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Do Virtual Call Centers Make Happier Agents?

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With digitalization and remote work on the rise, many physical call centers are turning virtual, giving agents the flexibility to work from their homes. But before you do the same with your call center, you might wonder if it’s even effective in terms of call tracking, operations, finances, and employee productivity.

Another important thing you might consider is if switching to a virtual call center will make agents happier. That’s where this guide comes in. It’ll quickly walk you through virtual call centers and how they can class up the happiness of your agents.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in.

What Are Virtual Call Centers?

Virtual call centers are those that operate remotely, giving employees the flexibility to manage calls from their homes. Generally speaking, virtual call centers use cloud technology to enable seamless handling of calls and call center operations over the internet.

As you might expect, a virtual call center opens great flexibility for employees and call center executives. The employees can work from the comfort of their homes, and the executives can also get a bird’s eye view of the call center operations remotely.

Further, opening a virtual call center means you can hire talent worldwide as needed. Plus, you can save on office accommodation, electricity, and employee insurance costs. Great locational flexibility boosts your employees’ happiness, which we’ll discuss below.

How Do Virtual Call Centers Make Happier Agents?

As mentioned above, virtual call centers take your agents’ happiness to a new level. Below are the top reasons why agents are happier when working at a virtual call center:

Improved Productivity

When call center agents work from home, they get the freedom to create a workstation they like. This means they can opt for gadgets and accessories they find most comfortable rather than using whatever equipment is available at the office. As a result, the productivity of your employees is improved, leading to better call center operations.

Apart from that, working from home lets your agents have a separate room for work to improve their professionalism during calls. This means your customer calls can be free from ambient noise from your end, leading to a better support service.

Flexible Timing

Another significant benefit of virtual call centers for agents is they get to define their work hours themselves in most cases. We all know some users are night owls and prefer working at night, whereas others are more comfortable working in the morning.

But as the timings of a physical office are pre-defined, the employees have to stick to them. So, switching to a virtual call center will give your agents the flexibility to work at whatever time they please. Plus, you’ll be able to hire people from different time zones to fulfill your call center’s needs round the clock.

Locational Freedom

Working while traveling or while on vacation was a fantasy until recently. Most employees nowadays love exploring the world without missing out on work. It won’t be surprising to find out your agents are among them.

Forming a virtual call center will let your support agents work from anywhere they like. This means it’s unlikely an employee will ever be uncomfortable working with you just because they’re moving out. So, giving locational flexibility to your agents will also lead to a higher employee retention rate and more loyal employees.

Low Expenditures

Going to an office daily means dressing up nicely, managing transportation, and sometimes getting lunch. All this can add up to a hefty sum of money that any employee would want to avoid. If you switch to a virtual call center, your agents will be able to save up on such costs and make more doing the same amount of work.

Pros & Cons of Setting Up a Virtual Call Center for Businesses

If you’re thinking of starting a virtual call center as a business, here are its main advantages and downsides to keep in mind:


  • Lower Costs – Virtual call centers have lower expenditures than physical call centers.
  • Improved Productivity – Virtual call centers let you manage call center operations more productively.
  • More Availability – As you can hire talent from across the world when running a virtual call center, it provides more availability.


  • Limited Control – As your agents won’t be in the office, you’ll have limited control over what’s happening in your call center.
  • Less Employee Communication – Virtual call centers may cut off your employee communications and the office work culture.

Final Words

With technology reaching new heights daily, it may be the right time to switch to a virtual call center. Virtual call centers help you save on office rent, electricity bills, employee insurance, and whatnot.

On top of that, they can make your agents happier by giving them locational flexibility and helping them work from an environment of their choice. With that at hand, setting up a virtual call center might be a worthwhile investment for your business.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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