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Essential Items And Equipment You Need When Starting Your Business

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Starting a business can be a challenge if it is your first enterprise. You have a lot to think about before you even open your doors, so it is easy to forget something simple. Most of the time it will be a piece of equipment, which means that your operation won’t slow down too much before you rectify the situation. However, you will want to be performing at pique performance from day one. You can only do this by preparing properly.

Consider this article as your cheat sheet, providing you with a list of essential items you need when starting your business so that you do not forget something crucial. Let’s begin.


Although society has moved toward more digital formats, the modern workplace is still in need of physical documentation. These paper documents are often used as evidence in a lot of business practices, and having physical copies of important documents is a great way to back up your data.

Try to find a printer with multiple functions, such as a photocopier and scanner, and you will always find a need for it. Society may have moved on by using more digital tech, but we haven’t moved on so far that printers are obsolete.


While you may have access to these physical copies of your important business documents, you also need a way of disposing of them correctly to avoid company fraud. With digital documents, deleting the information is as easy as deleting the document. However, physical documents must be destroyed correctly. It is highly unlikely that anyone will get hold of these documents if you throw them away, but you are better off being more safe than sorry. Install a shredder in your office, and you can rest easy knowing that you have disposed of these documents correctly.

Telephone Line

Just as digital documentation is slowly replacing the need for physical printers, mobile phones have almost wiped-out landline phones. It is rare to see one of these devices in the modern home; however, your business will benefit from keeping this type of communication around for several reasons. For one, you can’t expect your staff to keep making business calls on their personal phones. This can cost them money they do not wish to spend, and this can also lead to a breach in your security.

Secondly, you may not always have a signal on your smart device. Therefore, a landline phone network provides you with a trustworthy alternative whenever you need to make an important call.

Corporate Cards

On the topic of employee expenses, you should also think about introducing company cards to your business. A corporate credit card unites all company expenses via innovative software, which means that your employees can immediately charge the business for anything they have had to buy as part of their job and you don’t have to create reimbursements. This means that your employees can arrange all their travel, childcare costs, and repairs with one swipe of their corporate cards. You’ll also have complete visibility over spend so you can budget, forecast, and control spend. Read the e-book for more details here.

Using these cards saves you the time and labour that normally accompanies compensating your employee’s expenses. You can also reduce employee fraud by implementing a system like this straight away.

A Website

In modern business, your company’s success rate is directly tied to your web presence. Taking up space on the web isn’t difficult now that social media marketing exists; however, every business needs to start with a good website.

A website provides your customers with an anchor, something they can use to access everything that is relevant to your business. It is common for business leaders from the older generation to dismiss the importance of a website until after they have opened their doors but remember that you want to run at peak performance straight away. You can even launch your website before you open your business to drum up hype, just remember to include the date you plan to start accepting business. A good company website will include an e-commerce page, detailed links to where else you can be found on the web, and a list of contact details.

Mailing Tools

Even though most of your business correspondence will take place online, you need to get your goods to your customers somehow. It is also wise to provide mailing tools even if you provide a service. Sometimes, customers prefer a more personal touch during their correspondence, and you can provide this by making sure that you have plenty of stamps, envelopes, and empty boxes in one section of your office.

Once you have a mailing centre set up, you will find it even easier to distribute promotional materials while saving on your mailing expenses.


A lot of modern office computers and laptops come with a built-in webcam, such is the prevalence of video calling in business correspondence. Failing that, your smartphone also has the option to communicate with a front-facing video camera. With that said, why would a new business need to have a webcam lying around?

The main reason for ensuring that your office always has access to a webcam is for contingency purposes. You always want to provide the best service for your clients, and if they want to speak over a video call it is always handy to have a spare webcam lying around. A good business leader is prepared for every outcome, so make sure you have enough of these contingencies in your office.

Database Software

The world of modern business is a hectic one. You will soon find that your company functions solely on the data you acquire from your daily practices and marketing materials. Therefore, you need somewhere to store and analyse this data.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of database software and HR tools out there that can help you sift through the important information that your company needs. these databases can help you automate your payroll, inform you of absences in the office, and allocate tasks to individual employees. What’s more, these services can also help you identify your key demographic from sales figures, target these potential customers, and keep a track of your profits. You will benefit greatly from implementing this type of software into your business, and this information will make those early days of your company easier to manage.


Of course, this article has only listed the items that are likely to be forgotten or considered obsolete by a new business. You will obviously need to incorporate more equipment than this, but you probably have a good idea about what these items are. Anyone that is ready to start a business is savvy enough to incorporate every important piece of equipment, just don’t forget about these core essentials.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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