share all ideas or corrections via email communications and get a place in their blog.

Quick Metrics: DA- 92 | Alexa Rank- 2,230 | Traffic – 14 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Contact us

  1. FinancesOnline

FinanceOnline is a perfect place for B2B. SAAS and other businesses that want to share their growth, or experience in the field of business.

Quick Metrics: DA- 71 | Alexa Rank- 9,639 | Traffic – 34 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write for Us

  1. Biggerpockets

If you have an investment-related pitch for a guest blog and want to get this to a large audience then biggerpockets is the place for you to get in touch.

It is The Real Estate Investing Social Network, Information Hub, and


Quick Metrics: DA- 80 | Alexa Rank- 6.373 | Traffic – 3 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Contact Us

  1. Money Saving Mom

This is one of the most finance friendly blogs. You can share anything related to finance which speaks about international finance or business or family. The core theme of your guest post should talk about financing.

Quick Metrics: DA- 66 | Alexa Rank- 44,342 | Traffic – 400k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Submit a guest Post

  1. Oilprice

Oilprice is a business blog that welcome analyst and industry experts to share their knowledge in the domain of energy, commodities, finance, and geological topics. If you can relate any of these to your idea of a guest blog then it’s a match for you as a blogger.

Quick Metrics: DA- 82 | Alexa Rank- 12,337 | Traffic – 5.2 Million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write for Oilprice

  1. offers free real-time quotes, portfolios, streaming charts, financial news, live stock market data, and more. If you have ideas related to investment, trading, and market then you can pitch them to the investing editorial team.

Quick Metrics: DA- 90 | Alexa Rank- 184 | Traffic – 168 Million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Editorial Guidelines

  1. Income Diary

Making money online is your niche? Or if you can teach something exceptional and share hacks to make money online then income diary is the platform to get in touch with their editorial team for guest blogging.

Quick Metrics: DA- 58 | Alexa Rank- 29,763 | Traffic – 166k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write for incomediary

  1. Money Crashers

Money Crashers are a personal finance online guide for its reader. It teaches people how to build and manage their wealth. If you can add value relating to a similar content idea then you can connect with their editorial team to publish your guest post for free.

Quick Metrics: DA- 72 | Alexa Rank- 14,028 | Traffic – 1.8 Million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write for Us

  1. Money Mini Blog

MoneyMiniBlog is a financial mini blog providing short, to-the-point articles on investing, budgeting, saving money, etc. If you are a finance or productivity blogger then you can always get in touch with their team by filling a guest blog form on their website.

Quick Metrics: DA- 47 | Alexa Rank- 154,795 | Traffic – N.A

Contact Page: Write for Us

  1. Wise Bread

If you are a personal finance guide and also writes about credit cards then wise bread is a guest post blog opportunity for you. Wise bread is an online forum for frugal living and personal finance.

Quick Metrics: DA- 70 | Alexa Rank- 46,939 | Traffic – 536k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write for Us

Travel & Tourism Blogs Free Guest Post


Traveling the world is always an exciting experience but sharing the same experience with the world gives more peace to mind. Apart from connecting with like-minded people, it allows you to create awareness among beautiful places on our earth. Using the power of content marketing with guest blogging opportunities, you can convert your tour and travel passion into an online business. To assist you in this, we have a list of high authority travel and tourism blog where you can share your content as a guest blogger.

  1. Boarding Area

They call their guest blogger as road warriors and call all such people to share content on their blog that is a readership forum for people who are frequent flyers.

Quick Metrics: DA- 81 | Alexa Rank- 46,939 | Traffic – 2 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Become a Blogger

  1. Hostel Bookers

According to hostel bookers, around 200k people read their blogs on monthly basis. If you are a travel blogger and wish to share content around events and festivals, travel tips and inspirations, food, and drinks in a travel tour, or anything around tourism then hostel bookers guest blogging opportunity is a good one to grab.

Quick Metrics: DA- 71 | Alexa Rank- 77,596 | Traffic – 70k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write For Us

  1. Edreams

Don’t wait for time to share your travel stories. Edreams allows the guest blogger to share their travel stories with their readers. City breaks, budget stories, practical traveling tips, and many such wonderful blogging ideas can be pitched to Edreams you can enjoy the opportunity to blog on their platform read by more than 1.6 million readers.

Quick Metrics: DA- 61 | Alexa Rank- 17,617 | Traffic – 1.6 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write For Us

  1. Go Abroad

If you love studying about abroad places and share experience in traveling volunteering and sharing tips on how to travel abroad places then go abroad is the right fit to pitch your blog ideas.

Quick Metrics: DA- 65 | Alexa Rank- 31,734 | Traffic – 846K [Approx.]

Contact Page: Become a Blogger

  1. Global Grass Hopper

They are extremely welcoming in behavior for travel bloggers. You will get a free opportunity to share your travel experience over their blog. You can share content around your destinations, beautiful places, the luxury or unique hotel experience, and much more. If that excites you then get in touch with their editorial them and you would love it.

Quick Metrics: DA- 59 | Alexa Rank- 129,360 | Traffic – 75.4K [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write For Us

  1. Fox nomad

Started by Anil Polat, a travel blogger and a digital nomad, his fox nomad gets around 300k monthly readers. The blogger who have traveling stories to share, they can connect with fox nomad and get a chance to be their guest blogger.

Quick Metrics: DA- 64 | Alexa Rank- 304,305 | Traffic – N.A

Contact Page: Write For Us

  1. The Planet D

The planet d is a travel blog website that allows guest posting around travel stories, list-based articles on top 10 or top tips, and other travel experiences.

Quick Metrics: DA- 70 | Alexa Rank- 85,990 | Traffic – 109k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write For Us

  1. Sheswanderful

If you are a woman traveling and always high on knowing or going to new places, then you must browse their blog. You can also share your travel experience and share the new place insights with the rest of the women readers on their website.

Quick Metrics DA- 49 | lexa Rank- 244,805 | Traffic – N/A

Contact Page: Write For Us

Health Blogs Free Guest Post

Health is one of the most authoritative niches. The search engines never allow any random website to be on top until it has got some trust factors. To be a health blogger, it takes a lot of responsibility to write and share expertise as anything shared wrong can lead to health hazards.

If you are a health expert or represent a similar authority and under the guidance of a health expert than below are the blogs who would welcome you are a guest health blogger and allow you space to share your experience.

  1. Psychology Today

It is one of the most renowned health blogs on the internet read by mental health experts and psychologists globally. If you are a clinician, scientist, mental health expert, and have something very valuable message, article, blog, or story to share with the health industry then this is a perfect platform to get started with your content idea pitching.

Quick Metrics: DA- 93 | Alexa Rank- 1,610 | Traffic – 28.2 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Writers guidelines

  1. Mercola

Mercola is a leading natural health website talking about health news, wellness products, and much more. To be a guest blogger on this platform, you need to register and create your account to allow your content submission process to reach the moderators.

Quick Metrics DA- 91 | lexa Rank- 10,383 | Traffic – 5.6 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: ​Submit a Story

  1. Lifehacks

Lifehacks is a platform for a large audience who wants to learn self-improvement tips. To be their guest blogger, you need to share contents that can act as actionable advice for their readers. Visit their guest blogger apply the link below to get started.

Quick Metrics: DA- 84 | Alexa Rank- 3,211| Traffic – 9.2 million [Approx.]

Contact Page:  Contribute

  1. Kevin MD

They call themselves as a leading social media’s physician voice platform founded in 2004 by Kevin Pho, MD, where physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, medical students, and patients share their insight and tell their stories. If you also belong to the same industry then apply for an opportunity to be their guest writer.

Quick Metrics: DA- 67 | Alexa Rank- 77,783 | Traffic – 700k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Submit Guest Post

  1. Health Line

If you are on a journey to good health, fitness, and wellness and want to join a family of 240 million-plus people of the community then this website has got the door of opportunity for you. As a guest blogger, you can share articles for their website and become a guide to millions of people who wish to cherish a healthy life and living.

Quick Metrics: DA- 88 | Alexa Rank- 186 | Traffic – 253.2 million [Approx.] Become          Blogger

Health Resource 4u

Health resource 4u is the biggest collection of online Health Article blog Resource which mainly focus on general health, fitness, diseases, medicine, treatment, nutrition, health care, and many more

On this platform, you get the opportunity to be both guest bloggers or become their paid writer where you get paid for writing content for their blog.

Quick Metrics: DA- 38 | Alexa Rank- 168,913 | Traffic – n/a

Contact Page:  Write for Us

  1. Well-being secrets

Well-being secrets is an online blog which shares knowledge About Nutrition, Health, and Well-Being in General. If you are passionate about health and want to share your knowledge with women with age groups between 18 to 35 then this is a pretty well-segmented audience website that can be reached out with guest blogging.

Quick Metrics: DA- 52 | Alexa Rank- 658,037 | Traffic – N/A

Contact Page: Write for us

  1. Pick The Brain

Pick the brain is an online motivational blog and self-improvement website that talks about How To Stay Positive, education well-being, staying productive and a lot of positivity is rolling all over its blog.

Quick Metrics: DA- 65| Alexa Rank- 86,984 | Traffic – 45K


  1. The Master Cleanse

Got tips on how to stay fit by having control over diet and daily life? If you can blog around such topics and share your knowledge and expertise then this is a perfect fit. Started in the year 2007, this blog is loved by a large audience who are cautious about their physical fitness and looking for tips to remain good and healthy.

Quick Metrics: DA- 56 | Alexa Rank- 348,180 | Traffic – N/A

Contact Page: Write For Us

  1. Mind Body Green

Mindbodygreen is a lifestyle media brand dedicated to inspiring you to live your best life – mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and environmentally. Its website first appeared in 2007 and currently serves an audience size of approximately 3.7 million people monthly.

Quick Metrics: DA- 87 | Alexa Rank- 12,514 | Traffic – 3.7 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Contribute

  1. T Nation.

T NATION is a Strength Training and Bodybuilding blog. It teaches its readers, ways to Workouts, and share the right Supplements to Help You Get Bigger, Stronger, and Leaner.

If you are passionate about bodybuilding. If you had got some strong tips that work for staying fit and you can share it with the audience of T nation then guest blogging doors on t nation are open for you.

Quick Metrics: DA- 70 | Alexa Rank- 5,723 | Traffic – 3.3 million [Approx.] Editorial Guidelines

Food Blog Guest Free Guest Post


Food blogging is one of the most practiced blogging niches as it can be started by anyone. Food is something that forms the backbone of everyone’s lifestyle hence food blogging niche is crowded by every level of bloggers, from beginners to experts. If you wish to share your knowledge in food making, eating or anything around food, we have shared a lot of high authority food blogging platform where you can share your content as a food blogger and gain visibility.

  1. Disney Food Blog

Disney food blog is all about Disney food, restaurants, food reviews, opinion, and some more tips, tricks, and food making tips of food across the globe. If you have a special affinity towards Disney foods and its associated assets then this is your place to start guest blogging.

Quick Metrics: DA- 67 | Alexa Rank- 77,160 | Traffic – 1.4 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Guest Post Guidelines

  1. One Green Planet

With an article word length between 500 and 700 relating to ecology, the environment, or vegan living, you can get an opportunity to be a guest blogger on this platform.

Quick Metrics: DA- 76 | Alexa Rank- 31,384 | Traffic – 1.6 million [Approx]

Contact Page: Write for Us

  1. Todays Mama

Today’s mama is an online food and family blog where you can be a guest blogger and share your family humor, parenting tips, and tips on sharing the fit food with your family and dear once.

Quick Metrics: DA- 83 | Alexa Rank- 4,038| Traffic – 32.8 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Contributor

  1. Menuism

If you love food, cocktails, and wine and have great expertise, knowledge, and tip to share for their audience then try for pitching your ideas. They have a large size community of foodies and beverage enthusiasts.

Quick Metrics: DA- 62 | Alexa Rank- 202,022 | Traffic – 704k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write for Us

  1. Mother Earth Living

Mother earth living is an online platform that talks about living a good life with simple and joyful acts. Having holistic health and appreciate the things that nature provides.

Quick Metrics: DA- 69 | Alexa Rank- 157,208 | Traffic – 231k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Submission

  1. The Foodellers

The foodellers is an online web magazine which is all about food and travel around the world. As a guest blogger, you can contribute articles on inspirational travel, photo stories, tips, top XX’s, your experiences traveling the world, your recipes, and your food travel experiences in the world. That’s what the editorial team of foodellers suggest. So, while pitching, you can make sure to pitch ideas around them.

Quick Metrics: DA- 45 | Alexa Rank- 463,960 | Traffic – 315k

Contact Page: Become A Blogger

  1. Fooddive

Food Dive provides news and analysis for food industry executives. They cover food manufacturing, R&D, regulation, food processing, GMOs, innovation, marketing, retail, sustainability, and more.

Quick Metrics: DA- 65 | Alexa Rank- 84,865 | Traffic – 168k

Contact Page: Submit

  1. Saveur

SAVEUR is a global guide to cooking, entertaining, and food travel. It brings the world’s best recipes, drinks, seasonal dishes, and kitchen tips to its reader’s home.

Quick Metrics: DA- 75 | Alexa Rank- 40,277 | Traffic – 1.2 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Guidelines/Submission

  1. Food Matters

Food Matters uncovers the secrets of natural health to help you achieve optimum wellness! Discover inspiring documentaries, wellness guides, nutrition tips, healthy recipes, and more.

Quick Metrics: DA- 64 | Alexa Rank- 180,334 | Traffic – 157k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Contribute

  1. Blissfully Domestic

Blissfully Domestic is about lifestyle and tools for modern living. They are not just about the how-to but about the why-to. The content team loves to embrace the handmade, the homemade, the artful, the innovative, the practical, and the beautiful. They believe in promoting women and their lifestyle & family by providing value-added content that is blissful for domestic life and living.

Quick Metrics: DA- 53 | Alexa Rank- 1676763 | Traffic – N/A

Contact Page: Write For Us

Lifestyle Blogs Free Guest Post

Life of a vast set of creatures that are surviving on earth is directly or indirectly dependent on this food chain. Having said that, it is important to the lifestyle at par with the standard to keep the ecosystem balanced. If you are a lifestyle blogger, if you believe your content can bring transformation to living creatures on earth then we are sharing a list of such an online platform where you can post your content and reach a large size audience.

  1. Elephant Journal

They are an independent media journal that talks about yoga, organics, sustainability, conscious consumerism, active citizenship, eco fashion, the arts, non-new age spirituality, and enlightened education

Living a good and happy life and spreading the same message across the globe is what found on the elephant journal.

Quick Metrics: DA- 75 | Alexa Rank- 48,882 | Traffic – 759k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write For Us

  1. Mamamia

Mamamia is Australia’s women media group that talks about family, friends, life, kids, start the conversation on news, entertainment, opinion, kids, style, TV, and much more.

Quick Metrics: DA- 85 | Alexa Rank- 52,930 | Traffic – 2 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Submissions

  1. Craft Gossip

Craftgossip is an online platform of independent media editor which talks about various DIY.

Quick Metrics: DA- 60 | Alexa Rank- 177,472 | Traffic – 313k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write for us

  1. Craftbits

Craftbits is a blog that talks about designing and DIY related to craft. The website also has vast sections on projects and handmade gift ideas to explore.

Quick Metrics: DA- 56 | Alexa Rank- 656,466 | Traffic – N/A

Contact Page: Write for us

  1. Life Hacker

Lifehacker is the ultimate authority on optimizing every aspect of your life. Do everything better. It is a blog running on kinja platform so you need to have a kinja account to be eligible to contribute to lifehackers.

Quick Metrics: DA- 92 | Alexa Rank- 2,226 | Traffic – 12 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Contribute

  1. Mookychick

Mookychick is a lifestyle blog running since 2005. It is quite famous for Indie fashion, feminism, and an alternative lifestyle.

Quick Metrics: DA- 51 | Alexa Rank- 861,164 | Traffic – 46K [Approx.]

Contact Page: Submission

News Websites Free Guest Post

The news website niche is overcrowded. Due to the trend of getting into Google news, a lot of bloggers switched from conventional blogging to news reporting blogging style but only passionate once or dedicated news agency was able to grow as a media and news website. In the list below, we are going to share some of the most renowned and trusted news website where you can pitch your ideas that are good to get published for free.

  1. Forbes

Forbes is the world’s most renowned media website. For some, it’s the dream to get their content published on Forbes but it’s not that easy process as it goes under strong moderation since Forbes doesn’t allow direct promotions on Forbes. Also, to be a writer on Forbes, you need to be an authoritative and influential blogger.

Quick Metrics: DA- 95 | Alexa Rank- 279 | Traffic – 103 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Contact

  1. HuffPost

Like Forbes, HuffPost is also a famous media network where it is always a proud moment for any author to be a writer on these platforms. It is a news website with a major influence in the US and around.

Quick Metrics: DA- 93 | Alexa Rank- 875 | Traffic – 75 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Guidelines

  1. Wall Street Journal

Having a strong authority in the news industry, wall street journal is a famous online news magazine that shares the latest and trending news to its global readers.

Quick Metrics: DA- 94 | Alexa Rank- 445 | Traffic – 62 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Guidelines

  1. Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur is an online media magazine for people who are towards marketing, business, growing business, ​ social media, and finance news. It is best for people who are willing to start a new business.

Quick Metrics: DA- 92 | Alexa Rank- 2,418 | Traffic – 11.7 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Contact Us

  1. Daily News

Daily News is an online media publication house that gets its reader the latest news on business, education, health, sports, and much more.

Quick Metrics: DA- 62 | Alexa Rank- 206,527 | Traffic -N/A

Contact Page: Become A Blogger

Family Blogs Free Guest Post


Family blogs are the niche that belongs to people who are looking to find solutions related to improving family, living a family life, understand the community, and much more. If you are a counselor or consultant who wishes to spread his family and wellness learning to the world then connecting with the website below and sharing content on these places would improve your visibility online.

  1. Baby Center

Baby center is an online blog that offers its reader information related to pregnancy, children’s health, parenting, and a lot related to new families. It has a lot of contributing experts who advise their expertise through blogs and weekly newsletters related to a child’s development.

Quick Metrics: DA- 89 | Alexa Rank- 3,677 | Traffic – 20.1 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Contact

  1. Modern Mom

They are a trusted online community of “Women behind the Mom” as they say. Headed up by Brooke Burke and Lisa Rosenblatt, they share or allow experts to share knowledge related to parenting, pregnancy, family, career, health, beauty, cooking, crafts, and more.

Quick Metrics: DA- 69 | Alexa Rank- 223,538 | Traffic – 59k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Contact ​ Us

  1. Cafemom

Cafemom i started with vision to help families raise happy, healthy, kind, and confident kids. They share advice, hacks, and life tips to manage family life.

Quick Metrics: DA- 86 | Alexa Rank- 7,087 | Traffic – 2.8 million [Approx.]

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  1. The SITS Girls

The SITS Girls was founded by tiffany in 2008 and had the vision to grow an online community of digital influencers.

Quick Metrics: DA- 65 | Alexa Rank- 119,074 | Traffic – N/A

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  1. Indiewire

IndieWire is an online publication covering film, TV, and digital news, reviews, and interviews for passionate fans and industry insiders.

As in the family blog, this is the best website to get all entertainment-related updates to watch or enjoying film and TV with your family.

Quick Metrics: DA- 89 | Alexa Rank- 5,229 | Traffic – 8.2 million [Approx.]

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  1. Beezzly

Beezzly is a sweat home decoration and home inspirational tips sharing blog. If you want to share your expertise in home decor or you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the home lifestyle, you can get your content live on Beezzly and share it with a large audience network.

Quick Metrics: DA- 24 | Alexa Rank- 710,642 | Traffic – N/A

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  1. Working Mother

It is an online community for working mothers where the bloggers and contributors share tips on maintaining work-life balance for a working mother or woman. Its vision is to help mothers maintain a proper balance between their work along with giving time to their family.

Quick Metrics: DA- 70 | Alexa Rank- 74,544| Traffic – 288k [Approx.]

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  1. Shilpa Ahuja

As the blog name suggests, it is a blog run by Shilpa Ahuja along with other guest bloggers and contributors who talks about all niches of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Quick Metrics: DA- 43 | Alexa Rank- 313,610 | Traffic – 100k [Approx.]

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  1. ADDitude Magazine

It is one of the most unique online space which talks about family and health-related issues, specifically ADHA symptoms tests, ADD medication & treatment information, behavior & discipline advice, school & learning essentials, organization help, and more information for families and individuals living with attention deficit disorder and related conditions.

Quick Metrics: DA- 73 | Alexa Rank- 28,258 | Traffic – 2.5 million [Approx.]

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  1. Adoptive Families

Adoptive family is an online parenting guide blog that shares knowledge and expertise for parents who had recently adopted kids and they can learn what to do before and after adoption from this community.

Quick Metrics: DA- 57| Alexa Rank- 899,819| Traffic – N/A

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Education Blogs Free Guest Post


Education is the most profitable industry both for education sharing as well as education consuming individual. If you are into an education industry like a job news portal, running an online course, teaching online or anything that you are doing to educate people through online media then to spread your voice, it is a great idea to start blogging on educational blogs that allow contributors. We have shared a list of high authority educational blogs to pitch your ideas.

  1. SimpleK12

SimpleK12 is a platform for the professional development of teachers. It focuses on inspiring educators to be a motivation for their students.

Quick Metrics: DA- 42| Alexa Rank- 61,124 | Traffic – 102k [Approx.]

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  1. eLearn Magazine

They are the promoters of elearning and innovations. It is publishing and promoting the vision of elearning research and practices. With more than 3.6 million online readers of this magazine, eLearn magazine is changing the way online learning should be grown.

Quick Metrics: DA- 90| Alexa Rank- 6,901| Traffic – 3.6 million [Approx.]

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Infed is an online space to explore education, learning, and social action. Infed wishes to provide people to explore education, pedagogy, learning, community-building, and change the way of learning.

Quick Metrics: DA- 61 | Alexa Rank- 201,734 | Traffic – 124k [Approx.]

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  1. Edutopia

Edutopia is dedicated to transform K12 learning education which is founded in the year 1991 by innovative and award-winning filmmaker George Lucas.

Quick Metrics: DA- 79| Alexa Rank- 20,554| Traffic – 2.4 million [Approx.]

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  1. The Pie News

Pie news is a London based organization which is an independent media, recruitment, and event company connecting a global community of professional working in an international educational environment.

If you got to share your education experience or expertise and reach a million size audience then pie news is something you should look for.

Quick Metrics: DA- 57 | Alexa Rank- 105,312| Traffic – 190k [Approx.]

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  1. Arizona State University

Arizona state university is a renowned educational institute. You can grab this amazing opportunity to get your blog or article published on their platform and share your advice and expertise by connecting their editorial team via the link below. They are open to exchange ideas which can influence their readers to take valuable actions.

Quick Metrics: DA- 91 | Alexa Rank- 2,392| Traffic – 15.8 million [Approx.]

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  1. The University of Texas

The university blog allows contributors to share knowledge and expertise so that students and other readers of their online blog could innovate and share better learning to people around them. The Texas University accepts articles from worldwide contributors and creates a co-learning space over their university blog.

Quick Metrics: DA- 93 | Alexa Rank- 3,362| Traffic – 12.8 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Procedure

  1. works with a vision to promote online education. It helps in creating an online space both for learners as well as students. Started in 1996, it is currently serving close to 213k people via its website.

Quick Metrics: DA- 56| Alexa Rank- 90,449| Traffic – 213k [Approx.]

Contact Page: Guidelines

  1. CosmoBC

CosmoBC is abbreviated as Cosmo Broadcasting. It has a variety of blog genres to share with its online reader but it is considered as a great source of learning and they aim to provide information free of charge to a wide audience around the world.

Quick Metrics: DA- 43| Alexa Rank- 200,159| Traffic – N/A

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  1. Tutorful

It is an online platform where learners can find their tutors. They are helping in facilitating one to one learning and taking this learning to spread worldwide using the online media and internet globally.

Quick Metrics: DA- 41| Alexa Rank- 19,614| Traffic – 2 million [Approx.]

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  1. Getting Smart

Getting smart allows publishing of articles by guest bloggers or authors who can share content for their audience who are superintendents, principals, innovative teaches, and other educational leaders who can think around challenges and provide ideas to innovate learning.

Quick Metrics: DA- 79| Alexa Rank- 89,471| Traffic – 205K [Approx.]

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Entrepreneurship Blogs Free Guest Post

Entrepreneurs are always ready o share their ups and down and it is important to learn from their experience. If you are an entrepreneur and wish to share your learnings and findings with your coming generation then sharing it via guest blogging to the platform listed below will be a great idea.

Please note: You can also consider the website listed at 60th number under the news website.

  1. INC42

INC42 is an online entrepreneurial blog. It is more found to be read by Indian entrepreneurs as it is a leading Indian media platform, known for its end-to-end coverage of the Indian startups and entrepreneurs through news, reports & interviews.

Quick Metrics: DA- 75 | Alexa Rank- 30,801| Traffic – 618K [Approx.]

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  1. Addicted 2 Success

Addicted 2 success is an online space for entrepreneurs to get motivational doses of quotes and inspiring articles that can help them improve their mental states to take better action in growing their business.

Quick Metrics: DA- 62| Alexa Rank- 43,509| Traffic – 236K [Approx.]

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  1. StartupNation

Startup Nation is a knowledge base platform for entrepreneurs. We highly recommend entrepreneurs to subscribe to their newsletter if you want to grow your business better or find new ways to do business. It is the most reliable resource for entrepreneurs, start-ups & small business seeking information about starting, managing, and growing business.

Quick Metrics: DA- 61 | Alexa Rank- 35,367| Traffic – 94K [Approx.]

Contact Page: Contribute

  1. KillerStartups

This is a perfect platform for entrepreneurs. You get to know about new evolving business, start-up reviews. They also feature founders and share tools and guides to growing businesses better.

Quick Metrics: DA- 57| Alexa Rank- 62,285| Traffic – N/A

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  1. Foundr

Foundr has all it takes for entrepreneurs to read and implement. If you wish to ​ learn from successful founders ​ then this is the place to get new ideas and hack to know them.

Quick Metrics: DA- 57| Alexa Rank- 9,690| Traffic – 290K [Approx.]

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  1. SmallBizClub

SmallBizClub is a community of industry leaders, veteran business owners, and fellow entrepreneurs. It’s all put in one place.

Quick Metrics: DA- 45| Alexa Rank- 118,057| Traffic – N/A

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  1. StartupBros Blog

Like the rest of the startup stories and entrepreneur blogs, this is no different in adding values to entrepreneur life. Covering blogs into entrepreneurship, eCommerce, online business and much more, this platform has everything that is needed for an entrepreneur to learn new things and execute them.

Quick Metrics: DA- 51 | Alexa Rank- 29,224| Traffic – 182.4K [Approx.]

Contact Page: Become A Blogger

Technology Blogs Free Guest Post


Technology is transforming life. There are a lot of innovators and creators who have bought a significant change in the life of people worldwide. What if these creators and innovators get the right platform to share information for free? As a tech enthusiast, you can share your learning and build an authority in the tech industry if you are blogging on the following list of websites consistently.

  1. Creately

Creately is a SaaS based business blog where it allows other creators and product owner to share their ideas and designs as a guest blogger. You just need to make sure that before pitching a guest blog idea, you see what kind of topic they are currently accepting as they change the choices regularly.

Quick Metrics: DA- 74 | Alexa Rank- 6,886| Traffic – 2.9 million [Approx.]

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  1. VentureBeat

VentureBeat is the leader in covering transformative tech. They help business leaders make smarter decisions with their industry-leading AI and gaming coverage. Founded in the year 2006, it also provides information about news and events in the tech industry.

Quick Metrics: DA- 92| Alexa Rank- 7,091| Traffic – 3.2 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Guest Post Submissions

  1. Readwrite

Readwrite is an online platform that allows the sharing of content and information for free with a vision to improve the productivity of readers instead of their page views and time spent on their website.

Quick Metrics: DA- 87 | Alexa Rank- 25,819| Traffic – 223.7K [Approx.]

Contact Page: Submit

  1. Techwalls

Techwalls is a technology blog that talks and shares content about new technology, gadgets, reviews, and news related to new innovation. They have a worldwide reach with contributors across the globe that share breaking news on new tech in the industry.

Quick Metrics: DA- 58| Alexa Rank- 35,375| Traffic – 343.7K [Approx.]

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  1. Hongkiat

From useful tech how-tos and tutorials to design inspiration and freebies, Hongkiat has everything that designers and developers look for.

Quick Metrics: DA- 85 | Alexa Rank- 10,339| Traffic – 1.9 million [Approx.]

Contact Page: Become A Blogger

  1. Making Different

Making different is a multi-niche blog that has a verity of content from how-tos to tips and tricks blogs. Here you can get tips from health, tech, blog, SEO anything that can be innovative and different in the tech industry.

Quick Metrics: DA- 45| Alexa Rank- 205,691| Traffic – N/A

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  1. CuteHR

CuteHR is a SaaS tech tool that consists of an audience from the HR technology field. On this platform, you can share content around growing AI and Machine learning-based technology that is automating the future workforce. Read by leading decision-makers of the corporate, CuteHR has a highly engaging tech HR readers.

Quick Metrics: DA- 19 | Alexa Rank- 131,891| Traffic – 15K [Approx.]

Contact Page: Guest Post

  1. iTechCode

iTechCode is an online blog for people who are interested in blogging about technical web development, online marketing, coding, programming, and sharing content related to technology that is about SEO, Blogging Tips, Social Media, PC Tips, Gadgets, Software, latest updates, How-to Guides, Tips and Tricks.

Quick Metrics: DA- 36| Alexa Rank- 137,659| Traffic – N/A [Approx.]

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  1. Inspiration Feed

Inspiration feed is a design magazine for creative entrepreneurs who started in the year 2010. It is like a digital playground for people who wish to learn. Here you can find trending and latest tech learning articles.

Quick Metrics: DA- 73| Alexa Rank- 29,871| Traffic – 392.6K [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write For Us

  1. PragProg

The domain name is famous with the name “The programmatic bookshelf”. They help their readers and subscribers to improve their lives by creating timely, practical books on classic and cutting-edge topics to help them learn and practice their craft, and accelerate their career.

Quick Metrics: DA- 62| Alexa Rank- 138,790| Traffic – 121.3K [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write with us

  1. TechLila

TechLila is a famous tech blog that covers resourceful tech, Windows, and gadgets related articles for mastering the basics and beyond.

Quick Metrics: DA- 45| Alexa Rank- 133,453| Traffic – 68.8K [Approx.]

Contact Page: Write for us

  1. Techmod is a premium tech blog. Techmod focuses on covering tech news, tutorials, gadgets, SEO, and digital marketing. Their vision is to provide its users with the best information available on the internet in the tech industry.

Quick Metrics: DA- 56| Alexa Rank- 315,633| Traffic – N/A

Contact Page: Submit a Guest Post

Final Thought

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