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3 Best Sites to Buy Kick Followers in 2024 (Real & Cheap)

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Buy Kick Followers

Acquiring followers on Kick is slow and tedious, but buying Kick followers from a trusted site can boost your account immediately.

Purchasing Kick Followers is the best and cheapest way to increase your presence on the streaming platform.

We developed the following list to ease your process of increasing Kick followers on your account.


3 Best Sites to Buy Kick Followers

The best sites to buy kick followers on Kick from over 87 sites we audited & tested.

1. UseViral


useviral kick followers

Quality Score: 9.8/10

UseViral is the best option for purchasing Kick followers for several compelling factors. 

Their extensive and lengthy experience in the social media marketing industry affords them a profound comprehension of user requirements and preferences, making them a dependable and trustworthy option.

UseViral’s dedication to customization options is one of the company’s biggest strengths. Users can tailor their follower purchase approach to their specific requirements because they offer a variety of packages that appeal to a range of needs and budgets. 

UseViral has the ideal plan for you, whether you need a modest push or a significant increase in followers.

In addition, UseViral’s prices are highly competitive and affordable, making the service accessible to a broad spectrum of users. 

In addition, they frequently provide discounts and special offers, resulting in exceptional value for money. 

Their transparent pricing policy ensures that users understand what they are paying for and that there are no concealed fees.


  • Targeted Hashtags- Utilizing relevant hashtags to attract niche-specific followers.
  • Compatibility with Kick’s Algorithms- Ensuring compliance with Kick’s discovery algorithms.
  • Real-Time Support Chat- Instant communication with support representatives.
  • Endorsed and trusted by DailyDemocrat.


  • Influencer Campaigns- Become a Kick influencer for paid campaigns.
  • Product Feedback- Seek feedback on new product ideas from your followers.
  • Live Events Promotion- Use followers to promote live events or webinars.
  • They accept Crypto BTC & USDT along with Apple Pay, PayPal & All major credit cards.


  • Loss of Credibility- It may result in a loss of credibility with genuine followers.
  • Low Conversion Rate- Purchased followers are unlikely to convert into customers.


UseViral offers the same quality service no matter how many followers you order. 

It is beneficial to order more as 100 followers cost 6.97$ while 5000 Kick followers cost only 49.99$.

The more expensive options provide more value, and you get 25% off each purchase.

Shop Kick Followers from UseViral


2. SidesMedia

Quality Score: 9.6/10

SidesMedia is a fantastic choice for purchasing Kick followers due to several key factors that set them apart from the competition. 

One of their standout features is their lightning-fast delivery. 

When you purchase Kick followers from SidesMedia, you can expect a significant increase in your follower count quickly. 

Moreover, SidesMedia offers many Kick followers options to cater to different needs. 

Whether you’re looking for a modest boost or a substantial increase in followers, SidesMedia has the right package. 

Their customizable plans empower users to select the best-suited option for their specific goals, ensuring a targeted and effective follower acquisition strategy.

Another reason SidesMedia is a top choice is its positive reviews from satisfied customers. 

Their reputation in social media marketing speaks for itself, with numerous users praising their excellent service and real followers. 


  • Natural Interactions- The followers engage with your content genuinely.
  • Great Customization- SidesMedia provides targeting options specific to certain demographics.
  • Secure Payment Options- Sidesmedia uses trusted and secure payment methods for transactions.


  • Audience Insights- Gain insights into your audience for better content strategy.
  • Improved Social Proof- Having more followers provides social proof that attracts organic growth.
  • Boosting Content Engagement- Encouraging more likes, comments, and shares on posts.


  • Unwanted Spam- Purchased followers may lead to an increase in spam.
  • Misleading Metrics- Fake followers can distort your Kick metrics.


SidesMedia is slightly more expensive than UseViral but offers some unique features. Their cheap option stands at $9.00 for 100 followers. Meaning you get a follower for just $0.09.

You can also purchase 10000 followers for $350.00 and get followers for even cheaper.



3. Growthoid

Quality Score: 9.4/10

Growthoid is an exceptional alternative for those seeking to purchase Kick followers, offering an unparalleled balance between value and price. 

With Growthoid, users can expect to receive high-quality Kick followers at affordable rates, making it a cost-effective choice for growing their Kick presence.

What sets Growthoid apart is its hands-on approach to growing accounts. Unlike other services that rely on bots or fake followers, Growthoid employs a manual growth strategy. 

Their team of experts takes the time to engage with real users on the Kick platform, ensuring that the followers you gain are genuine and actively interested in your content.

Additionally, Growthoid offers a range of unique features that enhance the user experience. 

They provide advanced targeting options to attract followers who align with your niche or industry, increasing the likelihood of meaningful interactions and connections. 

Growthoid’s personalized approach allows users to tailor their growth strategy to meet their specific goals and preferences.


  • Customizable Delivery Speed- Option to choose the rate of follower delivery.
  • Real-Time Progress Tracking- Ability to monitor follower count and delivery progress.
  • Expert Advice- Access to professional guidance on Kick growth strategies.


  • Showcasing Expertise- Gain recognition as an expert in your field or industry.
  • Establishing Brand Authority- Enhance brand authority and reputation on Kick.
  • Enhanced Networking- Connect with industry influencers and thought leaders.


  • Negative Perception- It may create a negative perception among genuine followers.
  • Disrupted Content Strategy- Fake followers can disrupt your content strategy.


Growthoid is the cheapest option for purchasing small numbers of followers. They offer you the opportunity to buy just 50 followers for $ 4.50. 

You can opt-out and buy 100 followers for $ 6.50 or 1000 followers for $31.50.

You get Growthoid’s full support no matter the number of followers you buy.



How We Chose The Sites

Making this list took a rigorous analysis on our part. We looked at many options before ranking them in order.

Some sites may offer cheaper services, but they can be low-quality. We compiled the best places that provide good value for money. Here are some of the factors that made us choose these sites.

Quality of Followers

When selecting websites from which to purchase Kick followers, we prioritized the quality of the followers above all else. 

We concentrated on platforms that deliver genuine followers who actively interact with your streams, share your content, and contribute to expanding your Kick presence.

We searched for websites that provide genuine followers who are actual Kick platform users. These followers are likelier to engage with your streams and contribute substantially to your content.

Followers who actively participate in your streams by leaving comments, reactions, and sharing your content are high quality. These interactions can boost your visibility and draw in more viewers.

We ensured that none of the sites we purchased followers violated Kick guidelines. This factor helps preserve your account’s integrity and precludes potential negative consequences.

Targeted Followers

We emphasized targeted followers and customization options to maximize user interactions. 

 We sought platforms that allow users to acquire targeted followers based on their niche or content. 

Connecting with followers who share interests or preferences increases the likelihood of attracting engaged viewers who find your streams relevant and valuable.

 We value sites with customization options, such as selecting specific demographics or interests for the acquired followers. 

 Targeted followers and customization options contribute to improved follower retention. Since your followers are genuinely interested in your streams, they will likely remain engaged.

Good Customer Support

We sought platforms with multiple channels for contacting customer services, such as email, live chat, and a ticketing system. 

The availability of multiple communication channels ensures that users can seek assistance in the manner that is most suitable for them.

The timeliness of responses was a crucial factor in our evaluation. 

We looked for websites prioritizing prompt responses to user inquiries, ensuring that users’ queries and concerns are addressed promptly and enhancing the overall user experience.

The demeanor of customer service representatives is crucial to ensuring that users feel respected and valued.

The availability of customer service around the clock was also a factor. 

We chose sites available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that users can seek assistance at any time, regardless of location or time zone.


Why Should You Buy Kick Followers?

Kick presents an exciting opportunity for streamers and businesses. The platform offers a viable option for growth and fame.

Brands can utilize their following to promote their image.

Kick Followers is an essential metric on the platform. When you buy Kick followers, you get more engagements due to the help of the algorithm, which shares your stream more often.

Here are some reasons purchasing Kick followers cheap is a bright idea.

Attracting an Organic Audience

When people see that a Kick profile already has many followers, they develop confidence and credibility. 

They might assume there must be a solid reason why so many others follow this account. They are consequently more inclined to follow the profile themselves.

Additionally, a more significant number of followers can increase the visibility and popularity of your Kick profile. 

Users who discover your profile in their search or explore channels are likelier to follow you if you have a large following. 

People are naturally inclined to be curious about what interests others, so a more significant number of followers can generate curiosity and encourage genuine users to participate.

Increased Competitivity

In the highly competitive world of social media, buying Kick followers can give you a competitive edge by enhancing your profile’s visibility and credibility. 

When you purchase Kick followers, your follower count increases significantly, making your profile appear more popular and influential. 

As the number of Kick followers increases, so does your reach. With a more enormous following, your content is more likely to be shared, liked, and commented on, leading to increased exposure and potential growth. 

Buying Kick followers can help you keep up with your competitors. If your competitors have large followings, staying on par or surpassing them is essential to maintain your market presence.

Profile Visibility

When you buy Kick followers, your follower count experiences a significant boost, leading to increased visibility on the platform. 

With more followers, your posts will likely receive more likes, comments, and shares. This high engagement makes your profile more appealing to other users and sends positive signals to the Kick algorithm. 

As a result, your content may appear in more users’ feeds, further increasing your visibility and reach.

Brand Deals

As your number of followers increases, you may garner the interest of brands that align with your niche and content.

Brands frequently seek out influencers with a large and engaged following to endorse their products or services, and having a sizeable following on Kick makes you a valuable asset in the eyes of potential partners.

By displaying many followers, you demonstrate your ability to influence and interact with a large audience, making you a desirable candidate for corporate agreements and brand partnerships. 


What to Look for When Purchasing Kick Followers?

Even though Kick is a relatively new platform, there are a lot of service providers that allow you to purchase Kick followers.

Some of these sites are inexperienced and provide lackluster boosts to your account.

When choosing a site, you must select something reliable, high-quality, and trustworthy.

Here are some things to look out for:

Real-Time Growth Tracking

Real-time monitoring is essential when purchasing Kick followers, as it provides immediate insight into your follower count’s growth. Real-time tracking allows you to monitor the development of your followers as they arrive at your profile in real time. 

You can rapidly determine whether the followers are active, interacting with your content, and contributing to your profile’s visibility. 

Real-time tracking allows you to promptly resolve any issues or discrepancies and contact customer support for assistance if you detect any.

Safe Methods

Safety is of the utmost importance when purchasing Kick followers, and it should be a top consideration when selecting a service provider. Protecting your account and personal data is essential to avoid potential risks or negative consequences.

A reputable service provider will prioritize safety using encrypted and secure methods to process transactions and safeguard sensitive data.


A reputable company with a robust refund policy is confident in the effectiveness of its services and is committed to delivering genuine and high-quality followers. 

They understand that not every customer may be delighted with the outcome, and offering a refund shows that they value customer feedback and are willing to rectify any issues that may arise.

A clear and transparent refund policy instills trust and confidence in the customers, making them feel more comfortable and secure in their purchase decision. 

Positive Reviews

When contemplating the purchase of Kick followers, prospective clients look at positive reviews. They provide vital insight into the dependability and quality of a particular provider’s service. 

A company with many positive evaluations demonstrates a history of providing customers with satisfactory results.



Buying Kick followers is a great way to get ahead on the streaming platform and become famous. 

When utilized with frequent streams, your reach will increase in the thousands.

Choosing the right website to buy Kick followers from is essential and can be challenging. Analyzing your needs and which website satisfies them is crucial.

Buy Kick followers and get ahead of your streaming competition.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track the progress of my purchased followers?

Yes, some apps and services that offer Kick followers may allow you to monitor the progress of your purchased followers. 

However, confirming with the specific service provider whether this feature is available is essential. 

By monitoring your follower count over time, you can verify that you received the number of followers you paid and that the service delivers as promised. 


Is there a money-back guarantee if I’m unsatisfied with the Kick followers?

Yes, some apps and services that provide Kick followers may offer a money-back guarantee or a refund period if you are not satisfied with the followers you receive. 

Refund periods can range from one week to fifteen days, depending on the service, and sometimes up to one month.

The money-back-guarantee allows service providers to demonstrate their dedication to customer satisfaction and service quality. 


How long does it take to see the results after buying Kick followers?

After buying Kick followers from a reputable source like the ones mentioned above, you may start to see the results almost immediately. 

Reputable services often deliver the purchased followers promptly, and they usually appear on your profile shortly after the site completes the transaction.


Can I buy Kick followers without sharing my login credentials?

Yes, purchasing Kick followers without revealing your login credentials is possible. Most reputable websites that sell Kick followers have a “no password” policy. 

You are not required to reveal your login credentials or any other private information associated with your Kick account.

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