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Boost Consumer Trust for Your eCommerce Website: a Complete Roundup

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boost consumer trust for your ecommerce website

‘Trust’ is the big word that plays a crucial role in every eCommerce website’s success. As pandemic struck in 2020, eCommerce has seen unprecedented growth, with its ever-increasing customer database.

According to a report by Statista (Source:  ), the eCommerce business grew worldwide from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021.

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(Source:  )

To reap benefits out of this growth wave, it becomes imperative for eCommerce websites to invest in essential measures to win consumers’ trust and see conversions.

It is most important to ensure that your potential customers can visit the website with a free mind and feel safe sharing their vital information, whether it is personal or financial.

If you can attract customers to your website, from then on, the real work starts. Yes, it would help if you took care that whatever promises you make regarding your products or services are fulfilled at any cost.

Whether it is regarding the security of your customer’s crucial information or quality of products or services, everything put together works towards building you as a brand and gaining a reputation in today’s highly competitive online market. Here are a few simple hacks that will help you win your customers’ trust and put your eCommerce business on the fast track.

Boost Customer’s Trust with Testimonials and Reviews

Requesting customer’s feedback on product quality and their service experience only puts forward your company’s sincerity.

It reflects that the company is interested in selling its products and puts its customer satisfaction at the forefront.

It is not just important to take feedback, but put it out there, with full honesty on your website for everyone to read and decide for themselves.

The testimonies will help the potential customers see that you are loved by many as a brand and encourage conversions. Complaints, if any, well responded to will truly help build trust regarding the after-sales services of the company.

You will agree that for any customer approaching a new eCommerce website, the fact that he is being served and heard even after sales are completed, as its topmost credibility benchmark.

Presenting the reviews and testimonies on your website incorporating images will have a greater impact on gaining your prospective customers’ attention.

Many plug-ins available help link testimonies and reviews to social networking sites like Facebook, etc., reaching out to a wider audience and increasing conversion chances.

Pay Attention To Provide a Secure Online Platform

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The first and foremost thing that will attract or discourage potential customers from visiting your eCommerce website is a secured online platform.

Securing your website with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate encrypts all the communication between the user browser and the web server.

It protects user’s crucial personal and financial data from being stolen by cybercriminals as in Man –In-The- Middle attacks. The protocol of the SSL secured website changes from HTTP to secured HTTPS.

Along with this, visual symbols of trust, easily identified by the potential customers, are added before the URL of the website, HTTPS, and a padlock. EV SSL Certificate secured ecommerce websites give confidence to your visitors that their sensitive information is safe.

An unsecured ecommerce website is likely to lose on its prospective conversions when Google pops up a security warning for your visitors for the site not being safe, and this causes visitors to leave immediately.

So, it would help if you secure your websites, and also, there are various security seals provided by Security seal companies after certifying your website.

These Security seals can also be displayed on your website to boost your customer’s trust and increase your traffic and conversions.

Put A Point Of Contact On Your Website

Putting a point of contact on the website is vital for bringing you one step closer to winning the trust of both your existing and prospects.

Providing contact information on the website instills confidence among customers that any issues they face, regarding the navigation of the website, product, or service information, real people are just within their reach.

Instant query solutions lead to satisfied clients and prospects, raising your trust factor as an eCommerce business player.

Further, it is a good idea to introduce the people behind the company along with their pictures. This enables your prospects to see that real people run the company and relate to them. So, this associates credibility with your website.

Create A Well Structured And Responsive Website Design

A website that is easy to navigate, leading your customers to the information required by them, raises the user experience.

Website design compatibility across various gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, etc., is a must. The eCommerce website’s responsive design takes the user experience and user’s trust to the next levels leading to conversions.

Fast And Easy Checkout Process

(Source:  )

A smooth and hassle-free checkout process enhances the user experience multi-folds, increases the trust in your website, and encourages the customer to place repeat orders.

You must keep the registration procedure simple to follow. Including images of the products bought can help customers easily confirm their purchases before making payments.

These simple tips can help prospective customers start building trust in your eCommerce platform.

Work On Improving Your Website Loading Speed

Slow loading eCommerce websites can be a real put-off for any user visiting your website and results in a higher bounce rate.

The loading speed of your website can directly affect your ranking on the Google Search Engine Results Page.

Hence, working on factors like reducing page weight and not having too many redirects helps improve your website loading speeds.

Increased website loading speeds help you achieve better ranking, increased trust, and increased probability of conversions.

Have A Transparent Customer Policy In Place

Whether it caters to how you can use the crucial information collected from your customers or the discounts, product pricing, return policy, you should have a clear and transparent policy in place.

All the Terms and Conditions should be put up on your website, easily accessible to the customers. Always be clear of your limits on the customer’s requests and don’t make unrealistic commitments.

Any pitfalls can go a long way in tarnishing your reputation and losing your trust. Hence, care should be taken in formulating a balanced and clear customer policy.

In conclusion, being genuine with your customers in every aspect contributes massively to the company’s reputation and, in turn, helps formulate a bond of trust.

Customers today are perceptive and quick to recognize the basic values on which a company functions. The trust built with your customers is the foundation that will help your business flourish, making it important to keep the above pointers in mind.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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