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110 Crowdfunding Sites from 42 Countries

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One of the biggest challenges that startups face is getting capital to put their ideas into reality. Some of the most used methods to raise capital include saving money from your day job, getting support from family and friends and at times getting capital from venture capitalists. However, the internet has made it easier to source funding and reach your goal; especially with so many people around the world that are willing to invest or even give free money to startups. This is done through crowdfunding platforms. There are several types of crowdfunding. In this article, we are going to take you through the various popular crowdfunding platforms in the different countries around the world.


Crowdfunding sites from ALBANIA

  • Gogetfunding

Gogetfunding is available in Albania. To get onto this platform, you’ll have to sign up and then create your fundraising campaign. However, this platform hasn’t recorded a good number of successfully funded projects.

Crowdfunding sites from ARGENTINA

  • Sesocio

This is an Argentine based platform that supports new ideas and projects. You simply have to post your idea on the platform, and interested investors will start contributing capital to make it a reality 

Crowdfunding sites from AUSTRALIA

  • My cause

Just like its title, my cause is a small donations platform in Australia that seeks to fund cause-driven ideas in Australia. This platform allows people to raise money for both charity and business.

  • Everydayhero

Everydayhero is also a platform for raising funds for supporting charities, schools and charitable events in Australia

  • GoFundraise

This platform also focuses on giving support to charities and charity events in Australia

  • Equitize

This platform provides an opportunity for the people of Australia above 18 years to invest in new exciting startups with a hope of earning as shareholders when the startup succeeds.

  • Pozible

This is another platform in Australia that connects startups to people who are willing to support them with unconditional funding

Crowdfunding sites from AUSTRIA

  • Wemakeit

On this platform, almost every form of idea is accepted. You can post any idea in any industry, and interested people will contribute for you the capital needed

  • Rendity

Its an Austria based platform that gives investors returns of up to 7% annually. The minimum investment is €1000

Crowdfunding sites from BARBADOS

  • VisionFunder

This platform funds creative projects in the Caribbean region and mainly Barbados. All you have to do is visit their website, create a project and well-wishers will start funding it using credit card.

Crowdfunding sites from BELARUS

  • Talaka

Talaka is a platform in Belarus that helps startups bring their new ideas to life. It also helps you find other entrepreneurs that you can work with and mentors to guide you

  • Ulej

This is another platform in Belarus that has been successful in maintaining a couple of startups to bring their ideas to life.

Crowdfunding sites from BELGIUM

  • Spreds

This a peer to peer investing platform based in Belgium that allows people to invest in European businesses online. It will enable funding for both startups and SMEs that can meet their requirements. The minimum investment needed is €100

  • Bebonds

This is another platform in Belgium that promises investors up to 12% returns if they invest in the ideas that are posted on this platform

  • Look & fin

Look, and fin is another real estate investment platform based in Belgium. It also gives up to 12% annual returns to its investors

  • Mozzeno 

This is another excellent Belgium based online platform for investing in business loans and real estate projects. Its core role is connecting lenders to borrowers in the most seamless way possible

Crowdfunding sites from BOLIVIA

  • Biblioworks 

This is a nonprofit crowdfunding platform based in Bolivia to promote education. Since their existence in 2005, they have been able to startup a couple of Libraries in the country through funds raised by well-wishers.

Crowdfunding sites from BRAZIL

  • Catarse

This is a platform based in Brazil that has been around for about ten years. 

  • Queremos

This is a crowdfunding platform for concerts in the music and art industry. They have been around since 2010 and have organized several music concerts in Rio.

  • Benfeitoria

This is another Brazilian based crowdfunding platform that has had a success rate of over 70%. It also offers personalized consultancy for all projects

Crowdfunding sites from CANADA

  • Indiegogo

This platform uses an all on nothing model. The platform retains 4 % of all the total funds for a successful project

  • Rocekthub

It’s a platform that allows a wide range of ideas. 8% of funds from all successful projects are retained by the platform and 4 % for partially complete projects

  • Fundrazr

This platform also accepts an extensive range of projects, from personal causes to entrepreneurial projects. They keep 5% of the total funds on all successful projects and 2.2% for partially successful projects

Crowdfunding sites from CHILE

  • Zissmo

This platform that helps those fundraising by delivering the right tools to tackle the investment process.

  • Lares

This is a real estate investment platform in Chile that allows investors to invest, starting from 1m2 of an apartment.

  • Redcapital

This is a Chilean based crowdfunding platform with an average profitability of 13.5% and has financed over 1100 SMEs

Crowdfunding sites from CHINA

  • Demo Hour

This platform started back in 2011 and has since raised millions of dollars to fund ideas in China. Their model is a listed project idea is only given the money once they reach the targeted capital in the specified period

  • Dream More

It is another Crowdfunding platform in China that also uses an all or nothing business model just like Demo Hour. You will be charged payment processing fees.

  • MusicKid

It’s a funding platform in China that focuses on funding music-related ideas

  • Zhongchou

It’s another crowdfunding platform that has funded over 2000 ideas that have been listed on the platform. It also uses the all or nothing business, model

  • Fundabor

This site offers equity, reward, and debt crowdfunding to ideas that are within Asia. Like most of the above platforms, it uses an all or nothing business, model

Crowdfunding sites from COLOMBIA

  • a2censo

This platform targets startups and SMEs that need funding. Investors can invest their money starting from $58. It targets startups, as well as small and medium enterprises, looking for alternative financing that matches their needs and plans.

Crowdfunding sites from COSTA RICA

  • The crowdfunding center

This is a platform in Costa Rica that gives a platform to several startups to have their ideas funded. They fund projects in a wide range of fields that is; entertainment, technology, agriculture, etc.

Crowdfunding sites from CROATIA

  • Croivest

This Croatian crowdfunding platform also funds a wide range of projects and cause-driven ideas in several industries. However, the success rate of the project is still too low as compared to other established platforms worldwide.

Crowdfunding sites from DENMARK

  • Booomerang

This is a Denmark based platform that funds both charity causes and entrepreneurial ideas. To create a project for funding on this platform is quite accessible since the link for adding a project is the header section of the website

Crowdfunding sites from EGYPT

  • Shekra

It is one of the leading crowdfunding platforms in Egypt that funds a wide range of ideas. As their tagline says “Be part of the next success story,” this platforms core role is connecting startups with potential investors

  • Arab Crowdfunding

This is another platform in Egypt. Potential investors lend money to promising startups that they have to pay back in an agreed period.

Crowdfunding sites from FINLAND

  • Invesdor

It’s an equity-based crowdfunding platform that is meant to connect investors to exciting starts. They also invest in already established SMEs

  • Fundbyme

This is another crowdfunding platform in Finland that gives a chance to exciting startups to source funding from potential investors. Crowdfunding campaigns on this site typically run for 1 to 2 months

  • Innovestor

This is an equity-based crowdfunding platform with its offices in Helsinki, Finland. Funding on this platform is given to startups that have been adequately analyzed to industry experts

Crowdfunding sites from FRANCE

  • Ulule

This is a French crowdfunding platform that was launched in 2010. Its funding success rate is at 69% and has helped over 49000 ideas become a reality.

  • kisskissbankbank

This is another platform in France that has funds projects that are highly innovative and creative in nature.

  • WiSeed

This platform has over 110,000 members that are committed to assisting those having good ideas become a reality.

  • Miimosa

This is also another crown funding platform in France that put its focus mainly on projects that are directly or indirectly related to Agriculture

  • Sowefund 

Sowefund is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to invest in the capital of innovative startups from € 100. In 5 years of activity, Sowefund has raised more than 43 million euros and helped 47 startups to finance themselves thanks to its community of 70,000 investors.

Crowdfunding sites from The NETHERLANDS

  • Leapfunder 

This platform focuses on funding early-stage businesses to leap. The funding that is given starts from as low as 1000 Euros giving a flexible funding ressource to startups.

  • Symbid 

This platform has been in the game for nine years now, and it has empowered many entrepreneurs by giving them seed capital. It is one of the leading online funding portals for SMEs

  • Oneplanetcrowd

This platform provides funding in the form of subordinated loans with an option for equity conversions. Small amounts are allowed.

  • Lendahand

This platform has managed to successfully help more than 2000 ideas to be turned into sustainable solutions to social problems. They do this by offering low-interest loans to entrepreneurs.

  • Symbid, Netherlands

This platform focuses on investing safely in new and promising businesses. The minimum amount to invest is as low as 20 Euros. After the investment, accredited investors become co-owners of the company.

Crowdfunding sites from GERMANY

  •  Companisto

This one focuses on relatively significant investments that are between €350,000 to €2.5M. It is one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in German 

  • Seedmatch

This platform is ideal for startups with promising and fast-rising ideas. It remains with a certain percentage of investment capital collected as an investment backup

  • Startnext

This platform funds startups with seed capital starting at €100. The minimum for those contributing towards funding these projects starts at €5

  • Zinsland

This is a real estate crowdfunding platform that allows investors to put in their money that is later invested in real estate startups.

Crowdfunding sites from GHANA

  • Payputt

It is one of the few crowdfunding platforms that funds innovative and exciting ideas. The beauty of this platform is that sending money can be done via your mobile money. So it’s easy for well-wishers to fund ideas that excite them

  • Kwidex

This is a Ghanaian based platform that is only focusing on supporting exciting ideas in the agricultural sector.

Crowdfunding sites from INDIA

  • Rang de

This platform offers peer to peer lending services to rural entrepreneurs in India. Since its start in 2008, a lot of entrepreneurial ideas have been turned into reality, and the lives of people have been changed. There are platform fees.

  • Faicent

It is another peer to peer lending platform in India where lenders and borrowers interact without the involvement of banks.

  • Ketto

This platform was created in 2012, and it mainly encourages corporates to search for projects on this platform that they can fund as corporate social responsibility.

  • Wishberry

This platform was founded in 2010 in Mumbai. Since then, it has been funding projects in the creatives industry that range from music, photography, performing Arts, etc.

  • FuelADream

This is another crowdfunding platform in India that focuses on funding projects in the creative arts industry. It was founded in 2016

Crowdfunding sites from ISRAEL

  • OurCrowd

This is an Israel based crowdfunding platform that has over 41,000 startups and already with $1.4B committed funds.

  • Crowdmii

This is another crowdfunding platform in Israel that connects Israel supporters around the world to some of the most exciting ideas in Israel that they can fund.

  • Exitvalley

This is another crowdfunding platform in Israel that funds early-stage startups and small businesses

  • HeadStart

This platform also focuses on supporting early-stage startups. Project creators keep 100% ownership and control over their work. Instead, they offer products and experiences that are unique to each project.

  • iAngels

It connects Angel investors to startups. Startups that are funded on this platform undergo a certain level on assessment to make sure they are worth the investment. Projects with good social media publicity succeed the best.

Crowdfunding sites from ITALY

  1. eppela

Its an Italian based crowdfunding platform to support Italian based companies to help them grow

  • Mamacrowd

This crowdfunding platform funds and SMEs that have been validated by the market and those that have verified by a network of expert partners.

Crowdfunding sites from JAPAN

  • Greed Funding

It is one of the leading crowdfunding platforms in Japan that mainly funds tech ideas. The funders are mostly single men investors above the age of 40. Experts analyze projects and ideas that seek funding on this platform before they are posted

  • Makuake

This platform funds a wide range of ideas for startups and small businesses in Japan. Some of the common projects on this platform fall mainly in the creative art and tech industries

  • Campfire

This is the largest crowdfunding platform in japan that funds early-stage startups and SMEs in japan. They accept ideas from almost all industries

Crowdfunding sites from KENYA

  • Changa

It’s a Kenyan based crowdfunding platform that supports startup and SME ideas. Charity causes are also funded on this platform

Crowdfunding sites from MEXICO

  • Fondeadora

This is the first and largest crowdfunding platform in Mexico that makes acquiring funding for promising startups a bit easier

  • Fundwise

This another platform in Mexico that connects startups and SMEs with great ideas in Mexico to potential investors

  • Buscasocios

This platform helps entrepreneurs in Mexico find business partners not only for money but also to build a partnership and do business together

Crowdfunding sites from NIGERIA

  • Naija Fund

This is a crowdfunding platform that is based in Nigeria and connects startups and SMEs to potential investors through their website.

Crowdfunding sites from NORWAY

  • Bidra

This platform is based in Norway and was established in 2012. It has had a good number of successful campaigns with its success rate standing at around 36%

Crowdfunding sites from PORTUGAL

  1. Brick Funding

This is a real estate crowdfunding platform that is based in Portugal. Investors on this platform look through potential real estate ideas that they can invest money into and earn a profit at the end of the day.

  • Chuffed

It’s another crowdfunding platform based in Portugal that funds project ideas and charity causes across Europe

Crowdfunding sites from SOUTH AFRICA

  • Uprise Africa

This is an equity-based crowdfunding platform in South Africa that connects investors to early-stage business where they can invest in exchange for equity

  • The People’s Fund

This is a royalty-based crowdfunding platform in South Africa. It was launched in 2017, and it’s the first black-owned platform in South Africa


This is a reward-based crowdfunding platform in South Africa that was launched in 2011. It uses the all or nothing model that is used by other famous platforms like Kickstarter

  •  Livestockweath

This is another equity-based crowdfunding platform that connects investors to startups and project ideas in the livestock industry to invest in exchange for equity

Crowdfunding sites from SPAIN

  • Startupxplore

This is a Spain bases platform invests in promising projects. However, this platform closes its fundraising round after 21 days.

  • Goteo

This is another Spain based crowdfunding platform that was able to raise over €8,948 for 222 projects in 2018 only with a success rate of 92.12

  • The Crowd Angel 

This an equity crowdfunding platform that allows people to invest in best Spanish startups €3000.

Crowdfunding sites from SWEDEN

  • Fundbyme

This platform is based in Sweden. It has over 250,000 registered members and over 65,000,000 million Euros invested in startup companies.

  • Tessin

This is another crowdfunding platform in Sweden that has raised over 92,000,000 Million Euros. It’s a platform for investors who want to invest money in real estate ideas and projects

  • Kameo

This is another real estate crowdfunding platform based in Sweden that gives a platform to anyone with a real estate idea to get a loan through crowdlending

Crowdfunding sites from SWITZERLAND


This a real estate crowdfunding platform based in Switzerland. They claim to give annual returns of more 6% to their investors

  • I believe in you

This is another crowdfunding platform in Switzerland that funds projects that are related to sports.

Crowdfunding sites from TURKEY

  • Arikovani

It’s a Turkish based crowdfunding platform that funds ideas from a wide range of fields. Tech ideas are however the most common on this platform

Crowdfunding sites from UAE

  • Eureeca

This crowdfunding is one of the leading in UAE and funds a wide range of startup ideas and SMEs. They have a success rate of over 67%

  • Smart Crowd

This is a real estate investment platform that allows individuals and families to invest in attractive real estate projects and earn a profit when the project kicks off

Crowdfunding sites from USA

  • Kiva

Kiva has raised over $1.2 Billion in terms of low-interest loans to new small business owners in the USA. Their loans do not come with interest, and the maximum they give out is $10,0000

  • Go Fund Me

Go Fund Me is a crowdfunding platform that has raised over $5Billion to fund new promising ideas with no conditions attached to the funding. All you do is submit your idea, and how much you need, then people start raising funds.

  • Funding Circle

This crowdfunding platform gives out small loans of up to $500,000 to small businesses that have to be paid back within five years. You need to have a good credit record to qualify for these loans

  • Kickstarter

It’s another platform that funds new promising ideas with no conditions attached to the funding. All you do is post the details of your idea on the platform and people will start contributing money

  • Indiegogo

This crowdfunding platform also gives out non-conditional grants to new ideas. Their selection method of ideas to fund is quite more flexible than kick starter. Some project require donation based crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding sites from UNITED KINGDOM

  • CrowdCube

This is one of the biggest and longest-established crowdfunding platforms in the UK. This platform favors funding businesses that are already in operation over new ones

  • Seedrs 

This platform gives unconditional funding to startups. On this platform Angel investors and venture capitalists, friends, family, and tribes of supporters help new entrepreneurs to raise seed capital

  • Syndicate Room 

On this platform, only companies that are already backed by professional business angels are given funding, and after that, the investors take an active role in monitoring the operations of the business.

  • Crowdfunder

This is the UK’s largest crowdfunding platform that connects project ideas with communities to give support to make these ideas become a reality

  • CrowdShed 

It is a social lending platform where those who invest in the ideas that they list earn a little interest from the businesses they invested in. The ideas that are favored on this platform are those that make a positive impact

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    Thanks for a great overview of crowdfunding platforms globally. Also the market in crowdounding has been expanding in Norway where I am from. For example, we now have Dealflow (investing in shares), Kameo (loan for companies), Kredd (unsecured private loans), and Monner (loan for business companies).

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