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How to Fix Error 0x800701B1 Quickly and Easily [2023]

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Error 0x800701B1 is a common Windows error code that typically indicates an issue with file copying or transferring data between storage devices. The specific error message associated with this code is often “A device which does not exist was specified.” In simple words, this error makes your drive inaccessible. If you are facing this issue and you are looking for some authentic solution to resolve it, then stay with us. Here, we will discuss only tried and tested methods that will give you the desired results.

Part 1. Common Reasons behind Error Code 0x800701B1

You may face “a device that does not exist was specified” error due to any one of these reasons:

  • The files you’re trying to copy or transfer are corrupted.
  • You are using a faulty USB port or a damaged cable.
  • The file path is too long.
  • The data transfer process is interrupted abruptl
  • You don’t have the necessary permissions to access or copy files.
  • Physical errors on your storage device, such as bad sectors or file system corruption.
  • Virus or malware.
  • Outdated or incompatible drivers.
  • Your storage device isn’t properly formatted or is using an incompatible file system.


Part 2.How to Fix “Error Code 0x800701B1: A Device Which Does Not Exist Was Specified”?

Method 1: Quick Fixes for Error 0x800701B1

Sometimes, error code 0x800701B1 occurs just because of the USB port transfer speed issue. On our PC, there are various USB ports. Some ports are more efficient in terms of transfer speed and power supply. When you connect your external hard drive with a new USB port, your error may resolve.


In addition, if you have another computer available, try using it to transfer the files to the storage device. If the error message “A device which does not exist was specified” still appears, read on to attempt other solutions.


Method 2: Clone Disk and Change the File System

As mentioned earlier, the main cause of error 0x800701B1 is improper storage device formatting or an incompatible file system. In such a case, we highly recommend using the 4DDiG Partition Manager to reformat your problematic drive. With this software, you can complete the formatting process in just three steps. Additionally, it provides the capability to clone your files before formatting, ensuring the safety of your data.

This powerful tool has a user-friendly interface so that anyone can operate it with or without a technical background. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to access your data again. So, download it from the official website, and then after launching the software, you have to perform the following steps:


Step 1: Attach the external hard drive to your computer. Then, choose “Partition Management” > “Format.”

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Step 2: A window will pop up. You need to reset volume label, file system, and cluster size. We recommend choosing the NTFS format as it allows the transfer of larger size files. Then, click on “OK” to proceed.

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Note:Remember to  uncheck the “Full Format” option. Additionally, use the software’s disk cloning feature to back up before formatting.


Step 3: Next, select “Execute 1 Task(s)” and then click “OK” to initiate the partition formatting process.

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Step 4: When the partition has been successfully formatted, click “Done.”

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Now, you no longer need to worry about error code 0x800701B1: a device which does not exist was specified.


Method 3: Rescanning Your Problematic Disk

Sometimes, the problem may lie with your disk itself. Windows PC has a built-in utility in the form of Disk management. By rescanning your external hard drive through it, you can access your files and use them even in case of error 0x800701B1. Here are the steps to rescan your disk:

Step 1: Choose the Start button and navigate to” Disk Management” from the pop-up menu.

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Step 2: Now choose the Action option in “Disk Management,” and from the menu list, press “Rescan Disks.”After the scanning process is completed, open the external drive or USB gains and start transferring your files. In case the problem is still there, then move to the next method.

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Method 4: Disk Driver Reinstallation

In case of incompatible drivers, the only solution for error 0x800701B1 lies in the reinstallation of your disk drive. This process is possible with the following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to “Device Manager” by typing it in the Search bar of Windows.

Step 2: Press the option “Disk Drives” to make it bigsger, and choose the device that is showing error 0x800701B1. Now, uninstall it.

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Step 3: After the driver is uninstalled, click on the “Action” option on the top bar. Then, select “Scan for hardware changes.”

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Step 4: If Windows doesn’t automatically install the driver, visit the manufacturer’s website for your disk and download the latest driver.


Method 5: Updating Outdated Disk Driver

If your drivers haven’t been updated in a long time, it won’t be surprising to encounter the error 0x800701B1 when transfering files. So, perform the following steps to update them:

Step 1: Right-click the Start button and then navigate to “Device Manager.”

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Step 2: Choose the “Disk drives” category to make it bigger by double clicking. Then right-click your required USB drive and press the “Update driver” option from the menu.

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Step 3: Choose “Search automatically for updated driver software” from the pop-up window box.

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Step 4: Restart your computer after the new drive is installed.


Method 6: Altering Security Options to Fix 0x800701B1

You have to face the “a device which does not exist was specified” message due to factors related to security permission, so you have to alter the security settings of your drive. Following are the steps you need to follow to set security permissions:

Step 1: To open File Explorer, press Win + E.

Step 2: In the left menu, choose This PC and select problematic drive by right-clicking. Choose Properties in the pop-up window box.

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Step 3: Navigate to the “Security” tab and press the “Advanced” option.

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Step 4: Press the “Change” option that is available in the Advanced Security Settings. Then, navigate to “User” to open the “Advanced” option.

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Step 5: Select the “Find Now” option. Below the search results, select your User’s name by double-clicking. Now save all the modifications by pressing “OK” by going back to Select User.

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Step 6: Navigate to the Advanced Security Settings again for your problematic drive window, and tick the option “Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object .”

Step 7: In the end, you need to press the OK button to resolve the 0x800701B1 issue effectively.

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Method 7: Repairing Any File System Errors

Bad sectors or a damaged file system can also lead to error code 0x800701B1. In such cases, you need to examine the health status of the drive. Here is how you do it on Windows:

Step 1: Open File Explorer by pressing “Win+E” on your keyboard.

Step 2: Right-click the drive you wish to examine, then select “Properties.”

Step 3: Go to the “Tools” tab. In the “Error checking” section, click “Check.”

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Alternatively, you also can use the chkdsk command to check and repair your drive for errors.

Step 1:Press the Windows key, type “cmd”, right-click on “Command Prompt” in the search results, and select “Run as administrator”.

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Step 2: Enter the provided command and hit the Enter key:

chkdsk C: /f 

Remember to replace C with the drive letter of the problematic drive.

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Part 3. Preventive Measures to Avoid Error 0x800701B1

The following are the measures that will reduce the chances of error 0x800701B1 on your system:

  • Install any authentic antivirus software to keep your system free from viruses.
  • Try to transfer big files from your external drive into small chunks.
  • Disconnect all the unnecessary peripherals from your system during file transfer.
  • Keep your disk drivers updated from time to time.
  • Eject your USB drives properly
  • Never use low-quality data cables for data transfer between devices.
  • Ensure enough storage space on your disk before copying and pasting big-sized files from external drives.


Bottom Line

There is nothing to fear about error code 0x800701B1. With the above-mentioned list of solutions, you are now capable of resolving this issue by yourself and can start transferring your files without any obstacles. It’s important to note that when encountering the error message “a device that does not exist was specified,” you should first identify the cause of the issue and start with quick fixes.

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