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10 Best Sites To Buy Facebook Live Viewers (Instant)

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Buy Facebook Live Viewers

It is seriously difficult to become successful on social media platforms like Facebook nowadays.

Many people have tried to become an influencer and failed.

This is not the case with those who decided to increase the numbers of the metrics that are most favored by the algorithm.

One of the most effective options new influencers can do is to buy Facebook live viewers.

It is an established method to increase your appearance on Facebook’s home page and make you famous.


Best Sites to Buy Facebook Live Viewers in 2024

1. UseViral

buy live viewers for Facebook

Score 9.9/10

UseViral stands out as the go-to platform for increasing your Facebook Live presence, scoring an impressive 9.9 out of 10. 

UseViral boosts user engagement by providing genuine, real-time audience interaction. 

What truly distinguishes this service is its ability to enhance credibility through a substantial increase in viewer counts, a crucial metric that is essential to every influencer. 

Additionally, UseViral prides itself on elevating visibility by connecting your content with an organic, diverse audience. 

This unique approach ensures that your live broadcasts don’t just generate numbers but resonate with a broad demographic, ultimately balancing your online influence.

Voted the #1 site to buy Facebook live viewers on Times Standard.

What sets UseViral apart?

  • Boost engagement with real-time audience interaction.
  • One of the best sites to buy Facebook likes.
  • Enhance credibility through increased viewer counts.
  • Elevate visibility with organic, diverse viewer demographics.
  • Voted the best site to buy Facebook likes in 2023/24.


2. SidesMedia

Score 9.1/10

SidesMedia secures a solid 9.1/10 score, positioning itself as the second-best option, nearly on par with UseViral. 

Many would even argue that it deserves the number one spot. This service has many effective methods that generate an enormous following. 

Strategically bringing traffic through top safe methods ensures maximum reach when you buy live-stream viewers on Facebook. 

The platform succeeds in turning your content to viral status, boosting live metrics that contribute to increased visibility and credibility. 

SidesMedia stands out as a quality solution, offering a seamless way to achieve widespread recognition and influence in the Facebook Live viewership market.

What sets SidesMedia apart?

  • Drive traffic by appearing in top trending broadcasts.
  • Maximize reach with instant viewer influx.
  • Achieve viral status with boosted live metrics.


3. Growthoid

Score 8.9/10

Growthoid has an impressive 8.9/10 score, establishing itself as a notable contender. 

Although not as widely discussed, its distinctive strengths make it stand out. 

The platform is unique, capturing attention with an engaged virtual audience and surpassing rivals in live video algorithm rankings. 

These features contribute to an active online presence, elevating both visibility and credibility.

Serving as a potent tool to thrust broadcasts into trending and discovery sections, Growthoid empowers users to reach their goals effortlessly. 

It leverages genuine engagement, ensuring impactful and successful online experiences.

What sets Growthoid apart?

  • Helps content to appear on trending and discovery sections.
  • Garner attention through a bustling virtual audience.
  • Surge ahead in live video algorithm rankings.


4. Twesocial

Score 8.3/10

Twesocial is the fourth-best site to buy Facebook live viewers, with an excellent 8.3/10 score. 

It has an impressive array of options, offering users a versatile and pleasant experience. 

The platform creates a name by escalating live engagement, outpacing competitors with huge viewer statistics, and sparking interest with a unique live viewership. 

These distinctive features contribute to its notable standing in the market of sites where you can buy Facebook Live Viewers. 

As for pricing, Twesocial aligns with its reputation, providing a balance of quality and affordability for users seeking to amplify their online presence through enhanced live metrics.

What sets Twesocial apart?

  • Create a buzz with escalating live engagement.
  • Outpace competitors with soaring viewer statistics.
  • Ignite interest with a tailored live viewership.


5. TokUpgrade

Score 8.0/10

TokUpgrade, with a high 8.0/10 score, emerges as a cost-effective alternative against pricier services. 

Its broad features lie in facilitating a rise in live stream popularity, putting content into the social media spotlight, and broadening influence with an extensive live audience. 

This platform stands out for delivering impactful results without compromising your budget. 

When users decide to buy fb live viewers, they are guaranteed an effective way of attracting an audience. 

Also, the service not only enhances credibility with increased viewer counts but also brings together a Facebook fanbase effortlessly. 

It has proven to be an efficient choice for those seeking impactful and budget-friendly solutions.

What sets TokUpgrade apart?

  • Experience rapid ascent in live stream popularity.
  • Propel content into the social media spotlight.
  • Expand influence through an expansive live audience.


6. ShareFans

Score 7.4/10

ShareFans stands out with a solid 7.4/10 score, offering an average but noteworthy quality. 

ShareFans can help you capture audiences by creating real-time engagement spikes. 

This not only accelerates social media impact but also provides instant credibility. The platform goes beyond the primary innovating marketing efforts to enhance live metrics.

ShareFans ensures that your content doesn’t just exist but thrives online. 

Focusing on diverse engagement propels your posts into the social media trending sections, effortlessly creating an attached online presence. 

It’s more than a service; it’s a pathway to a flourishing virtual audience.

What sets ShareFans apart?

  • Magnetize viewership with real-time engagement spikes.
  • Accelerate social media impact with instant credibility.
  • Galvanize marketing efforts with robust live metrics.


7. SocialWick

Score 6.4/10

SocialWick stands out with a score of 6.4/10. It is one of the only sites that naturally attracts genuine and engaged audiences. 

Many users have confirmed this, which is shown in their positive reviews.

SocialWick can combine viewership with authenticity and activity, generating real-time engagement that elevates content visibility. 

By leveraging these strengths, SocialWick establishes itself as a go-to platform for those seeking to amplify their social media impact and propel their broadcasts to the forefront of online trends.

What sets SocialWick apart?

  • Magnetize viewership with authentic and active audiences.
  • Catapult broadcasts to the forefront of trending.
  • Multiply viewer numbers for a thriving presence.


8. Socialforming

Score 5.8/10

Socialforming stands out with a rating of 5.8/10, providing a service ideal for those seeking a modest boost in viewership. 

Socialforming is known for enhancing social media standing through flourishing live metrics, which is why users often use it. 

By allowing you to choose from many of their selections to buy FB live viewers, the platform offers a pathway to immense content visibility. 

The unique selling point lies in the amplified live audience, effortlessly allowing users a great experience. 

Socialforming caters to those looking for genuine and diverse engagement, making it a reliable choice to bolster brand recognition and become successful in social media.

What sets Socialforming apart?

  • Bolster social media presence with flourishing live metrics.
  • Propel broadcasts to prominence with increased viewers.
  • Elevate content visibility with an amplified live audience.


9. MediaMister

Score 5.5/10

MediaMister stands out with a score of 5.5/10, presenting a service that’s generally satisfactory but not without flaws. 

Despite these flaws, it is still a very stable service with excellent results.

MediaMister can help you promote your content by raising your popularity through live statistics. 

The platform enables users to get ahead in live video discovery algorithms, ensuring a simple process of making you more famous.

With a focus on authentic and active audiences, MediaMister aims to elevate content visibility and drive engagement seamlessly.

What sets MediaMister apart?

  • Skyrocket in popularity with augmented live statistics.
  • Surge ahead in live video discovery algorithms.
  • Magnetize viewership with compelling and diverse engagement.


10. SocailBoss

Score 5.1/10

SocialBoss is a platform that doesn’t have much credibility as a service to buy Facebook live views, earning a 5.1/10 score and making it the least favored among the top 10. 

Despite this, it remains surprisingly usable. 

The platform lets you reach an impactful online presence, enhancing content influence through the option to buy live stream viewers Facebook. 

While it may not top the charts, SocialBoss excels in leveraging genuine engagement to fuel online visibility, making it a viable option for those seeking a tangible boost in social media impact.

What sets SocailBoss apart?

  • Ignite social media traction with skyrocketing live metrics.
  • Propel broadcasts to prominence with increased live viewers.
  • Elevate content impact with genuine and widespread viewership.


Is it a Good Idea to Invest in Facebook Growth Services?

The power of Facebook is overlooked by many, but it should not be underestimated.

This lowers the competition, meaning it is the right time to invest in one of the biggest social media sites.

These are some of the proofs of Facebook’s potential that ensure this is true:

Facebook’s Enduring Popularity

With billions of active users globally, Facebook remains a powerhouse for social media influencers. 

Its enduring popularity and widespread user engagement establish it as a stable and expansive platform for diverse entities.

The Strategic Investment Decision

Investing in Facebook proves to be a sound decision, given its consistent user base and influential presence. 

This strategic move positions investors to capitalize on the platform’s continued relevance.

Leveraging Supplementary Services

Services like SocialBoss offer a practical means to enhance the investment strategy. 

Buying Facebook live viewers becomes a strategic move to boost live metrics, propelling broadcasts into the social media spotlight.

Fostering Increased Engagement and Visibility

Investors can strategically enhance their online presence when they buy live stream viewers Facebook. 

This increases engagement, fostering broader brand recognition and potential business expansion.

A Forward-Thinking Approach in the Online Market

Because social media plays a pivotal role in our lives, investing in Facebook and utilizing supplementary services emerges as an intelligent and forward-thinking approach. 

It ensures a competitive edge, combining Facebook’s broad usage with strategic tools for optimal impact in the active online market.

Things to Consider When Buying Facebook Live Viewers

Credibility of Service Providers

One of the most important things to do and the first thing you should consider is ensuring the service provider’s credibility is paramount. 

By selecting a trustworthy service like UseViral, you mitigate the risk of engaging with artificial or unreliable sources, safeguarding the authenticity of your live viewership.

UseViral’s track record and reputation in the industry make it a standout choice, providing users with confidence in the legitimacy of the live viewers they offer. 

Before finalizing any purchase, thoroughly research and choose service providers with a proven history of delivering genuine engagement, such as UseViral, to enhance the credibility and effectiveness of your Facebook live content.

Audience Diversity

When considering the purchase of Facebook live viewers, audience diversity stands out as a crucial factor for authentic engagement. 

Opting for services that offer a diverse audience ensures that your live content attracts a broad range of viewers, making the interaction appear organic and genuine.

Growthoid, as a notable service provider, emphasizes the significance of audience diversity in enhancing the overall impact of your live broadcasts. 

By offering a varied demographic of viewers, Growthoid ensures that your content reaches a broad spectrum of users, contributing to a more authentic and credible online presence.

Compliance with Facebook Policies

One cannot overlook the critical aspect of compliance with Facebook’s policies when purchasing Facebook live viewers. 

Here, the spotlight again falls on UseViral, known for its unwavering commitment to ethical practices and policy adherence. 

Choosing a provider that aligns seamlessly with Facebook’s terms of service is not just a cautionary step but a strategic move. 

With UseViral, users can trust that the engagement they facilitate complies rigorously with Facebook’s guidelines, ensuring the integrity of their account remains intact. 

This emphasis on policy compliance not only acts as a shield, protecting your online presence from potential pitfalls but also enhances the authenticity and long-term sustainability of your Facebook engagement strategy. 

Delivery Speed and Gradual Increase

When considering the option to buy Facebook live stream viewers, the delivery speed and gradual increase in engagement are critical factors to ensure authenticity and avoid potential issues. 

Choosing a service that provides a realistic pace for delivering live viewers is essential, mimicking organic growth. 

Sudden spikes in engagement can raise red flags, potentially impacting the credibility of your content and account.

SideMedia stands out by offering a delivery system that ensures a gradual increase in live viewership, creating a more natural and believable growth pattern. 

By selecting a service like SidesMedia, you prioritize a strategic and realistic approach to boosting your Facebook Live engagement, ultimately enhancing the impact of your content in a credible manner.

Customer Support and Guarantee

The importance of robust customer support and guarantees also cannot be overstated. 

A reliable service should offer responsive customer support and be ready to address any queries or concerns promptly. 

This provides a sense of reliability and ensures that you have assistance in case of any unexpected issues.

Furthermore, a trustworthy service typically comes with explicit guarantees regarding the quality of its offerings. 

Look for providers that offer assurances on the authenticity of the live viewers, ensuring that they are accurate and engaged users. 

How to Utilize the Bought Live Viewers?

Using bought Facebook live viewers strategically can amplify your content and engagement. Here’s a guide on the best way to make the most of the purchased live viewers:

  • Strategic Timing

When you buy Facebook live stream viewers, coordinate them with the start of your live stream. 

This helps create an immediate boost in visibility, attracting a broader audience and increasing the likelihood of organic viewers joining in.

  • Schedule High-Impact Content

Plan your live streams for times when your audience is most active. 

Quality content is critical, so prepare engaging and relevant material that resonates with your target audience.

  • Interact Actively

Engage with both purchased and organic viewers. 

Respond to comments, ask questions, and encourage participation. 

Authentic interaction contributes to a more influental and appealing live stream.

  • Showcase Social Proof

When you buy viewers on Facebook live, they serve as social proof. 

As the numbers increase, it signals popularity and attracts more viewers who are likely to engage and participate.

  • Cross-Promotion

Share announcements about your upcoming live streams on other social media platforms. 

This can attract a wider audience and encourage existing followers on different platforms to join your Facebook live session.

  • Utilize Hashtags and Descriptions

Optimize your live stream by using relevant hashtags and creating compelling video descriptions. 

This enhances discoverability and helps attract both bought and organic viewers interested in your content.

  • Consistency is Key

Maintain a consistent schedule for live streams. 

Regular broadcasts create anticipation, encouraging repeat viewership and building a dedicated audience.

  • Monitor Analytics

Keep an eye on analytics to understand the impact of bought live viewers. 

Track engagement metrics, audience demographics, and viewer retention to refine your strategy for future broadcasts


The decision to buy Facebook live viewers proves effective, elevating one’s presence and fostering fame.

Among top platforms, UseViral leads with a 9.9/10 score, excelling in real-time engagement and diverse audience connection. 

SidesMedia follows at 9.1/10, propelling content into the limelight with viral metrics.

Growthoid, Twesocial, and TokUpgrade offer unique strengths for an enhanced Facebook Live presence. 

UseViral’s credibility, Growthoid’s diversity emphasis, and SidesMedia’s gradual increase set them apart. 

Utilizing bought live viewers strategically can lead to a triumphant story of a Facebook influencer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy live views on Facebook?

Yes, services like UseViral, SidesMedia, Growthoid, and others allow buying live views on Facebook. 

They offer a platform where users can purchase live views to enhance the visibility and engagement of their Facebook live streams. 

It’s essential to review the terms and conditions of Facebook and the service provider to ensure a compliant and effective strategy for boosting live views.

How to get more Facebook live viewers?

If you want to understand how to get more viewers on Facebook live, you first need to ensure you are capable of creating engaging and relevant content that resonates with your audience. 

Promote your live sessions beforehand through posts, stories, and event notifications. 

Interact actively during the broadcast by responding to comments and encouraging participation.

Utilize compelling captions, visuals, and hashtags to enhance discoverability, and maintain a consistent schedule to build anticipation among your followers.

Does Facebook pay for live views?

Facebook does not directly pay for live views. 

However, content creators can monetize their live streams through features such as Facebook Stars, fan subscriptions, and ad revenue, particularly in eligible regions. 

These monetization options allow creators to earn income based on viewer engagement and support from their audience.

Is Facebook Live still popular?

Yes, Facebook Live remains popular, offering an excellent platform for users to share real-time content, connect with their audience, and engage with communities. 

The feature continues to be widely used for various purposes, including personal broadcasts, business events, educational sessions, and live Q&A sessions, contributing to its ongoing popularity within the Facebook user base.

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