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Can You Recover Money from a Romance Scam?

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Scammers use the users’ weaknesses to defraud them of money or personal information. One psychological state that they actively exploit to gain the trust of the victim is loneliness. By offering a romantic relationship to a lonely person, they give hope for overcoming this crisis. But instead of happiness and a love affair, the victim gets deceived and loses their money.

Can you recover money from a romance scam? Or, perhaps, the situation is so hopeless that it is better to forget about the lost money?

Of course, vigilance is the best recipe for not falling into the clutches of romantic scammers. However, if such a problem has already happened to you, do not despair. Broker Complaint Alert (BCA) has extensive experience helping clients who have suffered from romance scams. The company’s specialists know that any person has every chance to recover the money they voluntarily gave to scammers.

What Are Romance Scams in Digital Reality?

Romance scams are among the common types of online cheating based on the victim’s romantic attachment to the scammer. The goal is to obtain money or confidential information, which is subsequently used to blackmail and steal even more money from the victim.

The development of digital reality has made it easier for scammers to deceive users looking for a romantic partner. These forms of fraud have existed since ancient times, but it was more difficult to deceive numerous partners simultaneously. Personal contacts were needed to mislead the victim, and the likelihood of exposure was higher.

Currently, communication through instant messengers and social networks creates a kind of fog in which it becomes more difficult to unmask a fraudster. That is why the number of such crimes has increased significantly. And the growing number of people are asking the question: How can I recover money lost to an online romance scam? This question has created a demand for advisory services that assist in recovering lost money. Leading companies that help return money to defrauded traders, buyers, and Internet users have begun to provide their services to victims of romance scammers. Thus, Broker Complaint Alert has initiated advisory services on similar types of fraud.

How Do Users Become Victims of Romance Scams?

There are many types of romance scams, as swindlers use different schemes to play on people’s feelings. The easiest way to get money by deception is from users actively looking for personal relationships. But even if a person does not initiate the search for a partner on the Internet, they can still fall for the bait of scammers. Here are just a few of the ways scammers try to get to their victims.

Fraudulent Dating Agencies

Many platforms provide personalized matchmaking services. Many of them make people happy by connecting them with romantic partners. However,  scammers take advantage of people’s trust and imitate such agencies. They take money from users for contact with potential partners, but in reality, they deceive the victim with the help of their accomplices:

  • If they are lucky, they receive money for their supposed services and simultaneously defraud the user of money on behalf of their supposed partner.

  • Even if they are unlucky, they still receive money for providing their services to users.

Independent Romance Scammers

Some scammers prefer to work alone, minimizing the likelihood of detection. In this case, they register on honest dating platforms and hunt for victims independently. They often correspond with many partners simultaneously, spreading their fraudulent networks widely to capture the largest number of innocent victims. Their deception scheme is quite simple:

  • Gain the trust of a person looking for a romantic relationship.

  • Incite amorous feelings so that the victim is willing to sacrifice their money for the sake of a potential partner.

  • Plot and imitate a situation in which the scammer urgently needs money and asks the victim for it

Hunting for Victims on Social Networks

Even if you’ve never signed up for a dating platform or been looking for a romantic relationship, you can still fall into the trap of scammers. Fraudsters carefully study the accounts of potential victims on social networks to identify vulnerable users. They will not contact a happy person whose social media account is filled with photos of a prosperous family life. But if they see that the user is in despair from a breakup with a loved one or is simply lonely, they begin to hunt for a potential target. They offer friendship on a social network and communicate unobtrusively for some time so as not to arouse suspicion. And only when the potential victim takes the bait do they come closer to the implementation of their fraudulent scheme.

What to Do in Case of a Romance Scam

People say that love is blind. When people have tender romantic feelings, they ignore the thoughts that they might be deceived. That is why the victim most often wakes up when the money has already been sent to the scammer, who disappears, interrupting communication. Of course, such a situation not only undermines a person’s finances but also hurts their heart. It is often easier to get your money back from Romance Scams than regain trust in potential partners. But heart wounds also heal when a person meets true love.

What should you do so as not to miss the moment and get your money back? First of all, you need to act quickly while the scammer is still easy to find using their digital trail. Report the scam to Broker Complaint Alert (BCA) to receive free advice from experts on this type of scam. The specialists will ask you for all the details of the case, including the following details:

  • What channels did you use to communicate with the scammer?

  • How did you transfer the money and to what account?

  • Do you have any video or audio information from communication with the scammer, etc?

Taking into account all the circumstances of a particular case, BCA professionals will develop the most effective scheme for returning stolen funds. In addition, the platform compiles blacklists of scammers so that other people can avoid a similar fate. Therefore, before using the services of dating agencies or other intermediaries, check their reputation on the Internet. Perhaps they have already been blacklisted by other users who have suffered from their deception.

How to Quickly Report a Scam to Specialized Platforms

If you need the services of professionals who untangle complex cases of romance scams, submit a request on the Broker Complaint Alert platform. Enter brief information about your request in the online form, indicating the following information:

  • Your name;

  • Contacts for feedback;

  • The country where the fraud was committed;

  • The amount of money you lost to swindlers;

  • Details that you consider necessary to communicate to specialists.

As soon as you submit your form, it will be processed immediately. Within 1-2 business days, a company expert in this type of fraud will contact you. After discussing all the circumstances and collecting the necessary information, specialists will be able to offer you a scheme for returning lost funds.


To avoid contact with romantic scammers, you must learn to discern them. As a rule, they are emotionally open and very assertive in their feelings. They give you a lot of compliments and say that they dream about meeting you. But such a meeting does not happen, since they always have compelling reasons to avoid it. And, of course, asking for money, even the smallest amount, should be a red flag for you.

If the scammer turns out to be more inventive or you have never encountered anything like this before, the likelihood of losing money is higher. But even in this case, you can get them back if you contact specialists on online fraud. The Broker Complaint Alert platform has provided professional support to many people who became victims of a romance scam. BCA specialists have knowledge of various fraudulent schemes and extensive experience in helping to return lost money. They will do everything to ensure that both money and trust in people are returned to you.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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