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Business Sustainability is Being Improved with the Guidance of Compressed Air Leak Detection

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Compressed air plays a vital role in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and food processing to healthcare and Laboratories. While it is an essential part of many business operations, compressed air can also be one of the biggest sources of wasted energy, and for many businesses, energy consumption is also their weak link.

As mentioned in an infographic that can be seen at, 3mm hole leaks can cost organisations up to £600 a year!

With that in mind, let’s explore the reasons why it is absolutely critical to detect air leaks, particularly from a sustainability perspective.

The reduction of carbon emissions and wasted energy

Compressed air leaks can also be a significant source of emissions of carbon. Many manufacturing industries are now under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, and compressed air leak detection can be an important part of this.

Carbon emission leads to climate change and according to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it is one of the most significant environmental challenges facing the world today.

Furthermore, proactive air leak detection can really help companies with long-term efforts of saving money and reducing air leaks. From a study conducted by the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy at a chemical plant that had a compressed air audit, the effective results displayed that by taking proactive action against the 10 largest leaks found at the plant, 70% of the overall potential cost savings could be accrued.

Ensure safety in the workplace

Compressed air is often used in a variety of workplaces, from manufacturing plants to healthcare facilities. It is essential that businesses ensure that their compressed air systems are safe and compliant with health and safety regulations.

Leaking compressed air can pose a serious risk to both employees and equipment. Because of excessive noise levels, it can be difficult to hear a compressed air leak. This can lead to employees being unaware of the danger they are in and potentially suffering from health problems such as hearing loss or damage to their respiratory system.

Compressed air leaks are hard for humans to detect, but not machines. The human ear can barely detect compressed air movements at 20-30kHz, but it’s much easier for machines with frequencies between 60Hz and 120 dB.

A machine’s audio signature typically peaks below 10 kHz before trending down towards zero (60 Hz) depending on how much ambient interference there would be present within its operating environment just as human hearing does too.

So, you can minimize these risks by keeping an eye on compressed air leaks and repairing them through digital technology.

Low productivity level

Compressed air leaks can also lead to a loss of productivity in the workplace. If employees are working in an environment where there is a lot of noise from an air leak, it can be difficult for them to concentrate on their work. This can lead to errors and mistakes being made, which can then result in products being rejected or returned.

In addition, if a leak is left unchecked, it can eventually cause the compressor to fail. This can lead to production being halted while the compressor is repaired or replaced, resulting in a significant loss of productivity.

Therefore, compressed air leak detection is essential for businesses that want to improve their sustainability and bottom line.

Improved sustainability

As well as helping to improve productivity levels, compressed air leak detection can also help businesses to become more sustainable. By reducing the amount of energy that is wasted through leaks, businesses can reduce their carbon emissions and help to combat climate change.

In addition, by using less energy, businesses can also save money on their energy bills and instead you can spend that money on other areas of the business or reinvest it into becoming more sustainable.


Compressed air leak detection is an essential process for businesses to ensure sustainability and prevent negative environmental impact.

By understanding the benefits of compressed air leak detection, you can see how important it is for your business to invest in this service.


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