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Emily’s Erase My Back Pain Review – New Update For 2023

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Back pain is something that more than 80% of the population experience once in their lives. Whether it is acute back pain or severe back discomfort, most people experience back pain. Back pain doesn’t depend on age, profession, fitness, or ethnicity. Anyone can get back pain at any time.

When it comes to back pain, most people are afraid of exercise. This is because they think exercise can make their condition worse. However, appropriate stretches can eliminate back pain and discomfort.

However, according to Emily Lark, a wellness coach and Pilate teacher, only a few people know how to target the right muscles to end back pain and comfort. For this reason, she has created a program called Erase My Back Pain (aka Back To Life) that is available online at

Erase My Back Pain aims to target the correct muscle causing an imbalance in the body and creating back pain. No medicine is recommended in Erase My Back Pain; Emily Lark teaches her clients how to end their back problems instantly with the help of her 30-second stretch.

In this Erase My Back Pain review, I’ll give you an in-depth overview of the program and its techniques to help you decide if this program can end your back problems.

What Causes Back Pain? #1 Cause of Back Pain

The human body is usually built to stand upright. The spine is a part of the body’s central system that gives flexibility while supporting the weight. By design, the spine can move freely as the vertebrae that make up the spine can move without rubbing each other. However, some lifestyle habits, like sitting for a prolonged period, can put undue stress on your spine, causing acute or chronic back pain.

Many people dream of making a living by sitting, but this kind of lifestyle has its own disadvantage, and back pain is the most common.

How can a simple and natural activity like sitting cause back pain? The word ‘back’ comprises the spice, muscle groups, and nerves. Therefore, any pain in any or all of these regions is classified as back pain.

You Are Treating Your Back Pain The Wrong Way

When low back pain strikes, most people opt for painkillers, while others like resting. Painkillers and lying down can only give temporary relief. You should include some exercises, especially stretching and breathing exercises, if you want to prevent yourself from future episodes of back pain.

Stretches are one of the most therapeutic things you can do for your back. So it is because appropriate stretches can reduce pain levels, boost energy, improve mood, and overcome fear among people with back pain.

Yoga instructor and Pilate teacher, Emily Lark understands the importance of stretching exercises. For this reason, she has designed stretching and breathing exercises that eliminate low back pain, including removing stress from the shoulders.

According to Emily Lark, these stretches don’t require much effort, and users can perform these moves to shut down back pain whenever it arrives.

These exercises can eliminate back pain, improve energy levels, and strengthen your core muscles.

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“Treating” The Right Way:

Erase My Back Pain is about eliminating back pain and strengthening the core muscles on three levels. These three levels are:

Level 1:

In the first level, you’ll get an introduction to the Erase My Back Pain program and its author. Along with that, you will get important information regarding back pain and how you can prevent back pain in the future.

This level also contains warm-up exercises to open your muscles for further development. These warm-up exercises take only a few minutes and can reduce muscle tightness and lower back pain.

These exercises are for beginners to help them become familiar with the exercises and perform level 2 easily.

Level 2:

In the second level, you’ll get moderate-level exercises to improve muscle relaxation. It will help you in reducing back pain and increase overall body flexibility.

Moreover, the second level will introduce some breathing exercises, and Emily will explain how to incorporate these exercises into your routine to benefit your overall health. This level also includes a 30-second stretch you can perform anytime you get pain or discomfort in your back and quickly recover from it.

These exercises target the belly region by strengthening the core muscles so that users don’t feel weak or tired when performing level 3 exercises.

Level 3:

In the third second, you’ll get advanced exercises that are more difficult than the previous two levels. Still, these exercises are necessary to strengthen back muscles, improve posture, and support a healthy nerve network.

Moreover, these exercises enhance mood, stamina, and sleep quality, making you feel relaxed.

About Emily Lark:

Emily Lark has been working as a yoga instructor and Pilate teacher since 2004. She started as a wellness coach and yoga instructor in Chicago and quickly became famous for her down-to-earth and practical teaching methods.

Emily has always had a passion for promoting fitness in low-income groups. he opened her own studio and gym in 2014 with the message, “Every BODY is welcome.” Emily’s institute became a success in a short period for providing quality fitness training to low-income people.

When Emily was 12 years old, she got into a car accident that left her with severe back pain. At the age of 28, the pain became so intense that she had to take a break from her work to treat it. Doctors advised her surgery, but Emily didn’t go for it. Instead, she consulted many back experts and used her knowledge of the human body to recover from chronic back pain.

Now, Emily is teaching her treatment methods in her yoga studio. Emily created Back To Life program containing all her methods that was later renamed to Erase My Back Pain. People can now access Emily’s Erase My Back Pain to eliminate back pain.

What Erase My Back Pain Includes?

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Erase My Back Pain comes in digital and physical packages. You will get immediate access to these content materials:

3-Part Back To Life Video System: This 3-part series will give you an in-depth overview of the back and what you can do to prevent back pain. The exercises you will get in these videos will remove extreme tightness. These videos will give you a blueprint that you have to follow as it is. Performing these exercises regularly will improve flexibility and mobility.

Three Dietary Changes: Emily Lark will tell you three dietary changes you should make to improve your back and joint health. These dietary changes don’t suggest you give up your favorite foods. These dietary changes will help your body eliminate chronic inflammation and prevent back pain regardless of age.

Foods and Inflammation: Emily will explain how inflammation in the body increases the risk of back pain and what foods can eliminate inflammation from the body. Additionally, Emily has provided a list of foods that cause inflammation. So, you can include the best foods and live a pain-free life.

Sleeping Positions: Emily has shared a simple sleeping posture that will realign your spine and hips to their natural position. This position will avoid the back pain you feel from sleeping with bad posture. People with no pain can also sleep in this position to reduce the risk of back pain and wake up without any pain.

Subtle Standing Stretch: This is a simple stretching move you can perform anywhere and anytime. This stretching move doesn’t take much time and you can do it while shopping for groceries, fueling up your car tank, brushing your teeth, or soon after standing from the prolonged sitting position. This stretching move strengthens your core and fixes your posture.

GOALPOST Stretch: This is another simple stretching move you can perform anywhere. When you perform this stretching move daily, it will release stress from your neck and shoulders. This move doesn’t take too much time, but it is a practical move to avoid back pain caused by slipped discs.

Four Moves: These four moves will keep your spine in its healthy natural state so that it never causes pain and discomfort. These four moves can improve the nerve network.

The Pros:

Emily Clearly Knows A Lot About Back Pain:

After going through all videos by Emily Lark, I have to say she knows a lot about back pain. She is a wellness coach with a down-to-the-earth teaching style, and the way she teaches is just top-class.

Be warned, Emily sometimes goes technical to prove her point, supporting it with scientific studies.

Strengthen The Back and Core Muscles:

Emily Lark suffered from chronic back pain that made her leave work for one year. She consulted back experts and used her knowledge to recover from chronic back pain, and now she has been living pain-free for over a decade.

Emily overcame her chronic back pain problem with the exercises she designed to strengthen her core and back muscles. These exercises don’t take much effort and help in weight loss.

Doesn’t Take Much Time:

Most people want to avoid exercise because it takes too much time. Most people don’t want to invest their time in exercising, even for their own betterment.

Thankfully, Erase My back Pain doesn’t take too much time, and you can complete all the exercises within ten minutes. However, you will have GOALPOSE and Subtle Standing stretch that you can perform anytime to release stress from your neck and shoulders.

Awesome Instruction Videos:

Emily has mentioned how to perform these exercises carefully to avoid injury.

You can find some of the exercises somewhere on the internet. However, Erase My Back Pain has nicely organized things. In addition, Emily has provided a blueprint you can follow to overcome your back problems.

These instruction videos are short and make you feel like a trainer is working with you to guide you in recovering from back pain.

Doesn’t Cost Too Much:

Emily’s Erase My Back Pain is available for immediate access for a one-time payment of $37. Emily’s also offers a physical version containing DVDs and printed PDFs at the same price except for the shipping charges. Moreover, users will also get a 60-day money-back guarantee to try this program without any risk of losing money.

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The Cons

A Bit Too Complicated:

Well, I don’t have much complaint about the Erase My Back Pain program other than Emily’s sometimes goes into the deep explaining how the spine works and what muscles are involved in the back pain. It may be helpful for people who want to develop a proper understanding of the back, but sometimes I prefer exercises only.

Customer Reviews:

Erase My Back Pain is not a new name for back pain treatment. Many people have followed the program and provided honest feedback. Here are a few of them:

“I had sciatica when I started Erase My Back Pain. Now after three years of doing these exercises, I am better. I will continue using these exercises until the day I die.” – Delia W.

“Emily’s program worked for me. I appreciate her knowledge that comes from her own experience. I’ve been able to overcome my back problems with her program. This is my best investment ever. ” – Suzanne K.

“I am 70 years old and had back pain for the past 15 years. I tried chiropractic, yoga, Pilates, massage, and various other stretches. Emily’s program is the first one that gave me the exact causes of my back pain and suggested certain exercises for my condition. My back is much better now than in the past. I know I must keep performing these exercises to keep my back strong. I found these 10-15 minutes of exercise make a huge difference. I appreciate videos that come in this program.” – Bob Thompson.

Final Verdict:

Erase My Back Pain is the best-selling program to ease and prevent back pain with low-impact workouts.

Inside Emily’s Erase My Back Pain, you’ll discover how to use exercise to manage your back pain. This program highlights the causes of back pain and suggests specific exercises to overcome back pain. You only need ten minutes to perform these exercises and protect yourself from any back pain and discomfort.

Erase My Back Pain is available for immediate access after completing a one-time payment of $37. You only have to pay shipping charges if you want DVDs and printed manuals. In addition, Erase My Back Pain contains a money-back guarantee. Users can test these exercises, and if they don’t see or feel any difference in their condition, they can ask for a refund and get their money back.

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Disclaimer: We are a small group of writers and researchers. We will earn a small commission if you purchase this online program from the link provided on this page that will not change the final price of the product.

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