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Dealing with Depression? Here is How You Can Cope!

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How to Beat Depression Without Going for Therapy?

Are you an emotionally-sensitive person? Most of us are emotionally sensitive, and dealing with negative feelings ongoing is a challenge. The word “depression” is highly prevalent, especially today. Because it’s talked about so much, many people have started being more mindful about their mental health.

Unfortunately, people still find it hard to talk about depression openly. Let alone go for therapy. Therapy is expensive, and good free help sessions still aren’t available. Dealing with depression on and off is a battle that isn’t impossible to win. Live. Try. Survive. Pretend! It is a mantra of most people’s lives, and they ace it. We are spilling some secrets to beating depression and being your best. Here you go!

How to Know you are Dealing with Depression?

Sadly, not many people, especially kids, know about depression and how it slowly takes over life. People who have stumbled upon this article may already know what depression is. However, we will go through some thought patterns a depressed person goes through. Read through them, to be sure!

★   Constant sadness

Not feeling happy is okay, but feeling sad all the time is not! Are you feeling a constant feeling of sadness lingering on you, and it continues to grow? This might be a problem because feeling sad all the time is not normal. On top of that, if you don’t have any reason to be sad, depression might be kicking in.

★   Hard to Deal with emotions

When it is hard to deal with emotions and have the constant urge to cry, you must be dealing with mental illness without knowing. The sudden urge to block all your friends and grieve for a reason is real when you are depressed. The things that used to give you immense joy before don’t excite you anymore.

★   Bye-bye Social Life

People dealing with depression want to creep into a dark hole and never go back to light again. The thought of being with people gives you so much anxiety. The friend’s company you used to enjoy, you don’t anymore.

★   No Excitement

Your life lacks excitement, and you no longer want to feel that emotion. You try to go out and part, but when you are there, you don’t enjoy it at all. Your emotions are heightened, and you want to be alone. You are constantly belittling yourself in-crowd and feel self-conscious.

★   Overthinking

Overthinking is not depression, but it can slowly lead to depression. Not living in the present and constantly thinking about the future can give you depression. Even going out to buy groceries will make you think of negative scenarios. Even when sleeping, your mind will constantly be working.

How to Cope with Depression?

Coping with depression is not an easy ride but a complicated one. However, realizing your need for help is the first step to cure. Here is what you can do to deal with depression without therapy:

1.   Start reading

The benefits of reading books on mental health are uncountable, especially self-help books. Reading teleports you out of reality into an imaginary world which gives you temporary solace. Figuring your emotions out through the help of books is the best thing you can do.

Reading makes you think out of the box and widens your perspective. Even if you are reading fiction, it also acts as a temporary escape.

2.   Invest time in your hobby

Whether you like watching series, gardening, cooking or DIY-ing stuff, you need to have a hobby. Having three hobbies in life will get you successful and out of depression. One hobby should make you money, the second hobby should promote personal growth, and the hobby should give you pleasure.

When you are depressed, spending time doing things you love will make you happy. It also acts as an escape from your thoughts and gives you temporary relief.

3.   Eating Good

Trust us, eating well can change how you feel instantly. What you eat is what you feel; such a great quote! If you constantly put crap in your mouth, you will feel crap. Turmeric for depression works excellent as it is high in antioxidants. It can also stimulate mood and health with its regular use.

Turmeric curcumin has various healing properties which will benefit you a lot in the long run. On the other hand, kratom, CBD, chamomile tea, and matcha also help in relaxing your mind. Make sure to also have comfort foods such as dark chocolate when feeling super low.

4.   Open-air

Did you know going out in the open air can help you feel happy? We have forgotten what it feels like to go out with the pandemic. Sitting at home, we often feel suffocated and unhappy. If you work from home, make sure you sit near a window in the fresh air.

Take small breaks to socialize and go out to break the monotony of your routine. Going out in the park and surrounding yourself with nature can do beautiful things for your mind. Rather than sticking to the gym, play outdoor sports as well.

5.   Music 

Do you like listening to sad songs when depressed? Stop right there! It’s okay to feel your emotions and sometimes listen to songs that sync with them. However, sad music will make you even sadder and more depressed. Make a feel-good playlist that makes you feel happy emotions.

Any app allows you to make a different playlist. When feeling depressed, try to get in a happy mood by listening to feel-good songs. If you can go on a drive, go for it! Take your friend or a sibling and listen to happy songs. It makes a significant difference in your mood.

6.   Journaling

When you are feeling too many emotions simultaneously, you can feel overwhelmed. Thinking too many things can make you feel confused and cluttered in your mind. Journaling your emotions can help you deal with them better. It makes you understand and acknowledge your emotions one at a time. On the other hand, it also helps you track your feelings and how far you have come along. Writing things you are grateful for always helps make your day better.

Our Thoughts!

Depression can make you feel lonely and misunderstood. It is essential to acknowledge your emotions and not let them over-ride you. Allow yourself to feel sad and gather the strength to come out of it. If you are depressed for a long time, it’s better to seek help.



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