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EDM software: An essential tool for your business




EDM software supports the dematerialization of documents in companies. Would you like to know more? This article explains how.

How to choose the right EDM software for your business?

EDM software is an effective response to the dematerialization, digitization and document management needs within a company.

Although it is an already overused term and a tool available to all, there are various kinds and many elements are to be considered when acquiring it.

This article presents the advantages of EDM software and the criteria for an ideal choice.

EDM software: principle and advantages

Electronic Document Management (EDM) software is a system that allows companies to better manage all documents related to their founding and operation.

Thus, whether they are invoices, letters, contracts or documents related to the various branches of the business, the software proves capable of digitizing and structuring each aspect.


An EDM software works on a single principle: index and classify files. This is possible through the dynamic and intelligent tree structure integrated into it. Thus, the software is responsible for organizing and simplifying the documentary environment of the company.


Electronic document management provides multiple benefits to the business that uses it. Indeed, it is useful in:

  • The reception;
  • The record;
  • The classification;
  • The backup;
  • Diffusion;
  • The sharing;
  • Searching for all documents of a company.

In addition, there are other privileges associated with choosing EDM software. In particular, we can distinguish the ability to verify, validate and secure documents.

The selection criteria

As stated above, there is a variety of software for electronic document management. Nevertheless, they are classified into two main categories which are open-source software and software in SAAS mode.

Although SaaS software is the most popular on the market, there are some things to consider before choosing the right one for your business.

Desired features

The roles that this software will play in your business will not be the same as the roles it will play in another business. Thus, it is necessary to define based on the present needs and objectives. This will be used to develop the specifications associated with the GED software.


Corporate data security remains the first concern of designers and should be yours when purchasing. It’s like checking the software for the availability of the security options you need for your business.

Ease of use

Taking into account the ease of use of the software when purchasing comes down to considering the simple and intuitive nature of the software with regard to its handling by your employees. In addition, there is compatibility with your IT system and flexibility in the face of changes.


The way to access the EDM solution is also an aspect to take into account. This is an option that is generally not a problem with the software in SAAS mode, but data storage should not be neglected and it is important to know where the database is located.

The cost

The cost of the software must be taken into account bearing in mind that it is an investment. In addition to the purchase cost, there are maintenance expenses.

The duration

Finally, it is important to pay attention to the lifespan of the software.

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